End of 2019

Another season has been and gone! Thanks for all the support again throughout the year, it has been another great one. See you all again in 2020


Site co-founder and all round SC tragic, Nick no longer writes too much these days but hosts the SC Report each week and looks after most of the site administration.

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Hope everyone is OK with the fires.
We’re down in batemans bay but safe.
If anyone around that area needs help let me know


Hey M8
Hope your ok there
Stay safe m8

Time For Plan B

Where can us cheapskates without the subscription make our team with updated prices and DPP?


Probably near to the long weekend at the end of January once the game opens to all. That’s my guess at least. The upside is you will make 50 less teams in that time. I might put up a team late feb as that makes the season two months shorter.
However I can understand the appeal of budgeting who you are keen on for the 2020 marathon and i am enjoying the teams posted so far
Lots of different takes !


Hey go onto Facebook join SuperCoach addicts page someone has posted All 65 pages of prices and positions then u can calculate your team with 9.8million


Happy new year all. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Smith, B.Brailey
Haas, TKO (SST), James, Utoikamanu
Taumalolo, Tevaga (pending return date), D.Fifita, J.Williams, Su’a, Tino
Cleary, Walters
Johnson, Crossland
Lomax, B.Smith, Best, Talau, Wiliame, B.Turbo, S.Marsters
Turbo, Pap

Also, what are your thoughts of K.Brom as a POD?


K Brom could definitely be a POD as his I’d imagine his ownership % would be quite low, but I can’t see how he goes any better than 2019. Smith basically refused to pass the ball to Croft’s right edge last year (case in point, Kaufusi average dropping from 60 to 46), solely going to the left edge to Munster (K Brom’s edge). If the Storm go back to the right edge this season now that Hughes (presumably) is playing on that edge, then that may mean less ball for K Brom


Rizzo like your analysis, and Kaufusi could be a decent POD, if Hughes sees decent ball. Kaufusi also wasn’t 100% last year I don’t think.


I disagree with this, i reckon munster is the go to man and he will continue to see good ball , add Papy who is a great ball runner and that right edge will most likely stay the same imo.


I can’t believe how similar my team is to yours. I’m trying to work out if Isaako is a must since the centres are so shit! Lolo has become JFH in the meantime. This year looks so difficult compared to last year!

Karma Keg

Morning Gents, can anyone help a tight-ass out with a few player prices?

George Williams
Valentine Holmes

Also if the below guys have any duels:

Tino Fa’asuamaleaui
Brandon Wakeham

Much appreciated.


Hi M8
George Williams =333,800
Valentine Holmes = 563,700
Walters = HFB/HOK
Tino Fa’asuamaleaui = 2RF only
Brandon Wakeham = HFB only
Hope that helps

Karma Keg

Champion, thanks mate!


Happy New Year ALL 🙂


As a tiges fan i’m interested in seeing how players like seyforth , mikaele , mc intyre , D Smith , bradley go this year.

Not much depth in our team so does that mean Twal gets big mins this year or players like mikale step up?

Does talau get the centre gig or will jennings end up there ?

A Seyfarth bench spot ? Also K Bradley a chance… Cant wait for trials to see how the team runs out .


As another Tigers fan I can say I expect Talau to start in the centres. I doubt Seyfarth will be named in Rd 1. I doubt Twal’s minutes will change. MCK to start in 2RF is the expectation so there could be something there for SuperCoach.

Sydney Rorters

Who are the players you are most afraid of not owning from the get-go? I had an absolutely abysmal opening round last year which really set back my entire season, so trying to work out who are the players most likely to go bang from the start. Last year DCE shot out of the gates while Cleary was mediocre at best – looks like it might be the reverse this year… Eels have a solid opening draw, does Moses go nuts? I feel like the genuine guns who can go 100+ semi-often are really hard to leave out. Cook is… Read more »


Mine is fullback spot. Just way too m any players that can get off to a flyer. Papy is almost a definite but who with Teddy, Turbo, Ponga or RTS.

Sydney Rorters

Roger doesn’t scare me nearly as much as the others… Doesn’t have same ceiling as Teddy and Turbo. But yes, FB selection could be a huge swing position.


Can only be a good thing as it might create some different looking teams in the long run.


The year before it was Widdop, last year cody .

going off that i would say 5/8th is where its won although having turbo as a C was a great leap for most.

No one knows who will ton up early , all up to the SC gods but all the hype around Williams being SC friendly and raiders have a decent opening , add the duel and priced @ 330k and he is hard to ignore.


The great nrlsupercoach stat’s site allows you to filter through every players record to see who starts well. It is broken up into 3 categories, pre-origin, during origin and post origin (or thereabouts). A player like Cody Walker averaged 80 (from memory) R1 to R11 is a good example, DCE is another that you already identified. Agree with Cook and Moses and think they will start well. Perhaps you already used this feature? For me personally it’s Haas but like most forwards he might see a few less minutes with the early season heat. He missed the first 4 games… Read more »


Hey champ, back for another year of drama! What else would you be rather doing, haha!


Welcome to 2020 fellow supercoacher’s. I had a quick search to see when the Pimp my Team thread started last year. According to thread it was 11 months ago so probably after the Australia Day long weekend when SC officially starts. But I was interested to read the following post from Mad Rooster: Talking about Jurbo: “His brother may become James Graham Mk ll in attack with consistent ball playing restricting hit ups/ tackle busts/offloads”. That was the 4th post of the thread and we all know how Jurbo faded towards the end of the year exactly for the reasons.… Read more »


Can anyone tell me Billy Smith’s price? I’ve seen from cheapie to 290k! Also, what is the base price please?


Hi m8
290,400 😉


Damn. How? Oh well, back to the drawing board! Thanks.

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