JT’s Cheapie Watch – R9

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a dedicated cheapie article but here you go.

This information was previously included within the Weekend Roundup but that article is super, super long already so we’ve decided split it into two and give the Simonsson Star it’s own home.

JT will provide both articles each Monday and Tuesday going forward – we hope you enjoy!

Thomas Dearden is the popular rookie pick of the week.

Zac Lomax headlines the list of players who have gone beyond the $270k mark and into the regular players this week, but many would have been hoping for an 80-minute effort from him. Elsewhere, Pat Herbert is still within reach for anyone who didn’t jump on already with a low score of just 23 while Ryan Papenhuyzen shoots himself up from the ‘Yeah, Nah’s into a very interesting cheapie option with a mammoth effort off the bench in the Storm’s rout of the Eels.

The Simonsson Stars

Thomas Dearden (39) – Many got on already but plays his third game this week and will be a heavily-owned player by the end of it.

Patrick Herbert (23) – Denied a try assist/linebreak assist that ultimately went to RTS. Would have helped massively here but gives anyone who didn’t jump on last week another shot here with only the $30k increase to his name.

Hudson Young (55) – I yeah, nah’d him last week despite his Tryscoring 63 points, and then he was named at starting lock, then came out and played the full 80 minutes. Whoops.

Jake Turpin (43) – First game of the year in McCullough’s absence and knocked out the full 80. Might be sharing the hooking duties once Segeyaro arrives on the scene.

Ryan Papenhuyzen (119) – An 8, 2 and 10 off the bench followed by a 51 and then this. Wow. From around half an hour on the field. That is a massive effort. Will make a stack of cash the next few rounds and be a body for Round 16, but I can’t ever see another effort like this during the year from anyone.

Kyle Flanagan (62) – Another great effort in the halves nets him a nice $43k price rise and more to come.

Jai Field (52) – Pint-sized but needed only pace to burn the Warriors and RTS in the first half. Could get a nice run in the halves with Corey Norman out and Ben Hunt in Origin this year.

Caleb Aekins (43) – Another solid, if unspectacular, outing for the young kid.

Kotoni Staggs (33) – Stocks have risen now with the issues around Bird/Roberts but a high-score (albeit with many bench games included) is just 55 this year.

Wayde Egan (32) – Not the greatest work rate for a big-minute hooker but making a reasonable amount of cash.

Aaron Gray (90) – Another Sharks backline member who doubled up against the brittle Titans’ defence. A week ago he hit 10 points in 80 minutes. So…yeah.

Blayke Brailey (36) – A last-minute TS/LBA to Gallen scores him another price rise.

Gehamat Shibasaki (35) – Could be in for a reasonable run in the side now with Bird’s ACL injury and James Roberts seemingly on the outer, but still has a 2-point game to roll out of his average this week.

Corey Allan (21) – Slides right back into the Stars after a brief venture out after losing price with another 20-point effort.

Bailey Simonsson (17) – The Original Star finally gets his third game and a cracking $17k price rise to match his points output!

Jaeman Salmon (9) –Awful effort this game.

  • Michell Dunn (56) – Yeah, nah.
  • Chris McQueen (50) – Yeah nah.
  • Ligi Sao (50) – Hey, Soggy’s back again!
  • Sitili Tupouniua (48) – Yeah, nah.
  • Danny Fualalo (46) – Yeah, nah.
  • Kurt Baptiste (46) – Yeah, nah.
  • Corey Horsburgh (43) – Yeah, nah.
  • Dean Whare (42) – Yeah, nah.
  • Thomas Mikaele (41) – Yeah, nah.
  • Dunamis Lui (36) – Yeah, nah.
  • Sam Williams (35) – Yeah, nah.
  • Chris Smith (35) – Yeah, nah.
  • Tyrell Fuimaono (28) – Yeah, nah.
  • Abbas Miski (28) – Yeah, nah.
  • Toa Sipley (26) – Yeah, nah.
  • Thomas Flegler (26) – Yeah, nah.
  • Sione Katoa (26) – Yeah, nah.
  • Morgan Boyle (25) – Yeah, nah.
  • Mark Nicholls (25) – Yeah, nah.
  • Patrick Carrigan (25) – Yeah, nah.
  • Oliver Clark (23) – Congrats on your debut!
  • Kaide Ellis (22) – Yeah, nah.
  • Jesse Arthars (21) – Yeah, nah.
  • Jacob Liddle (20) – Yeah, nah.
  • Francis Molo (18) – Yeah, nah.
  • Jack Stockwell (16) – Yeah, nah.
  • Max King (16) – Yeah, nah.
  • Jeremy Latimore (12) – Yeah, nah.
  • Fa’amanu Brown (12) – Yeah, nah.
  • Kurt Mann (11) – Yeah, nah.
  • Moses Suli (8) – Yeah, nah.

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North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Just curious to big papa time in the starting with Hughes not out long term and then he goes back to bench. …..


Has been super impressive, Hughes is only out with concussion though. Possibly moves to the centres though

Hitro Okesene
Hitro Okesene

It’s hard to say where he goes. Seve played centre for Storm in Scott’s absence before. Everybody tore it up in the last game. If he plays well this round, there’s a chance Bellamy finds him a starting spot somewhere. It could be in the outside backs as people have said, or there’s a chance he moves Hughes to Croft’s position and keeps Pap at FB. But there’s also a very good chance that things go back to exactly how they were, leaving you with dead weight in a very important fullback position. It’s a risk, as nobody knows how… Read more »

Borderline keeper

Curtis Scott’s injury opens a job in the centres and with Addo-Carr, Chambers and Munster all bound for Origin, the door is open for a r13 appearance should one or more be rested. I’ve also read mentions of Hughes being a possibility to slot in at 7 at the expense of Croft.
I’m passing on him myself but i can see the appeal for those who have the kahunas.

Borderline keeper

Any love for Corey Allan now that he’s got a month at FB?

Borderline keeper

Thanks JT – big effort to push out 2 big efforts over 2 days! Enjoy listening to you blokes sipping your Welder’s Dog brew of the week. Getting into some great Belgian stuff myself (Brunehaut – it’s really delicious!). Good comments all round and I hope you’re basking in the light of the ‘post magic round’ period! Had a weird weekend with my first 11 players netting me 588 points – you can imagine the feeling. Then Ponga and the boys from Souths came in and got me basically as many as the ’11 stooges’ did! Finished with a red… Read more »

Time For Plan B
Time For Plan B

Hey Fitzy? Any chance you could pin this message? I got told to post this around different places in the hopes you’ll see it and be able to pin it to the Scores and Chat thread that will be up later. If not, please feel free to remove as you see fit. I’m looking at making a discord for anyone interested. Keep the discussion flowing without any trolls interfering. Obviously this site will still be used, but the discord can be used for those who the trolls really do bother when they’d like to have some serious SC discussions with… Read more »