Cheapie ChitChat – Round 15

With trades now becoming a concern for most coaches, how much cash we can free up without sabotaging our team is becoming more critical as the weeks pass us by. A few more cheapies have emerged this week thanks to some untimely injuries but how do they fit into your team? We saw a couple play their first game which gives us a little glimpse of what to expect, but how safe are they? Only a small article this week so let’s have a look at the best options to consider as you start to finalise your teams.



There is nothing sweeter than a bottom dollar cheapie, well that’s what my dad always said…..not sure what he was referring to though. In his first game he looked pretty good, the million-dollar question is does he keep his spot when Pappy returns? Or does it really matter assuming you already have back up on your bench? What are the other options? If you bring in a safer cheapie option you will be spending $50+ more, if you need every cent then your options are limited to bringing in a nuff or speculate on a player like Anderson, who may turn out to be a nuff anyway. If he keeps his spot he will also give you round 17 bye coverage, however the one small concern is whether he ends up on the bench as a utility, but it’s only a small if though. I think he is worth trading in if you need the cash, especially if you are happy to simply nuff out one of your trades. At least that way you may get something out of him. There’s no rush though, he still has another week before his price changes. Now that Pappy has COVID we won’t know this week how the lineup changes upon his return so if you’re counting on him as a number for the bye round then perhaps wait a week. The Storm play the first match in round 16 which is an added bonus.

PAUL TURNER  5/8|CTW  $228,000 

$50K more expensive than Anderson but does have the added flexibility of being able to slot into 5/8 as well. You would assume that a 5/8 would have more opportunities to score points given the amount of time they touch it which makes Turner a viable option you could run on your bench as back up, however the Titans aren’t travelling that well and have a mixed draw coming up. Points may be hard to  come by for Turner whereas Anderson could score plenty of points being on the wing at the Storm. However, Turner does have some X factor about him so he could just be worth the extra coin. He scored 44 points in his club debut and should hold his spot for the next 6-7 weeks which means he could make $150K with some luck however given his X factor he may end up as the utility on the bench instead of carrying 2 hookers. Holbrook is under the pump so anything is possible.


KELMA TUILAGI  2RF  $277,800  AVG 34  BE 53

Tuilagi has tainted the mouths of most SC’rs already this season. He was one of the most popular early season cheapies but just couldn’t stay on the field for 80 mins. Now that Leilua has quit the Tigers, Tuilagi gets another chance and he may just be the downgrade option you are looking for in the 2RF position despite not being bottom dollar. He has spent the previous 3 weeks on the bench playing limited minutes which has impacted his average and he did hit a season high in value at close to $350K so assuming that he makes it through at least 60 mins per game, Tuilagi should average in the 40’s which also makes him an option as a back up if required. Not the worst option.


Definitely worth watching for the next 2 weeks but if the mail is right then he may be here to stay. He is certainly talented but will he be able to covert that into SC points each week. Given he is only listed as a HFB option, he is a little trickier to fit into your team especially considering Mam has just been traded into close to 40% of teams and is no doubt sitting in HLB for a lot of teams so realistically I can’t Volkman being relevant unless he goes nuts like Mam. Mind you, Mam is still a buy this week despite making us $137K last week.

Phill Mansfield

A Chocolate Soldier through and through who has a son that supports Manly, Phill is still wondering where he went wrong

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