JT’s Weekend Roundup – Round 4

5 days’ straight of NRL action…Some big upsets, a few bludgers, a record-breaking defeat for the Broncos, a drought-breaking win for the Titans and the Spoon-off going the way of the Bulldogs in a Monday afternoon snoozefest. The SuperCoach world was similarly all over the shop this week as well. Cheapies emerging left, right, and centre – left centre for the Newcastle Knights specifically – and our very first pre-game high temperature scratching! The first of many?

This year’s weekly roundup will be the streamlined version we closed the year out with in 2019, focusing on the Top 5:

  • Rockers– the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed it
  • Floppers – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed your week
  • Shockers – the left-field players who will no doubt be high on the list of trade-ins the next round and prime candidates for SC players chasing last week’s points!

For those who don’t mind a bit of North Queensland drawl in their ears, last night I also dropped a podcast version of the weekly roundup. Check it out below – note that at time of recording (Sunday night) there were still a few updates to come and the Dragons/Dogs debacle still to go.

As a bonus addition this year, I’ll also include my Trade Fail of the Week. It’s a great feature to use with your SuperCoach Gold subscription – you can see who SuperCoach players are trading in and out and who they’re trading for. There’s always some absolute headscratchers and this week is no exception.


We referred to him in the opening paragraph, but Round 5’s most traded player Bradman Best has made it two tons in a row with a massive 123 points as he gears up for his 3rd game and eventual price rise this week. Unfortunately for one SuperCoach, his initial 100 points spelled nothing but disaster and this player decided they would much rather bank on the stability and SuperCoach pedigree of the currently-indefinitely-injured AJ Brimson of Gold Coast Titans fame. Out goes Best, in goes Brimmo. Yeah. Umm. Hmm.


1. Kalyn Ponga – 159. If only we had more than 2 fullback spots in this game. Or the Knights inexplicably decided to play him at 5/8 for some laughs. Ponga went into full Pongmode against the Raiders on Sunday afternoon, scything through for two linebreaks, a try, 3 TS/LAs and 4 goals. The goalkicking is the obvious extra string to Ponga’s bow that the likes of Teddy and Turbo don’t have, but geez this guy is going to carve up some tired defensive lines this year. Amazing how easily one Turbo ton had us all forgetting about this guy. Whose turn is it this week?

2. Angus Crichton – 123. Two tries against a hapless Broncos defensive line. On the down side for Wilfred – 59-0. On the bright side, his newly-traded in Angus was doing most of the ripping and the tearing. Win some, lose some. Like Jai Arrow, there’s risk in carrying a guy like Crichton in your lineup because we just don’t know what’s doing with minutes week-to-week. In the last two games at least, he’s had 80 on the edge while Aubo’s out and has been gunning it. Interesting.

3. David Nofoaluma – 96. Just the 4 tackle busts and one linebreak for Nofo this week with the Titans defending him reasonably well all things considered. Down week? Nah. Helped himself to two tries including an intercept and set one up for Leilua with a deft kick back inside for try of the season thus far contender. Is steadily building ownership throughout this season, up to 10% now, and has a low score of 59 so far this season. When you run that much, break tackles that much and love offloading like he does, the floor will generally be about that high.

4. Cameron McInnes – 82. He’s just about the only one you’d feed out there for this Dragons side. Plays with heart every single game, tackles himself to a standstill and looks by far the most dangerous Dragon running the ball. Was curious to see what the injection of Isaac Luke onto the bench did to his minutes. McInnes ultimately shifted into the second row/lock position for half an hour and as a result ran the ball for 16 hitup points (9 last week) and 4 tackle busts (2 last week). I like it. I really like it. Has a breakeven of 49 this week which means he’ll rise a little bit and we can make the cheapie trades we need to this week without him going anywhere too fast, but when I’m stacking up the likes of McInnes, Murray, Crichton and Arrow as 2RF options at much the same price, it’s McInnes that looks the most risk-free. His last two games have certainly shown that.

