Cheapie ChitChat – Round 9

To TASS or not to TASS, that is a bloody good question! If you’re like me and still searching for Cleary money or just looking for the right downgrade options for your cows now that many are maturing, choosing the right cheapie is definitely proving harder and harder. I can’t remember a year where team line ups are changing so much from week to week. This week I dive into the options available to free up your hard-earned cash.

A Dream Debut For Isaiah Tass - YouTube
SuperCoaches are rallying around Tass

ISAIAH TASS CTW $175,400 BE -69

He looks as though he has kept his spot, for this week at least. Being first game this week have the luxury of waiting before we pull the trigger, he is certainly looking like a must have though. A perfect downgrade for players like Penisini ($462K | BE 33) who looks to have peaked and doesn’t play the first bye round. Other options include both Tago ($465K | BE 71) and May ($526K | BE 74) however they both play round 13 so are probably worth holding onto despite the risk they drop a little coin in the coming weeks. Tass is my buy of the round.


A popular cheapie at the start of the year, Burbo is named to start in the centres as cover for the injured Brad Parker who looks to be out for at least 4 weeks. This will be his 2nd game so he isn’t a must have this week but he most likely will next week if he holds his spot. The beauty of Burbo is his dual position status, allows you to look at both him and Tass as cheapie options. Players you can target to cash in could be the players like Tuilagi ($322K | BE 12), still has a little cash to make but its only dribbling in or perhaps a player like Wilton ($478K | BE 54) who doesn’t play R13 and could be at risk of losing more minutes to Wade Graham. The concern is Morgan Harper on the extended reserves list although I think Harper is destined to spend the rest of the year in NSW Cup. If he can have a decent week this week then it’s his spot to lose. I’d wait a week personally but if you desperately need the cash then it won’t be the worst decision you’ll make this year. The unknown is what happens when Parker is back.


Those of you who stayed strong and kept Vailea will get a small reward this week, hopefully he can jag a try (with a line break this week) and punch out a 40-50 which will see him earn a few price rises over the coming weeks but the Warriors do look terrible at the moment so he could end up with a sub 20. Keep in mind his last week’s score of 34 included a try. At only $205K, non-owners could bring him in as a downgrade option but buyer beware, he may be an AE nightmare but stranger things have happened and he may just get better each week. Tass is a better option though.

WILL SMITH 5/8|HOK $283,100 BE 24

I can’t believe that I’m still looking at him, I guess when you are equal last after 8 rounds, you’ll try anything. If the Titans can jag a win perhaps, he keeps his spot in the halves but with both Isaako and Campbell listed in the reserves it would take a brave man to bring him in. Randall has peaked and doesn’t play R13 so many coaches will be looking to move him on, perhaps Smith is your man, banks you $150K and you’d think he starts R13 with Brimson most likely playing origin but what do you do with him then? You’ll have to burn another trade. I can’t bring myself to pull that trigger with some better options below.


Perhaps a better option than Smith but still doesn’t give me much confidence. Played 42 mins last week for a score of 56 so on the surface that is great but who knows if he keeps similar minutes this week and beyond, I guess having Paulo on the bench will help his minutes. As a downgrade option for Randall, it’s not the worst option but he doesn’t play R13 so he is only a cash grab for now and will also cost a second trade should his minutes drop again and become an AE nightmare.

What a story for this bloke!

TE MAIRE MARTIN FLB | 5/8 $205,100 BE -22

Punched out a 51 last week which sets him up to make some cash for the next few weeks. By this stage you probably have your 5/8’s and FLB’s set but if you don’t then Te Maire could be a nice play, perhaps a stepping stone to a gun. He doesn’t play round 13 and doesn’t look like a season long keeper however if he can average 55+ over the next few weeks he will make you close to $200K so definitely food for thought. 49% of Coaches still have Ilias, perhaps at HLF, but if not then here is a chance to get him out of your team and make some cash. Any Keary or Walker owners out there reading this?

BILLY WALTERS 5/8|HOK $236,400 BE 21

I don’t like this option personally but he’s an option none the less. Just like Havili, his scores are too up and down to be able to play him so keeping Randall is looking like a better option unless desperate for cash and you have exhausted all the other cheapie options. At least Randall gives you a player for the second bye round and who knows if another cheapie emerges by then.


It’s still not too late to pick up Koula, but do you really want him at the moment? His score of 29 last week doesn’t give you too much confidence but he may just benefit from Turbo coming back plus Saab being injured. I can see him being the man to be backing up the Turbo line breaks and scoring a few tries. Plus, he has the added benefit of playing R13. He is already owned by 47% so perhaps you already have him but if you don’t then he could be an option. I’d wait another week and concentrate on other trades mentioned above.

TALATAU AMONE 5/8|CTW $216,600 BE 12

Played 77 mins for 36 points. I had such hi hopes for Amone but geez he has been a real disappointment. Again, he has been named on the bench with Bird named at 5/8, probably goes along the same line as last week and Bird is scratched and he is moved to the starting side. I did like what I saw from Jayden Sullivan though so he could be a smokey to play 5/8 and Amone stays on the bench, it’s a long shot but worth keeping in the back of your mind. Owners are praying for a miracle but it doesn’t look likely, I suggest you look elsewhere for downgrade options.


With Saab injuring his toe and out for 3-4 weeks CT looks a real viable option now despite his $69K increase in price from last week. He may even keep Saab out if he keeps playing the way he is and Manly start winning. Probably one of the better downgrade options (unless you need stacks of cash) as you can play him on match-ups plus he will play R13 regardless of Saab’s injury as Turbo will play origin which will push Garrick back to FLB. Set to bank us some nice cash this is the downgrade option I really like for a player like Penisini, it won’t bank you as much cash as bringing in Tass from the downgrade but he will be a great stepping stone to a gun. Ideally you would bring in both Tass and CT. You may be put off by his price rise however if he averages 50 then he banks us another $150K+ and with Turbo back who knows what he scores.

There’s still time to get Suaalii


Just like Tuipulotu, Suaalii is a real option to bring in, still has a negative break even and is good enough to feature in your 17. I get it, he’s not bottom dollar but he will still make money, plays R13 and again is a stepping stone to your gun of choice around 15 or so where he will be somewhere around the $500K mark. He was a pinky toe away from scoring a 70 odd last week and looks to be getting better and better.

DAEJARN ASI 5/8|CTW $242,700 BE 1

Played his first game last week, scored 50 and looked pretty good. the upside is that he is available in the CTW and for guy playing 5/8th that is fantastic, however his downside is his job security. he is covering CHT who is out for 3-4 weeks after he copped one in the nuts so he’s a quick cash grab at best and you have the luxury of watching for another week. Tread carefully or you may have a NNP before you know it.

Phill Mansfield

A Chocolate Soldier through and through who has a son that supports Manly, Phill is still wondering where he went wrong

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Thanks Phill.


Another cracking article, thanks Phill!


If you already have Suaalii, Vailea and Koula is it worth picking up Tass or Tuipulotu

Other CTW are Tupou, Coates, Staggs, May (Tago in 2RF). I would be trading out May.

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TU: Tui
TD: Suaalii

Marks Wood

How about Alex Seyfarth

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