JT’s Weekend Roundup – R3

Rugbaleeg, the beautiful game, the greatest of all and the game they wished they played in heaven. It’s back and hasn’t it been worth the wait!

Fake crowd noise, fake crowds, an audience of “300 million”, 6 agains, one referee, ridiculous haircuts, blowouts, golden point, a draw, comebacks, tries, tries, beers, tries and more tries, a Cowboys win…and SUPERCOACH CARNAGE!

Trying to cobble up the $22 to get a few unflattering photos of the SC Talk team in the stands

What a weekend it was. Wherever you watched from if you were so lucky, I hope you had a cracking few days as we could finally turn our attention away from Tiger Kings and KitKots for a few moments. How good is it?

It was a wild ride on the playing field and on our SuperCoach apps, with a stack of Rockers, Floppers and Shockers that have either made or broken your week. Tommy Turbo owners? Absolutely cheering. Kotoni Staggs owners? Spewing. Ahh it’s the beautiful game within a game.

This year’s weekly roundup will be the streamlined version we closed the year out with in 2019, focusing on the Top 5:

  • Rockers– the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed it
  • Floppers – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed your week
  • Shockers – the left-field players who will no doubt be high on the list of trade-ins the next round and prime candidates for SC players chasing last week’s points!

For those who don’t mind a bit of North Queensland drawl in their ears, last night I also dropped a podcast version of the weekly roundup. Check it out below – note that at time of recording (Sunday night) there were still a few updates to come. Hopefully they worked out well for you when it came time to check the scores at midday today!

As a bonus addition this year, I’ll also include my Trade Fail of the Week. It’s a great feature to use with your SuperCoach Gold subscription – you can see who SuperCoach players are trading in and out and who they’re trading for. There’s always some absolute headscratchers and this week is no exception.


While Api Koroisau has been absolutely carving up since the start of the year, one savvy SuperCoach had clearly had enough of his big-point, 80-minute games at a cutprice $330k and he was turfed this week for none other than new Knights hooker Andrew McCullough. Despite the fact that Macca wouldn’t play this week…Among a litany of other reasons not to make that move. Hmm. I’m looking at Lakey here. 0 points vs about 90 from Api. 4D Chess stuff.


1. Tom Trbojevic – 152. Eurgh. The old Sunday night game just always seems to throw up a score at one end of the spectrum for a guy like Turbo. 14% of SuperCoaches had to sit through Teddy and Val’s massive scores to start the week and pray that Turbo could finish the week strong for them. Didn’t he what. It is absolutely quality over quantity with this guy, with his 16 runs relatively middling for his position. Every time he got the ball in the Bulldogs’ half he looked likely to create something and did on just about every occasion. Dotted down for two of his own and should have had a third but for inexplicably letting the ball roll into touch rather than ground it. Then fed his favoured left side attack with crisp passes to completely shred the Dogs tiring defence. Obviously have to take the opposition into consideration here, but even the strongest defensive sides would have struggled to contain him in that form. Brb, just looking under the couch cushions for the change needed to trade up to him…Getting sick of hiding behind them every time I watch him play as a non-owner.

2. Valentine Holmes – 102. Yep, it might have been the Titans, but this is backing up from solid returns of 69 and 63 to start the year. Featuring in three of the Cowboys tries out wide and getting the assists awarded for all of them. Has yet to really show much in the way of a running game (just 11 runs and one bust all game from him), which will come eventually. But I never expected him to slot in as seamlessly as he has to those sweeping backline plays Paul Green loves. Great signs.

3. James Tedesco – 103. Was a little quiet to start the game, sitting on around 20 points at halftime. Non-owners were beginning to gain some semblance of confidence that he’d hit another quiet score like his 39 in R1. Not to be. Blitzing the Bunnies in the second half including a stunning solo try, brushing past Cam Murray and Latrell to dot down and finished the game with 10 busts, two linebreaks and a linebreak assist. Huge effort. His floor is generally going to be higher than Turbo’s, with 34 hitup points from his 21 runs, but no one’s really paying the money for the floor are they.

4. Isaah Yeo 104 . Named at lock to start the game and it was going to be very interesting to see how this affected his minutes. In fantastic news for his many new owners, Yeo saw out the entirety of the incredible 90-minute epic against the Knights and stuck it out in the middle of the park all game. This was great for his base stats but the best sign for me was his linebreak late in the game. He was looking a little tired out there but managed to find a second wind that launched his score once more. Would love for that to continue but for now he looks a safe option to play each week and potentially keep there for the year to come…

5. Ryan Matterson – 99. A barnstorming performance by Matto who was linking very dangerously all game with Blake and Sivo, duly rewarded with a very late offload try assist to Blake. Without that assist, Matto still notches a 75 which is a brilliant return. Plenty of us were sitting back and watching how he’d fare in a new side that already has plenty of attacking weapons but he’s settled in much faster than I’d first thought. Get him in as soon as you can. POD options like McInnes and Tohu Harris in the 2RF might be cheaper (slightly in McInnes’ case) but Matto is the one with the runs on the board so far this year. And playing in a side that is apparently 2020 Premiers according to Carlos.


1. Kotoni Staggs – 33. Yeah this is classic SuperCoach here. Trade in the guy who’s gone large with a massive negative breakeven, and watch him flop. What’s more, he’s now found himself suspended for a week for a lazy high shot. In a shortened season this makes holding onto these players a tougher proposition week-to-week but there’s still a cash rise to come. Staggs looked like adding to his brilliant start to the year after turning Sivo inside and out for an early linebreak but then, like the Broncos, had a game riddled with errors and poor play. It’s not a devastating score for the CTW, as we know they can go low occasionally, but the price might be peaking shortly with a few more scores like this. A trade to the likes of Mansour or Nofoaluma, who have started the year with a bang, looks the play.