5. James Fisher-Harris. Big effort from JFH here in 69 minutes. Eclipsing his season-best of 75 from Round 1. That’s more like it from him. 3 offloads helped but a huge 44 hitup points was Lolo-like. Want to see a few of these strung together first before rushing him in.


1. Anthony Milford – 14. I’ll never get it.

2. Brayden Wiliame – 7. Sigh. Limped off with a calf injury in the second half but was doing absolutely nothing out there leading up to it. IMO he was right about to stroll over for 7 tries and justify the many coaches, like me, who had thought the Dragons might have at least scored a couple of tries out there and threw the R on him. Negative breakeven and made about $6k. Ugly.

3. Scott Drinkwater – 39. Didn’t quite kick on against the Titans last week and struggled to this score here. Wasn’t helped by a pretty insipid error rate by the Cowboys in this game. As problems go, a BE of 58 and a game against the Warriors means he’s surely not the least of our worries, but has gone into his shell recently with just two busts this week (none last week) and only the 5 runs. Carn son.

4. Jamayne Isaako – 14. Oof.

5. Eliesa Katoa – 34. After such a booming game last week, Katoa’s crashed down to earth a little here. Played his most minutes for the year at 72 but made a couple of errors and gave away a penalty to stall any momentum he or the Warriors were getting. Hitup points to start the year were strong with 25, 23 and 26, but slipped back to just 11 here with only 3 runs over 8 metres. Fingers crossed the young kid bounces back (but not too well against the Cows this week).


1. Lindsay Collins 106. Could take your pick which 100+ Rooster was going to feature here. Flanagan, BMorris, Radley, Keary – all much more established names (well maybe not Flanagan). Collins, on the other hand, had a previous best of 47 SuperCoach points. Last week, in fact. Has now made $122.4k, has a breakeven of -41 and stats too ridiculous to list here from the demolition job against the Broncos. Well done to the surprisingly-high 8% of SuperCoaches that have jumped on.

2. Matt Burton – 102. Firmed himself right into contention for a trade-in now but TLT will be very important. Didn’t put his head down after failing to close out the game before against the Knights and stood up to drive the Pennies to a comfortable win with two tries of his own. -71 breakeven and available at 5/8 and Halfback. Decisions, decisions…Hoping for our sake that Luai can hold down the spot to partner the returning Nathan Cleary but he won’t be on the comparative performances over the last couple of weeks.

3. Jesse Ramien – 99. Had done little all year, so figured I’d make the tradeout this week thinking my Cowboys would show up. Sigh. At least I got Best in early.

4. Josh McGuire – 77. Has scores of 57, 67 and 77 now, in minutes of 55, 67 and 76. Jeez if next week’s game goes into golden point he’ll be doing nicely. Helped this week by injuries to Dunn and Asiata mid-game and the absence of Hess and Lolo but has been quietly churning out some handy scores and doing them Aiden Tolman-style (i.e. relatively ineffectually for real-life NRL).

5. Will Hopoate – 71. Pay has finally pulled the trigger on shifting DWZ about 20 metres to the right of the fullback position that has never looked like suiting him with Hoppa slotting back there and adding a little something extra to the Bulldogs attack this week with two linebreak assists and a try assist. He didn’t get much going with his running game with a massive 16 hitups under 8 metres, but had 9 runs over 8m. Great output. He has been very quiet to start the year with a top-score of just 48 at centre. However, in the fullback role over the past two seasons he has an average of 65. One to watch.



  • Victor Radley (elbow – unknown)
  • Jahrome Hughes (broken hand – 4 weeks)
  • Coen Hess (ankle – pre game – 0 weeks)
  • John Asiata (knee – 4-6 weeks)
  • Kurt Mann (ankle – 1 week)
  • Luke Garner (throat – 0 weeks)
  • Brayden Wiliame (calf/ankle – TBC)


Everyone was much better-behaved this week, with no match suspensions coming out of the round.

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North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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AJW (@ajw)
1 month ago

Thanks Justin: who you going to trade this week? Gonna play it safe and bring back Cleary and get in The Don: 🙂

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