Deanie’s Captains’ Calls – Round 20

I shouted out the right player choices in last weeks article. Teddy, Val, Latrell, all played super. Cleary had a quiet game for owners. Saab went back to Saab like things like we all expect from the gazelle. Bloody awful he was. This week will keep the selections to a minimum but we have one clear captain choice that stands out above the rest and 33% of owners no doubt will be putting the captain’s badge on him. Lets find out who it is.


James Tedesco
Posted his highest score so far in season 2022 with a 152 against the Knights. With the week Manly have had, Teddy and his Roosters will run riot and this game will be bloodbath. Will Manly show any pride in tonight’s game? For the devoted Manly fans, they will be hoping but I don’t see any sort of pride tonight. Whether it’s as VC or as captain, all aboard Teddy tonight and lock in mass points.


Cameron Munster
He was talking himself up before the game last week, however Munster didn’t really set himself alight neither did his other teammates. This week, expecting Munster to bounce back and dominate the Warriors on Friday night. In round seven, Munster went for a 110-point game. Cannot see why Munster can’t go for 110 plus for owners here.

Matt Burton
Was scintillating for owners last week against an absolutely woeful Titans team and posted a 126-point game. His highest score in SuperCoach this season. On Sunday, he is up against another woeful team in the Knights. Will dominate the middle and lay off try assist to Addo-Carr for fun. Bulldogs will win here comfortably, and owners see another consecutive 100-point game from Burton.


Corey Oates
I named him several weeks ago, however he was scratching in the game from memory. The Broncos are up and about at present, and Oates is and will be a major beneficiary for scoring points on Saturday night. His scoring average for a CTW is elite. I am surprised why he is only owned by 5% of teams and Kotoni Staggs is owned by 17% of teams. Oates is averaging eight points more a game! I cannot see why he doesn’t lay down three tries and post his second 100-point game for the season.


Nathan Cleary
Going again on Cleary this week. Parra beat them in round 9 and Cleary posted a score of 40. It’s fair to say it appears he is struggling a bit at present. Happy to name the big dog an avoid in consecutive weeks.

Deanie’s Bold Selection

We will do anytime SGM multi in the Roosters v Sea Eagles game. Tedesco, Manu, Tupou, Crichton anytime try-scorers, Roosters 19+ = $18.25. Hopefully I hit one of these multi’s by season’s end!

Some interesting games of footy over the upcoming round. I will be a keen observer on how the Tigers rebound after the incident in the Cowboy’s game last Sunday. Let’s face it they were robbed of winning the game but anyways we all move on. The other game of interest is the Eels v Panthers game. The Eels are just so up and down at present. Will the Eels be in the mindset of bringing their best footy? Again, we will all find out and see. Enjoy all the games this round.


Another North Queenslander, LayK's roots lie in Townsville but unlike the Cows recently, is charging up the (SuperCoach) ladder.

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The Duke

Thanks Dean.The VC/Captain conundrum of whom to pick on field at 5/8th. If I pick Munster it’s a VC and if I pick Burton its Captain.


Great write up again Dean.

I have more faith in Burton than I do Munster given their (Storm) form and lineup.

Anyone and everyone who has Teddy has to either VC or outright C him this week.

The Duke

Then the VC goes on Hynes and the C goes on Burton.


Beware I have the “C” on Munster and hope for my 3rd decent captain score of the season. My “C” Jinx is well outdoing the site Picture curse. i.e I captained Pappy 3 times for 40 scores, Captained Teddy for 2 X 40 captained both Grant and Cleary for 40’s and got Hynes for a upgraded 50. Dismal: Teddy 32 Pappy 51 Teddy 64 Teddy 88 Pappy 39 Teddy 57 Grant 80 Cleary 88 Cleary 40 Hynes 50 Hynes 82 Cleary 58 Manu 130 Hynes 61 Cleary 103 Cleary 82 Papalii 90 Pappy 34 Cleary 68 – yes I know… Read more »

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