2. Shaun Johnson22. The old SJ rollercoaster. Banged out a 95 to start the season and has now followed this with a 28 against Melbourne (fair, that can happen to the best of them) and now a 22 here against the Tigers…The layoff hasn’t seemed to treat him very well, with just 4 runs for the game. That’s not ideal. Very little in the way of creativity whenever the Sharks got close to the line either, with Wade Graham definitely looking the focal point for them out there. He plays the Cowboys next week who he traditionally likes playing against, but that price is falling bigtime. Will make a trade-up (or back) to Nathan Cleary in a couple of weeks a difficult one if he can’t deliver in Round 4.

3. Jamayne Isaako31. See above for Staggs, basically. Those damn negative breakevens. They’ll always get ya.

4. Liam Knight31. Owners have been pretty luckless this year with this guy. Being named at lock to start the year and with a pretty handy SuperCoach game to boot, the hope was that Knight would quickly bank a $100k or so and be a week-to-week play to start the year. That hope’s evaporated – scores of 56, 46 and now a 31 and minutes similarly declining. Not exactly his fault this week, with Knight being knocked out basically 30 seconds into his second stint on the park and being taken off for a HIA. He did make it back with about 5 to go to finish with 33 minutes in total, but that score was going nowhere, fast. Missed his breakeven of 35 and has to go.

5. Sione Katoa – 24. Seems to be a running theme with these floppers…Apart from nearly all being in Wilfred’s team (soz Wilf). The old negative breakeven! Staggs, Isaako and Katoa were very popular trade-ins for that reason that will still make cash but have had ordinary scores to boot. Classic. Katoa, like many before him, remained socially distant from any quality ball as a result of being outside Josh Dugan. Oof. Could have seen that one coming a mile away.


1. Eliesa Katoa86. The sight of a cheapie Warriors second rower going consistently well and seeing out an actual price rise? Take me now, I have seen it all. Great try by Katoa in the first half and probably would have seen the 80 out if not for a first half HIA. Only cost him

2. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown – 70. Named to start out of nowhere and even got the first try for the game. Am reliably informed that this was paying around $61 for any savvy investors out there…Nonetheless, JTB got through a stack of work in his 37 minutes on the field and delivered in spades for those who have brought him in this week or played him. Huge return on investment there.

3. Bradman Best – 100. Here he is. Two tries, a handful of errors but plenty of promise. We get one more week before the price rises but many will be looking at that game and pulling the trigger early given Harry Grant is a must-buy for Round 5 and locked into everyone’s plans.

4. Kurt Capewell – 89. All eyes on Yeo this week, but a few crafty SuperCoaches lurking on the site were keeping a third eye on this guy, making his debut for the Panthers. We weren’t sure exactly how the rotation would work, and that’s still a little unclear. Kikau came off for a HIA in the 63rd minute and was replaced by Billy Burns. Kikau would eventually return in the 77th minute and Capewell was the one to make way. Should we read through the lines a little there and dial back our expectations for Capewell a little to the 60-65 minute mark? Either way, at $400k and available in the second row, Capewell looms a very interesting proposition. Score helped by a try here but he could have had plenty more attacking stats, and probably should have given the duress his opposition was under.

5. Ben Hampton – 78. Give your love to this Cowboys man. He’s gonna fall over the line, hard as he can, can.

As he can, can, can, can……



  • Alex Glenn (leg cut – first half – 3 weeks). To be replaced in the starting squad by Ethan Bullemor.
  • Peta Hiku (ribs – first half – unknown return)
  • Tyrone Roberts (ankle – pre game – 0 weeks)
  • Anthony Don (knee – pre game – 0 weeks)
  • Andrew Fifita (calf – pre game – 0-1 week)
  • Chad Townsend (hamstring – 2nd half – 0-1 week)
  • Bailey Simonsson (leg infection – pre game – 0 weeks)
  • Lachlan Fitzgibbon (hamstring – pre game – 1 week)
  • Ben Hunt (cork – played out the game – 0 weeks)
  • Mitchell Pearce (HIA – first half – unknown return)
  • Connor Watson (ankle – first half – unknown return)


  • Victor Radley – fighting a dangerous throw charge at the judiciary and facing a week off if unsuccessful. I thought it was a great tackle so would be expecting he’ll line up this week.
  • Kotoni Staggs – early guilty plea taken for his high shot means he misses a week. Herbie Farnworth will start for him this week.
  • Agnatius Paasi – 1/2 weeks for a high tackle. Has yet to lodge an early guilty plea. Good news for JTB owners with yet another Warriors forward going down if Paasi cops the ban.
  • Nelson Asofa-Solomona – Facing 1 match on the sidelines for a high tackle. Not sure if he’d have been making the squad for this week anyway after inexplicably putting in a grubber kick on the 3rd with the game in the balance and Storm on the Raiders’ line. Oof.
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North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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WeninRome (@weninrome)
1 month ago

Welcome back, JT! What a cracker.

DCE2011 (@dce2011)
1 month ago

Great write-up, JT. I’d put Marsters in the “floppers” category this week as well.

Gallen4PM (@nik-nok-nimaaan)
1 month ago

Awesome article JT welcome back, love your work legend!

NRL General
NRL General (@lazz27)
Borderline keeper
1 month ago

great write up love the read champ!

BennyG (@bennyg)
1 month ago

George Williams not worth a mention in the shockers? I am sure Sparky would agree with that. Great write up champion!

Catfish (@cbheroes)
1 month ago

Nice work chief

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