Cheapie ChitChat – Round 6

Still looking to find the perfect balance in your team? Need to free up some cash? In this week’s article I discuss which cheapies to sell, which one’s to hold and whether any of the latest cheapies are worth trading in.

Tago double helps Panthers past Mounties - Panthers



2RF / CTW – STARTING PRICE $287,900 – OWNERSHIP 72% – AVG 67.4 – RATING 10/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$216,800 – BE 45

Tago is the 6th highest averaging CTW (not including players that have only played 1 game) so on that stat alone he is a season long keeper. However, if you are playing for the overall prize then you may want to consider your options as he is owned by 72% of Coaches so he isn’t going to assist you in moving up the ranks. One possible play would be to trade him out for a POD player like Manu, Gagai or Sione Katoa. With a breakeven of 45 this week, his money-making ability has somewhat halted until he goes large again so this week could be just the week to upgrade him to Manu who has a -14 breakeven and has a few nice match ups against the Warriors, Dragons and Bulldogs. Plus, as an added bonus, he also plays the first bye round.


FRF / 2RF – STARTING PRICE $255,800 – OWNERSHIP 40% – AVG 60.4 – RATING 8/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$199,700 – BE 20

It took a few weeks for everyone to jump on King and he hasn’t let us down. While he isn’t punching out massive scores, he is fairly consistent and he has been able to keep his starting position which has helped him to get consistent minutes. He certainly isn’t a season long keeper however he still has some more cash to make. While he doesn’t play in the first bye round (Rd13) he is worth keeping for the second bye round, by then he will be close to $600K and easily upgraded to an inform gun for the run home.


FRF – STARTING PRICE $188,700 – OWNERSHIP 47% – AVG 47.4 – RATING 6/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$128,800 – BE 8

Last week I said that you have missed the boat with King as a buy, despite his low breakeven I stand by that comment. However, if you own him, he is still worth holding onto, especially if he can continue to punch out 45+ each week as he still has another $70K – $80K to make us. Given he plays the first bye round he is worth holding onto until round 14 then look to upgrade him or cash him in for another cheapie should one present itself.


HOK – STARTING PRICE $245,500 – OWNERSHIP 54% – AVG 43.6 – RATING 4/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$82,900 – BE -2

Randall has been somewhat disappointing to start the season. With exception to his round 4 score of 62 he only managed to average 39 so his time is limited. He doesn’t play the first bye round so no need to keep him around for too much longer but a couple more weeks would be the plan given his low breakeven of -2. He is another one of those cheapies that hasn’t quite grown enough to upgrade so you will need some cash to upgrade him unless you are willing to take a punt on someone like Reuben Cotter who is $100K more expensive but does give you some upside as you can play him in your 17 providing, he keeps his minutes.


HFB – STARTING PRICE $188,700 – OWNERSHIP 43% – AVG 56.8 – RATING 6/10VALUE CHANGE +$148,400 – BE 5

I think you have missed the boat on Schneider if you are a non-owner despite his low breakeven of 5 however if you are desperately trying to get rid of an expensive player who is dropping cash then he could still make you another $80 – $100K. He is worth holding onto until after round 13 even if Fogarty comes back as you would expect Wighton to be in the mix for Origin again this year.


CTW – STARTING PRICE $255,700 – OWNERSHIP 56% – AVG 46 – RATING 6/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$89,400 – BE -3

Hasn’t quite given us what we were hoping however he still has some money to make. He has a breakeven of -3 but he will need some decent scores to continue to grow fast enough to keep him but he is worth holding onto given his next 3 games are against the Tigers, Knights and Cowboys.



5/8 / HFB – STARTING PRICE $205,200 – OWNERSHIP 56% – AVG 34 – RATING 4/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$70,400 – BE -6

After a slow start, Ilias has started to make us money. If you have held onto him this far then with a breakeven of -6, he is worth holding onto for a few more weeks. He is starting to look half decent but you would want to start planning on what you are going to do with him as he is talking up a slot in your halves. He doesn’t play in the first bye round so he probably isn’t worth keeping for too many more weeks. If he keeps punching out 40’s then he has about 3-4 weeks left of reasonable increases but he will still be $350K so it will take a far chunk of cash to upgrade him. He could be worth trading out next week for Taaffe and bank to $100K.


