JT’s Weekend Roundup – R12

Over the last few weeks, the trade from an injured Api Koroisau to a gun like Cam Smith or Damien Cook seemed like a no-brainer. Gun up while Api is out for at least 3 weeks, as was the initial prognosis.

Fast forward to the end of Round 12, and it’s those who have held on to Api for whatever reason who have come out of this arrangement seemingly on top. Cook hitting a dismal 42 points, Cam Smith hitting a 34 before being sidelined with a shoulder injury for at least two weeks, and Api coming in to play after just a week out and crossing the line for his first try. What a year.

Elsewhere, those that took a punt on Nathan Cleary over Teddy as their captain were duly rewarded, with Cleary tearing apart the Sea Eagles on his way to a monster 138, while Teddy failed to live up to his lofty, lofty expectations for the second week in a row with a respectable 80 against the improving Gold Coast. Any other player and SuperCoaches would be content with that, but I imagine it’s more than a little frustrating for recent new owners of Teddy who expected to be treated to regular 100+ outings!

There were plenty of 1300+ scores this week given some of the usual suspects doing their thing, and if you managed to avoid the CS9/Lomax carnage and the Saturday scramble to find a replacement for the scratched (again) Ryan Matterson. Thankfully for site founder and top-100 Nick Kirkup, he climbed back up the ladder despite having to cop Maika Sivo’s 7 (!) in his 17 this week.

Comeback’s on!

For those who haven’t tuned in yet, we released a podcast last night as well:

This year’s weekly roundup will be the streamlined version we closed the year out with in 2019, focusing on the Top 5:

  • Rockers– the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed it
  • Floppers – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed your week
  • Shockers – the left-field players who will no doubt be high on the list of trade-ins the next round and prime candidates for SC players chasing last week’s points!

As a bonus addition this year, I’ll also include my Trade Fail of the Week. It’s a great feature to use with your SuperCoach Gold subscription – you can see who SuperCoach players are trading in and out and who they’re trading for. There’s always some absolute headscratchers and this week is no exception.

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While in the end, after succumbing to an unfortunate hamstring injury after just 25 minutes of game-time, Charlie Staines won’t be a must-trade in at fullback just yet (at least not until he’s named again), any SuperCoaches who had gone early on him looked to be sitting very pretty after going over for his 6th try in about 100 minutes of first grade. His BE was sitting at -150 after just the one game and could have been anything with a full game here. Begs the question why any SuperCoach would decide that last week would be the week to trade him out given he was named on the extendeds and a great chance of playing. Especially not to the likes of Ben Hampton (3 trades), Anthony Milford (2 trades), or Corey Allan (2 trades!!). Well…


1. Nathan Cleary – 138. Not much else to say about him really. The Panthers seem to be building to something special – usually it’s the teams who grind out wins despite playing poorly as they did against the Cows and Titans the last couple of weeks that you’ve got to look out for. When they’re hot, they’re hot and against a pretty handy opponent in Manly on Saturday night, it was Cleary that did all the damage. The grubber for himself to score was pure class. Surely adds to the 3 tons so far this year by season’s end and looks a great captaincy option going forward. Of course that’ll mean the week you go him is the week Teddy goes back to being a beast again but that’s just SuperCoach…

2. Jason Taumalolo – 108. Lolo was finally provided some quality ball on the line, running a great angle to burst through in the second half and score his first try since Round 2 and his first score in the triple digits so far this year. In what could be argued has been a relatively quiet year for him, with offloads and tackle busts pretty low, particularly over the last month as it looks as though he’s carrying a few niggles, this score sees him up to an 80 average for the year. With a game against the Titans this week who he loves scoring against, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t in this list next week as well.

3. Kotoni Staggs – 120. A huge reward yet again for patient (or distracted) owners who have held Staggs throughout his injury troubles and were rewarded bigtime here. We do joke a lot about him but the injection of Boyd into the backline seemed to be the catalyst for a lot more quality ball in attack for the Donkeys and it found its way to Staggs for his two tries. If the Broncos are to make anything from this season (fingers still crossed for a wooden spoon, personally), he’d be a great shout given the goalkicking duties now that Isaako is gone.

4. Daly Cherry-Evans – 102. While his side was completely outpointed by Penrith on the night, it was a classic game from DCE who was basically his side’s sole shining light in this one as he tried to scrap his way back into this one for his team. It’s been an up-and-down 6 weeks for DCE ever since Turbo went out – scores of 59, 99, 53, 86, 41 and 102 looking good but a little rollercoaster-y. When Turbo comes back in a few weeks he might lose some of these attacking plays but for now he’s a focal point and his uncanny ability to bust tackles (another 4 here) are a great weapon to his arsenal. Love this POD play.

