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Cumberland oval

Hi new to this site, would like some advice. Cook-havilli
Tupou,jcroker,cthompson,Katoa. 3 nuffs


Hey Cumberland. Try re-posting in “Pimp my Team”. You will get a much better response there.

sam the squirrel

How do I get my comments off moderation


Wenin are you setting up a SC Talk AFL league again this year

Sams seals

Apparently im a “Hacker” and cant comment anymore?


Hi Guys, I’m waiting for my email address to be updated.

Seagles One

Is it true that Tamou got fined for dropping his knee into the head of Dylan Walker, Tamou would know Walker had just returned to playing after having his jaw broken by Curtis Scott, who only got 2 weeks for breaking Walker’s jaw, the NRL is a joke, talk about player welfare not if your Dylan Walker.


When does the 2019 SC kick off and when will we have access to what players costs and which ones are DPP?


Seems that I read that tweet wrong mate. Thought it was an answer to a SC question, but in fact was aimed at BBL. my apologies.


Hi, will there be a pre-season draft podcast this year, the draft version podcast where a non event last season, will it be the same this year?
take care


Hey mate – not sure, that’s up to the draft guys.


the talk feed seems to be not moving for the last 24hours,am i correct in assuming something is amiss or is it just my pc?


I can’t seem to post? It says it’s waiting to be moderated but then never shows up. Have tried a few times now.


Having the same issue..


Whats ya Projected totals peeps, throw em up with your El Capitan. Mine is 971 with big FIFI (c)


Thanks to the bunnies I got 1209 projected. Still three days for it all to come crashing down


First year playing SC After last season giving NrlFantasy a crack
Would appreciate some feedback on strategy this early in the season in regards to making cash, and getting players that consistently score well
Am I allowed to post my team up to get feedback on what I am doing right & wrong?


Zac Lomax has broken his thumb,surgery tomorrow


Need to pick one
JFH, Murray, Marty

CQ Bulldog

I’m not sure I’ve seen a cook / smith hooker combo. Aren’t they a lock in for the season every time? Isn’t it the same as a turbo/teddy no brainer? Can you help me see what I’ve missed? I don’t get it.


with the lack of cheapies, lots of people opting to go for brailey/cook or brailey/api in the hookers to free up money for the guns in flb and 2rf.


Can you please open TRADE TALK – ROUND 2 – this thread still being round 1 is doing my head in


Bloody Siebold hasn’t got a clue! Milford is not a 5-8 and never has been, He is a FB. He should be sniffing around the tired forwards and running off the halves. Milford at FB = Katoni nightmare for opposition.


why does it take so long for my comment to get approved?

(Sorry the mods aren’t on 24/7 to check pending comments. Be thankful we’ve even allowed you back on here with this new account after last week)


I have really enjoyed your site over the years however father time has said its time for me to go.
Thanks and all the best for the future


Hey guys, just wondering what the delay is on approval of my reply 1044772? It’s probs that you aren’t here every minute of the day, but other people have been commenting at the same time. Hope I’m not on the ‘dangerous’ list? Hahaha! See you round anyway – you’re doing a really good job! 😉