JT’s Weekend Roundup – Round 13

Thankfully the Round 13 ‘bye’ week is past us now and hopefully you’ve made it through relatively unscathed! In all fairness, even in a week where games were played in monsoonal conditions, players struggled to pick enough healthy players to fill their 17s and popular captain picks didn’t quite kick on for various reasons, there were still some very handy scores to go help prop scores up.

Looking around the traps it seems like 1200-1250 is about the norm which I think many people would have absolutely taken at the start of the round. Hopefully you had at least one of the many 100+ scores this week!

As Kalyn Ponga showed, sometimes you’ve just got to be patient in this game and you’ll get the rewards – there’ll be plenty of SuperCoaches wanting to move on some of this week’s Floppers but I reckon every single one of them will bounce back this week…

This year’s weekly roundup will be the streamlined version we closed the year out with in 2019, focusing on the Top 5:

  • Rockers– the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed it
  • Floppers – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed your week
  • Shockers – the left-field players who will no doubt be high on the list of trade-ins the next round and prime candidates for SC players chasing last week’s points!

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As a bonus addition this year, I’ll also include my Trade Fail of the Week. It’s a great feature to use with your SuperCoach Gold subscription – you can see who SuperCoach players are trading in and out and who they’re trading for. There’s always some absolute headscratchers and this week is no exception.

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I’m not sure what inspired this. Maybe it was the cash grab you could get by trading him out in the hopes that his replacement would be back sooner rather than later. But moving on fallen gun Kalyn Ponga to the injured Charlie Staines this round is one of the worst moves I’ve seen in my years playing this game, and the fact that 36 SuperCoaches made this trade this week is all the more bizarre. RIP to their SuperCoach apps – they’ve now gone straight in the bin.


1. Kalyn Ponga – 171. 2 tries, 2 try assists, 6/9 goals, 3 linebreaks, 2 linebreak assists and even 3 points for holding up a player in goal. This game had it all for Ponga. Ownership had slipped to just 65% in the top 5000 which means you’ve lost a hell of a lot of ground if you’d moved him on previously. It’ll sting this week, but the opposition he had to play against were shockingly bad, and not even the most ardent of Ponga fanboys (Lakey) would have seen a score this size coming. Another game like the 159 against Canberra that reminds us that SuperCoach is a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Dylan Brown – 119. In inclement weather, it was Brown that stepped up to the plate in the first half with a huge effort to lay on an assist and scoot out of dummy half for an easy try. After an almost season-low score of 36 last week with Mitch Moses having been back into the fold the week prior, it was a sensible call to move Brown on as thousands of coaches did this week. But it was a great reminder that Brown has grown a hell of a lot in stature this year to the point where he might just be able to share the reins with Moses from both an NRL and SuperCoach perspective. And it continues yet another game this season where Brown has outpointed Moses (7 out of 10 games now where they have played together).

3. Zac Lomax – 103. Gotta love a good rage trade. After a very low 22 points last week where he still looked good but had far too many errors to his name, a few SuperCoaches hit the rage trade button on Monday afternoon. Always beware the bounceback. Two tries here, but the best sign was how he played on despite obvious discomfort in his knee after having it twisted by Ryan Hall in crossing for his first try. Two games against the Roosters fo far this year for 71 and now 103 points shows he looks to be a week-to-week play regardless of opposition. Big test coming up for him against Parramatta this week but doubt there’ll be many brave enough to park him again.

4. Cam McInnes – 99. A somewhat dubious try assist went his way with his offload in the leadup to Lomax’s first try enough to warrant the extra 16 points but even without that this was a great score from him after a stretch of games leading back to Round 6 where only 2 of 7 scores were above 65. Split time between hooker and lock yet again but from both fronts he was good, including a few darts from dummy half that we haven’t been seeing much of from him lately. Good stuff from him. Those tackle stats of 55 are the third-highest for him all year.

5. Jake Trbojevic – 90. First time he’s been in this list all year. In the end this score was inflated by another questionable try assist awarded for an offload in the tackle that led to a breakaway try, but even accounting for that one scoring play this was yet another good score from Jurbo who has probably flown under the radar given his disappointing 2019 SuperCoach campaign. 40 tackles with no misses and 28 hitup points in trying conditions was a great return from him and in line with his 5RA of 71. Forget the Batemans, Fifitas and Tevagas – this guy looks to be the one we should have been targeting!


1. James Tedesco – 47. Weird old game from Teddy. Usually involves himself in every single set the Roosters have in some way, but a season-low 23 hitup points (just 10 runs over 8m) ultimately led to this hugely underwhelming (for Teddy standards) score. If you had the captaincy on him this week it was probably the wrong call unless you had an auto-emergency nightmare lurking on your bench. I can see him getting up bigtime for this game against the Storm this coming week though, so am sure the VC will be thrust upon him from plenty again here. Bounce back time!

