JT’s Weekend Roundup – Round 24

H2H and Draft finals are over for another year, and so is this column with the SuperCoach season officially wrapping up this week. Hope you all dodged some of the carnage that might have come your way this round – terrible scoring forwards, late COVID outs, absolute blowouts yet again – it had it all!

Will be on tomorrow’s SC Report with Lakey to wrap up the year with the second annual Talkie Awards, so thanks to those who have read or listened throughout the year. All the best for those chasing overall glory or even the Top 1000!

The Weekly Top 5

  • Rockers– the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed it
  • Floppers – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed your week
  • Shockers – the left-field players who will no doubt be high on the list of trade-ins the next round and prime candidates for SC players chasing last week’s points!
  • Trade Fail of the Week – always good value.


He’s been a POD fullback who has been fairly inconsistent, but Clint Gutherson had a very flat track this week coming up against the Broncos, so the handful of tradeouts at such a crucial juncture in the year might have been a catastrophic blow to coaches. 9 tradeouts to Alex Johnston topped the list, with a casual 108-point differential!


1. Clint Gutherson – 159. Two tries, three assists, five offloads from 19 hitups. It was a night out for Gutho and the Eels on Thursday night and at just 6% ownership, would have been a killer POD in grand final week. Though in fairness, this is just his second ton all year, so you may have needed a bit of luck to drag you there if he was in your side to begin with…

2. AJ Brimson – 139. One of those ‘if only I had enough cash/trades left’ kind of late season buys. He averaged 98 in rounds 19-25 in 2020, 66 in the same rounds last season and now has an 83PPG average this year since R19. The Titans have been playing a much better attacking brand of footy lately and Brismon is the one leading that charge. Two tries in the second half to emphasise that point. They now finish off against the Warriors so will be absolutely odds-on to ton up again with Mad Monday lurking as a reward.  

3. Isaiah Papali’i – 123. A powerhouse performance by the set-and-forget dual forward. His second ton in a month, but the question left with him is just whether he’ll be able to put these kinds of efforts in wearing a black and orange jersey next year (if he even gets there at all).

4. Taylan May – 113. The kind of game you hold onto these guys for. Unfortunately the only part of the Panthermobile I had this week was Izack Tago who was worth about the equivalent of the cigarette lighter on the Lamborghini. Outpointed fellow ton-scorer Brian To’o courtesy of a double and repaid the faith of the 34% of teams who have now held onto him throughout the year.

5. Shaun Lane – 105. Absolutely untouchable on Thursday. Has to be one of the most underrated SuperCoach players this season. Regular 80-minute games (or at worst a 5-minute stint on the bench with the game in hand), throwing offloads for fun (four here) and a huge ten busts. I thought watching in real time that he was looking at 20+. A lot of underperformers in the forwards this week but he was a shining light.


1. Cam Munster – 26. A lone try contribution was all Munster had to show for a torrid night out on Friday, coughing up a couple of errors and penalties and finally meeting his match from the fullback position that has paid off so well recently. It wasn’t through lack of trying with 15 runs, but a lot of those were tough carries from tough positions. Tough night.

2. Matt Burton – 31. Were it not for a 40/20, Burton would have gotten his second 20-point score in three weeks. That Titans game in Round 19 where he was untouchable with 126 lured me in and ever since then, scores of 45, 85, 23, 48 and now 31 have followed. Uncanny.

3. Haumole Olakau’atu – 34. Shouldering plenty of blame for the way the Manly season has fallen apart and looking like he’d rather be anywhere else. Disastrous scores to finish his season outside of last week’s 70. Has found 80-minute games hard to come by this season but got one here and played one of his worst.

4. Daly Cherry-Evans – 34. Have to feel a bit for him. Rode the highs of the Origin wave and looked to be steering Manly comfortably in the absence of Turbo, until that jersey debacle. Looks a shattered man at the moment and would have been a frustrating hold for owners hoping for a bit of daytime payback this week against the leaky Raiders. He at least kicked a goal.

