Cheapie ChitChat – Round 16

Cheapies are far from being cash generating machines at this time of the year, the ability to bring them in for 6-7 weeks and then cash them out has passed us. They are now a means to cash in our astute (or not so) purchases from earlier in the season. Whether they stick around is irrelevant now, just as long as they don’t score miserably sitting on our bench. Each coach may need a different cheapie depending on who they are trading out, the make-up of their team and what they need from their cheapie. Sounds like it’s almost the start of the Nuff season, so let’s take a look at the best Nuffs for the run home.


While selected to play this week, Anderson is technically not a nuff however with Pappy named in the reserves he may be the man to make way. I’m hearing differing reports on who is in favour between himself and Ieremai so if he somehow keeps his spot over Ieremai then that’s just a bonus, especially for the Rd17 bye round. Coates also has to slot in somewhere when he’s fit as well. While his base isn’t that great, he is on the wing of the 2nd best team in the comp so his scores should be good enough, if he keeps scoring tries that is, not to upset any loophole options or in case of an unexpected AE. His -54 breakeven is certainly tempting coaches, whether you have enough trades to get him out again is another question but certainly he is one of the better choices if you think he will keep his spot. If he doesn’t keep his spot, he shouldn’t appear on the bench so he become a nuff so happy days, albeit not one of the best nuffs you could land. For me personally, I prefer a dual CTW/2RF nuff plus someone who plays later on in the round each week, preferably a Sunday or last Sat game. Anderson doesn’t give you much flexibility to move your team around to cover injuries and with the popularity of other CTW/2RF players like Tago, Talakai, Fermor & Aitken, having another one to assist in moving these guys around seems a better play. Considering the Storm play 4 x Thursday games and 4 x Friday games in the last 10 rounds, the likelihood of being able to use Anderson as a loophole is extremely slim so for these reasons it’s a no deal from me unless he wins the wing spot.


A very popular early season cheapie, Momoisea certainly didn’t live up to the hype or expectations that led him to be owned by over 23% of teams come round 11. The Knights have a glut of backrowers plus he has signed with the Eels for next year so it’s highly unlikely we will see him run on for the knights again this year. The Knights have 5 Sunday games plus 1 late Saturday game in the last 8 rounds so he is close to the ideal nuff. The other upside is his dual 2RF|FRF positioning, this allows players like Papali’i, Taumalolo, Tapine and Tino to be moved around depending on either match-ups or injuries/suspensions etc.

JOCK MADDEN HFB|5/8 $198,600

A slightly riskier option is Madden. He has played 8 games this year however it doesn’t look likely he will feature again unless there is an injury. A handy dual in the halves should you need to trade as he covers both positions especially. Not quite rock bottom but close enough. The Tigers play 5 Sunday games and 4 final Saturday games in the final 10 rounds so as a loophole option, the Tigers are close to the best team to have a nuff from. The biggest headache is that they do not have many bottom dollar DPP’s which makes you choose whether you need the DDP flexibility or whether you can gamble on a single position player. If you are prepared to opt for a single position, the Tigers’ have you covered in most positions with nuffs, Kei CTW, O’Kane 2RF, Dias FRF are all decent options as they are all highly unlikely to play so will make excellent loophole options.


STORM – As mentioned above, the Storm play 4 x Thursday night games and 4 x Friday night games which will essentially rule out most options as a loophole. Of their Friday night games, only 2 of them have decent options as a VC in the earlier games. Rounds 23 & R24 the Panthers play earlier which gives Cleary owners the option of a VC but all options are fairly slim.

EELS – Play 3 x Thursday night games, 4 x Friday night games (one of them 1st game) and 1 x first game on Saturday. There a very limited options for a VC in the games before them, only the Sharks R18 and Panthers R22 play before them who have decent options for a VC.

ROOSTERS – Play 2 x Thursday night games, 5 x Friday night games and 1 x first game of Saturday. 3 of their Friday night games do have some options playing before them (Sharks & Panthers) however both are difficult games against the Cowboys and Storm respectively.

MANLY – Play 2 x Thursday night games, 3 Friday night games and 1 x first game of Saturday. Again, very few options for a VC in the games before them. Panthers play once, Eels a couple of times and perhaps the Roosters but pretty slim pickings.

WARRIORS – They don’t play any Thursday night games however they do play 5 x Friday night and they are all the first game. They also play 3 x first game on Saturday. Like the teams above the options in the earlier games don’t warrant any Warriors being targeted as a nuff.


TIGERS – 4 x Sunday games plus 3 x last game Saturday. Easily the best options however they don’t have many DPP options.

KNIGHTS – 5 x Sunday games plus 1 x last game Saturday.

COWBOYS – 3 x Sunday games plus 2 x last game Saturday.

DRAGONS – 4 Sunday games plus 1 x last game Saturday.

Of course, having a nuff from one of the later games is one thing, you still need to have a player that you are willing to sacrifice during the course of the round should your VC go off so you can only plan so far. Good luck!

Phill Mansfield

A Chocolate Soldier through and through who has a son that supports Manly, Phill is still wondering where he went wrong

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Great article and very useful information re possible nuffs from teams playing late in each round.


how about broncos nuffs?


Nuff said