Deanie’s Captains Calls – Round 23

Prelim finals for SuperCoaches playing in head-to-head leagues and for players playing overall, there are three rounds to go. With the games being played this round, I can only see two guns who you would name captain this week. Yes, you could go wider and name another couple of guns, but they play against good opposition. Comes down to whether you want to play it safe or risk it for the brisket, so they say.


Nicho Hynes

Up against a Manly team who were just insipid against the Tigers last Sunday. Cronulla are final bound and will show this against Manly. Hynes will have the ball on a string, and it will be a long afternoon for Manly.

James Tedesco

Against the Tigers, you must think he’ll have a big game for owners in round 23. Was very quiet against the Cowboys. The Tigers are a terrible team, and the Roosters will steamroll them just like they did to the Cows last Saturday. Teddy is the captain choice for owners.


Latrell Mitchell

Playing unbelievable footy right now. He’s under a little injury cloud, some abductor issue but has been cleared to start against the Panthers. If the Rabbits are winning, I can’t see Latrell playing a full 80mins and he’ll hit the bench and start recovery early. For this reason, cannot name him a captain choice. A vice-captain option tonight.

Cameron Munster

Wayne Bennett might be an interested onlooker at the game on Friday night. Munster might just have one of those games and increase his contract price from $6million to $7million. No doubt in 2024, he will be playing for the Dolphins and will be the highest paid player in the NRL. Averages 72PPG against Brisbane, plays early in the round, so name him VC and if he goes large you can always do the VC loop if required.

Shaun Lane

Shaun Lane has been scoring very consistently over the past four weeks with 91, 83, 104, 85. Averaging 16PPG higher than his counterpart in Isaiah Papali’i over a three-round stretch. He’s much improved this season in a team that’s so up and down. A solid VC choice to consider.


Valentine Holmes

Val has just been stinking it up over the past two rounds with a 37 and 36 respectively. Even though the Cowboys are up against the Warriors, let’s say Holmes goes for 35. Happy to avoid him.

Selwyn Cobbo

Scored his second highest score in SuperCoach this season with a 113-point game against the Knights. The Storm are a different kettle of fish and Selwyn won’t be scoring a try and will be kept very quiet. Scores under 30 on Friday night.

Deanie’s Bold Selections

Staying with the Bronco’s v Storm at Suncorp on Friday night, the Storm have an impressive record against the Broncos with an overall record of 16-3 at Suncorp and have won the last 11 games between the sides by an average of 22 points. We will have a couple of bets here. A SGM anytime tryscorer Coates, Meaney, Munster, Storm 13+ = $14.50. Also just have a single bet with the Storm 19+ at $4.20. I will be at the game, so I will be an avid onlooker and hoping the Storm go big. it’s great to watch a footy game live at Suncorp.

Some big footy games for round 23 and it all kicks off tonight with the Rabbits v the Panthers. Then it’s onto the Broncos v the Storm.

Will PVL send this year’s NRL GF to Suncorp again? Everyone is waiting for this decision. A decision will be made this afternoon. If the GF does get moved, tickets to the GF at Suncorp will sell out very quickly indeed!

It will also be last game the Roosters play at the SCG for quite some time as the next home game for them will be 2nd September at the new Allianz stadium. Hopefully Teddy goes massive for owners on Saturday night. Good luck to all, enjoy all the footy this coming weekend and ask the question to your friends and family: R U OK.


Another North Queenslander, LayK's roots lie in Townsville but unlike the Cows recently, is charging up the (SuperCoach) ladder.

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I know you have mentioned Teddy for the C role….but what about Manu? Could he go just as large against the tiggers?


Same thought but I think I will stay with Teddy.

Do either get a rest if the score mounts ?


Teddy possibly which would mean Manu going to fullback….


Shane’s brother Shaun is worthy of a VC shout too.


Thanks good write up:

 I was going to ask (V) Munster & (C) Teddy but you seem to have confirmed this. (Teddy or Manu is also a coin toss).

The other option was likely (V) Latrel and (C) Manu.

Not so sure about Hynes I am not sure you can count on so many suspicious Unicorns again 

The Duke

Dean, as this might be my last week on here, I just wanted to thank you for your efforts this year. You have steered me well on many occasions.