Cheapie ChitChat – Round 11

It’s a fairly quiet week on the cheapie front this week, which is probably a good thing considering most of us are still licking our wounds from the Tass (36% ownership) and Burbo (44% ownership) trades over the previous few weeks. If you resisted those trades, my hat goes off to you, well played. This week is all about a risky POD move, a couple to watch and a stack to avoid.


TYRAN WISHART – 5/8|HOK – $216,300 – AVG 23.7 – BE -21

You can forgive his 29 against the reigning Premiers last week, in a team well beaten and where the highest Storm player was 58, 29 doesn’t seem that bad. He looks good at FLB and his old man was no slouch either. Definitely a risky option however Papy could be out for another 4-5 weeks which would see him rise close to $200K. Hamstrings are a tricky injury to overcome, especially in winter, just ask Turbo. Given he also injured his PCL, his rehab could be hampered and take a little longer. He doesn’t cover R13 but he is good enough to play in your 17 each week IMO while at FLB. You will have to sell him once he goes back to the bench so factor in two trades into your calculations. The Storm travel to Townsville this week where they will end the 5-game winning streak of the Cowboys where I can see Wishart being first try scorer plus scoring a double (currently $55 on SB), but remember to gamble responsibly.


ZAC WOOLFORD – HOK – $175,400

Punched out a 63 in his first match which included two TAs so it’s no wonder he has been named again to start this week. He was covering Elliott, who is back in the extended reserves, so worth watching how he is used this week by Sticky, if at all. He does cover the R13 bye round if you need another hooker but too risky to bring in this week. Tom Starling owners must be a little frustrated but that’s Sticky for you. Me personally I’ll be staying well clear of any of the Raiders forwards.

TRENT PEOPLES – 2RF – $175,400

Playing only his 2nd game this week, he is worth watching for another week to ascertain his job security. With Cam Murray & Jacob Host both out, Arrow is covering lock but with Havili on the bench, Arrow could well spend some time on the edge. Too many unknowns for my liking despite the fact that his first game was a ripper, punching out 68 in 63 minutes. Probably more about next year but time will tell so don’t jump the gun.


CODY RAMSEY – CTW|FLB – $246,200 – AVG 18 – BE 46

Despite being named at FLB this week and being available in the CTW position, Ramsey is definitely not worth considering. The Dragons are terrible and their coach is erratic. Not to mention that he only averages 27 when playing FLB. Your team deserves better.

JUNIOR TUPOU – CTW – $188,700

Named again this week but his time in first grade will be brief. Laurie and Nofo return in a couple of weeks so he won’t play enough games to make any cash.

MATT FRAWLEY – 5/8|HFB – $238,200 – AVG 29 – BE -12

Despite his negative breakeven, Frawley should be avoided as he will is not a very SC friendly player. His consistent low scores will see that any price rises are quickly returned back to the bank and he will make it very hard to utilize the VC loophole. His time is limited with Fogarty due back in 4 weeks. If you are still reading this far into a Frawley review, come on, you’re better than that.

JAKE AVERILLO – HFB|CTW – $226,800 – AVG 20 – BE 39

Named in the centres this week but who knows next week. The Bulldogs are making space in their drawer for yet another wooden spoon so I don’t expect that we will see many good individual performances for the next few weeks, especially not from the backline anyway. Naden has flown the coop to join the Tigers so there is a position available, however I expect Burns to make his way back into the team when he is fit in a few weeks’ time.

ASU KEPAOA – CTW – $205,100 – AVG 32 – BE 2

Job security is his biggest problem. Laurie and Nofo both due back which will see him miss out in a team reshuffle plus adding to that is the return of Doueihi in 3-4 weeks. Just not enough cash to be made, stay clear.

JOCK MADDEN – 5/8|HFB – $177,500 – AVG 21 – BE 41

Named to start this week only due to a Brooks injury. He’ll be back to the bench in no time. He is still bottom dollar for a reason.


127 coaches have already brought him into their sides, why? He will play very limited games as he is only covering the suspension of Kennedy, must be his mum and friends bringing him in. HFB is an important position to get right, even your back up HFB needs to be carefully considered.

This would have to be one of the worst weeks I have seen for cheapies, even the value plays aren’t there. I actually vomited in my mouth a few times writing this article. If you’re going to trade in a cheapie this week, don’t!

Phill Mansfield

A Chocolate Soldier through and through who has a son that supports Manly, Phill is still wondering where he went wrong

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Hey mate – thanks for the advice on the latest wave of cannon fodder. What do you think about Ilias>SJ (he’s 311k now!)? Many thanks and keep on keeping on! 🙂


Okay mate – was contemplating a reverse anyway, wondering whether SJ is not just setting things up for others to execute, as his tired legs (from too many injuries) won’t go the distance anymore!
Cheers! 😉


PS No longer the explosive roller coaster, rather the kids merry-go-round! 😉


SJ is cheap for a reason. Used to love SJ ; now it’s more a rolly polly downhill ride than the exciting rollercoaster ride of yesteryears.

Age wearies the greatest.

Last edited 1 year ago by Phil
i dont think so

Brief but accurate write up. With the vomit-in-the-mouth-that-is-the-Bulldogs I’m gloriously tipping young centre Jacob Shiraz to be uncorked and spilt all over Leichhardt on Friday. I’ll get on when he’s named.


Great article I couldn’t agree more with most of it except I disagree with the comments regarding Wishart. I thought he really struggled. He gifted Panthers 3 tries. Never looked comfortable under any kicks and I’ll be very surprised if he stays FB until Papy is back. That’s just my opinion but he probably comes out and scores 100+ this week haha


ilias to asi? he’s the only cheapie who’s scores have been decent and whilst job security is questionable, he’s got a minus breakeven and already gone up 64k


Have been toying with the very same thing. Dunno really.


That makes 3 of us. I wish the Warriors were playing in the first game


think i might just hold them both, schneider is still a chance of rd13


Why is Miller even named as a HFB when hes never played the game before and all his Union highlights were him playing ostensibly at FB or at the least wing. We wasnt even listed in SC till TLT so he was hardly even locked into a specific position,

Not that he was on my Radar with Turbo and Hynes but just wondering.

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Great blog. So, basically, there’s not much out there this week.