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gents my leigh major my wife pay that u put the book I thought it would sent to my houyse not email here card was master card account name was linh t lam it was after 3pm before 8pm that day u lanched please check ur records I will if need but I have put 100 on pre card to do it & I only want this book im pretty bad with comp my writing is even wores let me know replay to




RIP english dictionary


Hi GUys: I had so much trouble logging on this year 🙁 Im wondering if I can please get into a couple of the stronger leagues,. I played last year and was averaging over 1000. It sucked playing in such low leagues. I really want to be challenged. Just finished Bb sc and came 520.


there seems to be two tigers for life ??


last year I felt if I got to a 1000 was doing well. lol this year 1250 is the new normal. Although captaining Surges this week and not getting Munster has hurt. 3 times this year I have killed a Captian. Carty Gal and Now Surgess. this year some how I manage to win 9 out of ten leagues every week. This week I have managed to lose 10/10 had to run out of luck eventually. What’s annoying is I was going to Captian Surgess and have won all of them by taking risks. Now ive got to ranking 1100… Read more »


Hi I don’t have twitter so trying to contact you re: not being able to get on chat now fort 3 weeks. Im in most of the big leagues and havnt been able to get on and chat with the boys. I know there are two tigers4life. Im in Winfield cup., Tedesco league,. Milf, cartwright and 6 other good leagues. But ive tried every thing but can not get on. Ive logged of and on repeatedly. My passwords right ?? cant someone please contact me ? Do I leave email ??


hey guys, live chat wont open for me? this comes up “Too many simultaneous requests! Please retry in a minute. (We’re adding capacity as quickly as possible)” … any ideas whats wrong?? im using google chrome..


It’s down for me too AG. Must be the live chat site itself experiencing issues.


I had to re register it said. But then came on just then and allowed me to use last years Handle and password. Looking forward to challenge this year. My team average is 971. Is this on par with others.


Hi mate if ur interested i setup a serious H2H league message me on 0432592597. Only serious supercoach competitors


dam didn’t see that msg mate will keep it for next year. I would have joined your league. My sons and I all play Sc. All of us are doing well. One son is ranked 380 I think I am around 1150 and the other in his first year is on 6k really wanted to get him in more leagues. Is it to late for him to join other leagues that are not full. he is only playing in one unlike his dad and brother who are in ten leagues. We didn’t know he was going to take it as… Read more »


Im having same trouble is annoying me.

Stay Classy BRAH

Just wondering why I was banned from livechat. Not a lurker…

Keen to have a chat 😉


I think you’re right to go.


Hey Fitzy mines not working either mate ?

Stay Classy BRAH

cheers 😉


Hi guys first time here just want to say my son is an Eels supporter and I am Tigers supporter through and through your thoughts on Mondays game. I’m naturally going for the tiges what your input guys.


Hey mate, welcome to the site. Don't think many visit this section to talk footy so I'd suggest posting in the weekly trade talk article;

As for the game, think the Tigers might struggle with Farah and Tedesco missing out and the Eels are on a high after last weeks win. Should be a good match though, both teams forwards run and tackle without a care for their body!


just posted a comment on trade talk, Comment is now awaiting moderation. This is not something i have come across before on this site has the site changed or is it me.


+ 1 Never seen it before either till just now also


Why would you ban me for talk? I was just about to sympathise with Corrie about Liverpool not winning the league?

charlie romana


Firstly, great work on the site. Really enjoying interacting with fellow SC nuts. Just 1 question. How do I change my profile picture? I tried to access my profile but it says only admin can use. I am on an iPhone so I might try on laptop. Cheers guys and thanks again for all the good work


Go over to and sign up using the same email as you use on this site, should get you up and running.

charlie romana

Thanks fitzy. I only just remembered I asked that

charlie romana

There we go. That’s better. Cheers mate

charlie romana

Hey guys,

You reckon we can get a big bash thread? I'd like to talk about some players and I think there would be some decent traffic.

Just a suggestion

Cheers guys


Any reason my post of 7.39 is awaiting moderation?


I think the ISP address your post came from was probably the same as one flagged for moderation – it happens sometimes…

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