2. Damien Cook – 49. Yet another game where from an NRL perspective he looks very busy and dangerous when he darts from dummy half, but for whatever reason in 2020, it’s just not lending itself to SuperCoach points. It doesn’t help when you get a total of zero points despite providing the last touch for two of the Rabbitohs tries (one the penalty tap to Mark Nicholls of all people to stroll through and then a ball before the line to Turgess to also surge through some awful Broncos defence) but I probably agree with the way they were scored. 4 runs needs to be turned into 6 or 7 to get back to those Cook scores of old as too much attacking ball is going through the Bunnies’ halves at the line. Can only put that down to the fact that Souths’ pack has dipped in class given recent retirements, where Cook would feed them crash balls and they’d score easily. That, and the scoring for those crash balls has become more strict from a SuperCoach sense. Whatever it is, this coming week against the Cowboys proves Cook’s best, and probably final, chance for a big score in some time. Bounce back time!

3. Cam Murray – 51. Like Cook, from an NRL perspective, Murray is doing all the right things. But being parked on an edge in attack (although he gets a lot of work done through the middle in defence) hasn’t helped at all this year, with pretty much all of Souths points coming from spreads out to the flanks. Just 10 runs for the game was pretty underwhelming, but his defensive work is still helping push his floor up to a reasonable height. Like Cook he faces a Cowboys side this week that just gave up 30 points to the Titans. And Kevin Proctor did much of that damage. This is the week for Murray. Bounce back time!

4. Pat Carrigan – 43. A season-low 43 minutes from him ultimately led to this poor score, and it looked as though he was hooked with around 15 to go after giving away a couple of cheap penalties in quick succession. It capped off a frustrating night for Carrigan and his many owners (pretty much 4/5 SuperCoaches still playing the game own this guy). A few things to consider though – his minutes were likely always going to dip now that Matt Lodge made his return to the fold along with DFifita. They were tough conditions to play in with a lot of rain around which reduces the likelihood of busts or offloads (unless you’re TPJ and you like doing dumb sh!t). His carries were often in tough positions leading to just 15 hitup points in total with half his runs below 8m. All these things, coupled with the fact TPJ now gets a rest for two weeks, his BE is manageable and he’s a very handy dual flexible player, is why I’m holding on. Bounce back time!

5. Maika Sivo – 32. It was a wretched game for outside backs with both sides pretty much playing knee-deep in water the whole afternoon, but Sivo was an inch or two away from a much higher score. Two linebreaks in those conditions were great signs but unfortunately the ball just wasn’t going wide for obvious reasons. Tough watch for those that have got him in, but we know he can be a bit rocks and diamonds. In better conditions and with the Moses/Brown combination continuing to grow, there have to be better times ahead for him, starting with a game at Bankwest where he loves playing this week against the Dragons. Bounce back time!


1. Haumole Olakau’atu – 91. Remember the name…

2. Nicho Hynes – 102. This seemingly endless line of quality fullbacks the Storm have at their disposal is ridiculous.

3. AJ Brimson – 112. Downdated a little after the game but this was an eye-catching effort by Brimson in his return to the park after a long and painful layoff. Very interesting to see how many jump on board now that Munster is out for a couple of weeks…

4. Kevin Proctor – 105. Add him to the list of middling players that the Cowboys have made look like absolute superstars so far this year. Kodi Nikorima flashbacks.

5. Sio Siua Taukeiaho – 92. Had to add him in here simply because I didn’t see this massive game coming. Two offloads, five busts (it looked like more live) and 44 hitup points was a huge effort, and also kicked two out of three goals. He didn’t take the last attempt, presumably because the 80-minute stint on the park had absolutely gassed him. What a buy he would have been this week.



  • Cam Munster – 2-3 weeks – MCL
  • Billy Walters – 6-9 months – ACL
  • Marty Taupau – to be monitored – Concussion
  • Addin Fonua-Blake – 4 weeks – PCL
  • Jake Averillo – 0-1 week – hip
  • Siliva Havili – 0-1 week – tricep
  • Tariq Sims – TBC – shoulder

Elsewhere, the likes of Angus Crichton, Alex Twal, Ryan Matterson, Brett Morris, Joel Thompson, Curtis Sironen and the mighty Brad Parker are good chances to be back this week.


  • Lachlan Lewis – high tackle – 1-2 weeks
  • Jack Hetherington – high tackle – 4-5 weeks
  • Jackson Ford – trip – 3 weeks
  • TPJ – COVID – 2 weeks
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Bunnnys56 (@bacchetti)
1 month ago

With AFB and Taupau both in doubt, my super sub S. KEPPIE might finally get a starting gig.

LOTE (@oscar-stgeorge)
Reply to  Bunnnys56
1 month ago

AFB not in doubt he’s out for a month

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