5. Angus Crichton – 43. The opposition definitely stiffened up on Crichton this week but there seems to be a lot of conjecture this week about a try assist going against him and given to Teddy that will compound this down score. Another player who has saved a pretty ordinary round in amidst some good form for the most crucial part of the year.


1. Dane Gagai – 123. Remember when Gagai was a genuine option at the start of the year? Well here he is again.

2. Jordan Rapana – 120. Been a wild ride for Rapana this year but cranks his first hundred right as the Raiders are starting to click into gear. Would have been a handy get for a Draft final.

3. Hudson Young – 111. Throw a dart at a board and try and get within 30 of picking what he will score each week.

4. Tyson Frizell – 114. Remember when Frizell was a genuine option at the start of the year? Well here he is again.

5. Briton Nikora – 101. I’d forgotten all about Nikora but he has been quietly chuggin galong with a 3RA of 75 heading into this round and now secures his first ton of the year.



  • Daniel Tupou – Groin – 1-2 weeks
  • Tom Eisenhuth – Leg – 4 weeks
  • Api Koroisau – Ankle – TBA
  • Spencer Leniu – Shoulder – TBA
  • Shaun Johnson – Calf – TBA
  • Tom Flegler – Throat – TBA
  • Damien Cook – COVID – 0-1 week

Failed HIA – Victor Radley, Adam Reynolds, Kobe Hetherington


  • Coen Hess – 1-2 weeks
  • Lindsay Collins – 4-5 weeks


North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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sgi steelers

Cheers J.T
Great work all season mate.

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sgi steelers

This is a nrl SuperCoach discussion site not a free advertising site for trolls


Special shout out to the much hated underdog Langerslegends for winning the GF in SC Talk Bulldogs 2 league. Huge effort with no trades left for the final 2 H2H league games plus the finals. Also winning a private cash league to pick up $1000. A huge thanks goes to May, TO’O and Klemmer being PoD’s against Teddy, Gus and Ola

Temple Guard

If You were not such a provocative compulsive liar in the earlier rounds I would actually say well done…. However you keep digging at others which pi$$ed everybody off Remember Shaun Johnston…. you bragged about how you brought him just at the right time…. No You didn’t…. you got his last Pay rise and sold him the very next day… just a small example why people don’t believe You… hope you drop the attitude and join the rest of the normal world instead of looking for recognition which gets earned by been a guy that tries to help others rather… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Temple Guard

Well well well if it’s not TG. Not shocked by your comment and not bothered in anyway what so ever. I enjoy being hated on this site for pulling people up on there incorrect information. As for lies I’ve never lied once. You’ve been obsessed with me and my team all year. The SJ incident is a prime incident where you lied on this site about my trades. Reality check you need to hear TG, you’re not very well liked on this site for your attitude and constantly degrading newcomers to SC


TG does have a point TCH, a lot of us remember the earlier rounds.

So saying I will add a ‘well done’, I find any winner in SC (H2H, rank goal or overall achievement) no matter their history has done well.

Temple Guard

That is roughly what I did say… haha…. Actually from memory it was You he kept chatting too about Shaun Johnston :-P…. he got him Rd 13 not Rd 10 or 11 as he claims…. trust me I know


Actually he bought him in Rd 12 for $368k and sold him in Rd 14 for $437k, a profit of ~$68k.

But yeah as you said let’s look at next year instead. My goal btw is to finish under top 9k overall (worst year in a long while).

Temple Guard

Darn You are right rd12 my apologies to Langer 🙂
Should have gone through my notes rather then trusting that old Brain :-))))
still…. not rd 10 or 11 though ;-P

Last edited 1 year ago by Temple Guard

“Also winning a private cash league to pick up $1000”

It was $2000 a couple of days ago… 😉


Temple Guard

Haha I didn’t want to say anything about that because I got my message wrong, yesterday… but yes he does do them half lies which is really off putting