5. Junior Paulo – 103. All eyes were on Reagan Campbell-Gillard this week given his score from last week with the try in there to boost it, but we shouldn’t forget about Paulo’s ability to pull out a giant score now and again. His minutes dipped back to 59 but has been consistently pushing out an hour or more on field throughout the year. Taking his injury-affected 38 out of the equation, he hasn’t dipped below 50 once this year. Usually it’s base but in this instance he was there to lay on a try assist – his 3rd of the year – to make sure he could raise the bat for the first time all season.


1. Zac Lomax – 22. Well the run had to end at some point! Can’t keep scoring the way he had with 6 huge scores heading into this game. He did start the game strongly, proving tough to handle on the edge and looking like he was well on his way to another handy score, but, like the Dragons, just fell away as the game wore on. Plenty of negative stats to his name didn’t help either: -6 in missed goals, -3 in missed tackles, -2 in penalties and -8 in errors. Many of those errors could have been turned into attacking points as they were down the right end. But you move on – looks like the rage trades are trickling in slowly this afternoon though…

2. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow – 11. Would have been an AE nightmare for anyone that had him on their bench this week and was stung by Matto being a late out. Unfortunately he’s not quite up to the fullback position in the NRL just yet despite his flashes of brilliance. It’s a tough ask for the young fella and from a Cowboys fan perspective it’s great to see him getting a run, but for SuperCoach he simply has to go.

3. Josh Addo-Carr – 17. Classic Fox. Brought him in for his games against the Broncos and Bulldogs and should have known to stick him on the NPRs for a game against reasonable opposition in the Knights. Base is just not his thing. Hopefully with less disruptions to the spine this week he’ll see a bit more ball in attacking space but looms a definite tradeout after this week for anyone like me who took the risk.

4. Josh Mansour – 38. In a side that’s carving up most weeks, you’d think a guy of Mansauce’s pedigree would be racking up the stats. We know he’s not a noted tryscorer these days but Stephen Crichton is going a hell of a long way to making sure he doesn’t get near the stripe at all. If he switched to the Staines side he might be in luck.

5. Damien Cook – 42. Just as I start looking at him as an option he pushes out his second-worst score of the year. Just the 3 runs all game. He’s coming up against the Broncos, Cowboys and Manly over the next three weeks which is handy opposition – although they are 5th, 9th and 8th for points conceded against hookers so far this year, respectively, which isn’t much to get too excited about. The Bunnies might be clinging onto a spot in the 8 but it’s now that they need to make their run and Cook has to be the one running to do it. BE of 164 this week which the Cook of old could come close to.


1. Darius Boyd – 111. A $321k fullback in his absolute prime – available at 5/8 and FLB! Sign me?up! 4 try assists from the GoAT, if only his teammates were performing how Darius says he wants them to be performing.

2. Peta Hiku – 106. Second time he’s been on this list all year following his 104-point, 3-try effort against the Cowboys back in Round 5. A very powerful performance on the edge there when the Warriors needed it most.

3. Tino Fa’asuamaleaui – 107. Two tons in a row now and sitting on my non-playing reserves list! It stings but I’ll absolutely take the money. Extra minutes here due to CS9’s injury (61) and a match-sealing try bursting onto a BSmith pass late in the game. 3 tries in 2 games and a game against the Dogs this week could see him elevated into the 17…

4. John Bateman – 88. Shocking because this was his first game in 10 months and he looked like he’d barely missed any game time. This was Bateman of old with a point to prove and now gives us a serious option for the run-home in our (already stacked) second row. Another game to watch this week before his price rises but that’s not too much of an issue since he’s already $660k…

5. Eliesa Katoa – 85. Like Api this week, another player many have moved past and that came back to bite this week. Dipped below $400k last week but looks to be very much on the rise with attacking opportunities virtually any time the Warriors are on the attack.



  • Dylan Walker – foot – 4-6 weeks
  • Curtis Sironen – knee – 0-1 week
  • John Asiata – knee – 0-1 week
  • Semi Valemei – medial ligament – 3-4 weeks
  • Jared Waerea-Hargreaves – calf – 0-1 week
  • Euan Aitken – hamstring – 2-4 weeks
  • Jahrome Hughes – leg – 0-1 week
  • Adam Reynolds – shoulder – 0-1 week
  • Cameron Smith – shoulder – 2-3 weeks
  • Bradman Best – ankle – TBA


  • Pasami Saulo – 2 weeks – dangerous contact
  • Jackson Ferris – 1 week – shoulder charge
  • Jaydn Su’A – 1 week – dangerous contact (contesting charge)
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