Club Preview – Sydney Roosters

2018 couldn’t have gone any better for the Roosters, winning the Premiership and playing some awesome footy throughout the season. Coming into 2019, they are very much looking like the team to beat again, and will no doubt have a great attack which should lead to some very good SuperCoach scoring.

They have lost Ryan Matterson, Blake Ferguson and Dylan Napa, who are replaced by Angus Crichton, Brett Morris and a bunch of younger players who will all look to make their mark on the NRL this year, noting that Napa was used sparingly in the second half of the 2018 season.

From a SuperCoach perspective, the Roosters are a very settled team, which means that they are unlikely to provide too many value players with big upside. However, they have several Guns who are worth considering, and a couple of smokies as well – all is revealed below.

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Gains: Egan Butcher (2019), Angus Crichton (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2021), Craig Garvey (Canberra Raiders, 2019), Ryan Hall (Leeds Rhinos, 2020), Brock Lamb (Newcastle Knights, 2019), Brett Morris (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 2020)

Losses: Kurt Baptiste (North Queensland Cowboys), Mitch Cornish (retired), Blake Ferguson (Parramatta Eels), Grant Garvey (released), Dean Matterson (released), Ryan Matterson (Wests Tigers), Paul Momirovski (Wests Tigers), Dylan Napa (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Frank-Paul Nu’uausala (retired), Sean O’Sullivan (Brisbane Broncos), Chris Smith (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Eloni Vunakece (retired)

Crichton is a huge in and will play significant minutes in the back row as an upgrade on Matterson who has moved on. Napa has gone to the Bulldogs in an insignificant move as he was playing far reduced minutes late last year anyways. The rest of the side is fairly settled from 2018, and as such, they should be one of the best attacking teams in the comp again in 2019.



1 James Tedesco 2. Daniel Tupou 3. Joseph Manu 4. Latrell Mitchell 5. Brett Morris 6. Luke Keary 7. Cooper Cronk 8. Jared Waerea-Haregreaves 9. Jake Friend 10. Sio Siua Taukeiaho 11. Boyd Cordner 12. Angus Crichton 13. Victor Radley 14. Isaac Liu 15. Lindsay Collins / Nat Butcher 16. Zane Tetevano 17. Mitchell Aubusson

There are guns galore in this side – but no SuperCoach cheapies. We are going to have to look for some mid-pricers to provide the value picks from the Roosters in 2019 – the likes of Manu and Radley jump to mind, alongside the guns of Tedesco and Crichton.



Teams they play twice: Souths, Broncos, Sharks, Storm, Dragons, Tigers, Raiders, Knights

Teams they play once:  Manly, Eels, Panthers, Bulldogs, Cowboys, Warriors, Titans

First five games: Souths, Manly (A), Eels (A), Broncos, Sharks (A)

A couple of nice games here in the first three weeks against Manly and the Eels, sandwiched between some tougher games against top 8 sides. After finishing 1st last year it looks like the NRL has given them a tougher draw this year, as they play Manly, Eels, Bulldogs, Warriors and Titans (all bottom 8 sides) only once each. The draw shouldn’t have a huge impact on the Roosters form a SuperCoach perspective this year.



James Tedesco ($689,000, FB, 2018 avg: 73.6, 2018 PPM: 0.93)

Mega Guide Rating – A

With Kalyn Ponga now available at 5/8th, James Tedesco will be close to a must-have from Round 1. A game breaker, a season maker and he is one of the best players in the competition, both in real life and from a SuperCoach perspective. He is very pricy but is worth every cent and a captain option every week.

Angus Crichton ($646,900, 2RF, 2018 avg: 69.1, 2018 PPM: 0.87)

Mega Guide Rating – A

Backed up a huge 2017 season with an even better one in 2018, averaging 0.5 PPG more in 2018. Joins the Roosters in 2019 and will be the pillar of their back-row throughout the season, and likely be selected for NSW again in the Origin series. There’s no problem selecting him as one of your premium options, although he did start slow last year, averaging only 57 in the first 5 weeks. If this happens again, you could pick him up for $50k cheaper in Round 6 or so (maybe).

Latrell Mitchell ($595,000, CTW, 2018 avg: 63.6, 2018 PPM: 0.83)

Mega Guide Rating – B

One of the breakout stars in 2018, it really comes down to a matter of price this year and whether or not you are willing to back him in to average 63 PPG or more again in 2019. He is likely to be one of the top CTW options, but there could be some slight regression potential here. He kicked 90 goals last year and scored 17 tries, so presuming he retains the kicking duties he should be on for another 60+ average season. Overall, there may be some small downside but he will still be one of the top CTWs in 2019, and it is fun owning him.