2RF – STARTING PRICE $253,900 – OWNERSHIP 44% – AVG 36 – RATING 4/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$27,100 – BE 24

If he could stay on the field for the full 80mins he would be worth holding onto but until then he is worth trading out should another cheapie become available in 2RF. He is slowly making some cash but geez what a punish it is to watch. He is probably a touch cheap to upgrade (unless you have the cash) so a downgrade looks the play here. Brodie Jones could be an option however some would say that’s a bit of a sideways trade (time will tell) however Jones did average just over 50 last year when on the edge which would see him make over $160K. Food for thought.


FRF – STARTING PRICE $175,400 – OWNERSHIP 11% – AVG 32.2 – RATING 4/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$85,600 – BE 19

Thompson has been kind to the 11% of owners, he still has some cash to make but he doesn’t play in the first bye round. Look to cash him in when he soon tops out.



FLB / HFB – STARTING PRICE $210,400 – OWNERSHIP 13% – AVG 39 – RATING 4/10

Taaffe has only played 1 round so you can afford to wait and see for another week however we know how he plays and providing he stays fit he is a good option to free up some cash and make a little on the side as well. He has limited weeks but 7-8 weeks is enough to make $200K+ if he can average 40+. The key issue with Taaffe is his positioning, both HFB and FLB are key positions. If you missed out on Schneider then he is definitely an option, however don’t be afraid to go Schneider to Taaffe after this round if Taaffe gets a decent score. You can’t have them all but you don’t always have to milk them till their dry either however Schneider should be around a little longer than Taaffe.


CTW / FLB – STARTING PRICE $175,400 – OWNERSHIP 37% – AVG 31.5 – RATING 4/10 – BE -7

Finally looks as though he will play his 3rd game and start making his patient owners some cash. He has a breakeven of -7 so he should make $30K – $40K this week however he does have his first-round score of 4 still in his rolling average so his big money-making week the following week should he be named and score somewhat decent this round. If you need to fix other areas up then you can wait another week to see whether he gets named however if you need cash then he is worth the risk as he is only an injury away from playing.


5/8 | HFB – STARTING PRICE $205,100 – OWNERSHIP 4% – AVG 36.3 – RATING 2/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$32,400 – BE 30

Named on the bench this week, Madden is a no go this week unless Madge changes things up during the week.



CTW / 5/8 – STARTING PRICE $284,500 – OWNERSHIP 18.9% – AVG 23.8 – RATING 1/10 – VALUE CHANGE -$47,600 – BE 46

If you don’t already own someone like Koula then this week should be the week that you pull the pin and cut your losses, otherwise you may as well keep him until he forces his way back into the starting side, who knows he may just come back a better.


2RF / FRF – STARTING PRICE $280,000 – OWNERSHIP 29% – AVG 31.3 – RATING 1/10 – VALUE CHANGE +$3,600BE 58

Probably the most disappointing cheapie this year, he is definitely a sell when a cheapie becomes available in either FRF or 2RF, there’s no point wasting $100K on the bench.

Phill Mansfield

A Chocolate Soldier through and through who has a son that supports Manly, Phill is still wondering where he went wrong

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I was genuinely surprised that Taylan May’s ownership is only 54.5% given his massive negative BE going into R3. What are the 45.5% of coaches who didn’t bring him in last week thinking?

The Pretender

“What’s my SC password again? Ah well, I will try again next year.”


Ghost teams


Great piece here Phil

The Pretender

Wonderful piece Phil. Only comment would be Josh King – lots of attacking stats the past 3 weeks, are these sustainable? My gut says no and that he will average 45-52 and not go past 480k.

A fine hold, and definitely playable, but in my eyes an upgrade option soon for one of the gun 2RF/FRF’s.


Agreed. With hindsight I wish I had bought him. But if I did have him I’d be counting myself lucky and his slaughter/upgrade would be imminent.


Great write up Phil…much chance of Alec MacDonald coming back? Probably needs an injury or to displace Tepai Moeroa


Any word on Jack Howarth? Was touted up pre-season but hasn’t seen any action.


Probably won’t be seen this season. Melbourne like to give their hot prospects long apprenticeships in reserve grade.


No mention of Jones? or is he too expensive to be considered a cheapy?


Another great effort Phil!

Keeping Tuilagi around for the time being as well, surely he (and the Tigers) are due some luck.

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