Victor Radley ($400,700, 2RF / HOK, 2018 avg: 42.8, 2018 PPM: 0.97)

Mega Guide Rating – B

Victor Radley steps into the minutes vacated by Ryan Matterson, and should see a significant increase in minutes over and above the 44 MPG that he averaged last year. He’s predicted at around 55+ MPG, potentially increasing even further above that. Boyd Cordner and Angus Crichton will demand big minutes also, so it will be a question of how many minutes does Jake Friend get rested for, and will Cordner’s minutes be managed slightly. Hopefully, pre-season will tell all, but Radley is one to keep an eye on for sure. Dual 2RF / HOK – don’t forget that he could be an option as your 2nd (or even first) HOK.

Joseph Manu ($410,500, CTW, 2018 avg: 43.9, 2018 PPM: 0.56)

Mega Guide Rating – B

Which Joseph Manu are we going to get in 2019? The one who averaged 34 PPG in the first 15 weeks, or the one who averaged 62 PPG in his final 8 games and 67 in his last 3? From Round 7 to 12 he played on the wing and averaged only 37 during this time, with a season average of 46 when playing at centre.  He will play centre in 2019 and as such there could be some upside here – he is worth consideration as your 3rd or 4th CTW, in what should be one of the top attacking teams again in 2019.

Brett Morris ($375,100, CTW, 2018 avg: 40.1, 2018 PPM: 0.52)

Mega Guide Rating – C

Wait – what!?!? Not this sh*t again mate. Hang on, just hear me out – did you even watch the World Club Challenge…. Brett Morris joins the Roosters to fill the void left by the departure of Blake Ferguson – and we all know how good he was for SuperCoach owners last season. Priced at only a 40 PPG average, surely there is upside here for Morris playing in such a strong attacking team. He will get some great finishing opportunities, and the ability to go looking for the dirty work that Latrell Mitchell doesn’t want to do. He is a bit of a left-field selection, hopefully with some upside. Have you got the kahunas to select him?



Boyd Cordner ($523,100, 2RF, 2018 avg: 55.9, 2018 PPM: 0.73)

Mega Guide Rating – C

Missed a few games in the middle of the 2018 season due to rep commitments, niggles and required rest, although when he did play he played big minutes, averaging 77 MPG. His PPM dropped from 0.81 to 0.73 from 2017 to 2018, which in turn decreased his average by 7 points. Some might say he is under-valued coming into 2019, although it’s more likely that he is on the downhill slope. Those minutes could decrease even further as the young backrowers at the Roosters continue to develop, along with the arrival of Angus Crichton who will play 80 minutes every week.



Hard to find a cheapie amongst this star-studded lot, but potentially Ryan Hall ($316,000) might be an option when he returns from an ACL injury if he can jag a starting spot on the Wing due to form or injury. At this price though he is not overly enticing, and there should be sub $200k CTW’s available that can do the same job for your team

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Site co-founder and all round SC tragic, Nick no longer writes too much these days but hosts the SC Report each week and looks after most of the site administration.

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    DCE2011 (@dce2011)
    1 year ago

    Nice write-up, Nick. The usual suspects (Teddy, Angus, Latrell) will end up in many teams, but Morris is an interesting one (he’ll certainly score more tries this year).

    WeninRome (@weninrome)
    1 year ago

    B Moz was always going to get a mention…. 🙂

    Hitro Okesene
    Hitro Okesene (@antonposa)
    1 year ago

    Ahem… Warriors were not a bottom 8 side last year. Come on bro, don’t lose the faith!
    Great article again mate. Got me thinking about a couple of options.

    Spitty (@seaobrie)
    1 year ago

    Whoever gets right wing on this team is in for a big year. Look at what Fergo did last year and Nofo the 2 years before that. Then compare that to what they did without Teddy. If that’s Morris all the better, but it might be worth parting with the extra cash for Tupou if he gets it.

    Mate Ma'a Horse *neighs*
    Mate Ma'a Horse *neighs* (@nrlsupercoach00)
    Reply to  Spitty
    1 year ago


    AJW (@ajw)
    1 year ago

    Nice write-up Nick. You guys are certainly putting in the hard yards this pre-season! Roosters are very tempting to pluck a few guns from, as you said (like getting your groceries from David Jones’, rather than Woolies!). We’ll have to wait and see how people like Manu and Morris go, in the trial against Manly. Hey mate, by the way, when does your personal podcast start? How do we pick it up? Anyway, see you round, one and all!

    The Anchorman
    The Anchorman (@lucky-dave)
    1 year ago

    Thanks Nick. Great write up as usual.

    Thoughts on Luke Keary ?

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