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Just when you thought you had your team somewhat sorted injuries, suspensions and players being dropped (looking at you Hook) has created a trade frenzy to fill those voids. Don’t despair, we have some cheapies that will free up some of that wasted cash sitting on the sidelines. However, some of these guys will be out of reach if you don’t jump on them soon.

Tago double helps Panthers past Mounties - Panthers



2RF / CTW – STARTING PRICE $287,900 – OWNERSHIP 71% – AVG 72.8 – RATING 10/10VALUE CHANGE $169,100 – BE –19

Now priced at $457K, Tago is an absolute must have! He will still make a further $200K or so, so it’s not too late but hey with 71% ownership we all have him…..right?


FRF – STARTING PRICE $255,800 – OWNERSHIP 36% – AVG 58.3 – RATING 6/10 – VALUE CHANGE $136,700 – BE -16

Kept his starting spot and is still playing similar minutes, with his negative break-even, he is still worth trading in however without attacking stats he is not going to be a game breaker for you but he will still make some more cash for you for a couple more weeks. There may be better options, depending on your team but if you are after a reliable 50-60 in your front row to free up some cash then worth considering.


HFB – STARTING PRICE $188,700 – OWNERSHIP 43% – AVG 54 – RATING 6/10VALUE CHANGE $75,900 – BE -33

Still offers great value despite his massive increase this week given his -33 breakeven but he will need some more attacking stats this week as his round 3 score of 79 will disappear from his rolling average. Has some cash to be made but not for long.


CTW – STARTING PRICE $255,700 – OWNERSHIP 55% – AVG 47.5 – RATING 6/10 – VALUE CHANGE $66,200 – BE 8

I wrote him off last week as a keeper, which I stand by, however he still does represent some value as a backup CTW but this week is probably his last week where he will still make some cash should you need it further down the track. Yes, he will score decent in certain games but don’t expect him to produce big scores consistently but on the right matchup he is worth playing and he certainly makes a nice backup for an injured or COVID-ridden player.



CTW – STARTING PRICE $252,500 – OWNERSHIP 28% – AVG 101.5 – RATING 8/10 – BE – 123

Arriving a little later into the season has been absolute gold for us coaches. We now have the chance to get rid of the trash we gambled on to start the season and replace them with a kid that will make us close to $150K in one week. We know he is only here until To’o returns but we’ll take the cash and run anyway. Don’t miss this red-hot opportunity to make back that cash you have dropped on those other guys you don’t want to talk about.


CTW / FLB – STARTING PRICE $175,400 – OWNERSHIP 27% – AVG 31.5 – RATING 6/10 – VALUE CHANGE $30,000 – BE -7

A popular choice when he was named in round 1, Koula then disappeared until Tommy blew his turbo and will sit the next 4-6 weeks on the side line. He has been named to play at fullback but most likely ends up on the wing but either way he has the opportunity to pile on some points. His breakeven is a bit misleading as his round score was only 4 but this will disappear from his rolling average in a week so he will make some serious cash if he can score 50+. If you can’t get him this week then he will still be in play next week, you’ll just have to pay a little more for him.



FRF – STARTING PRICE $188,700 – OWNERSHIP 47% – AVG 46.3 – RATING 6/10 – VALUE CHANGE $99,800 – BE 13

Despite his low breakeven, Max King is probably a pass. His minutes seem to be limited so he has made most of his cash and will only trickle upwards from now on. Worth looking elsewhere for now.


HOK – STARTING PRICE $245,500 – OWNERSHIP 56% – AVG 37 – RATING 3/10 – VALUE CHANGE $24,400 – BE 22

Despite his low breakeven, Randall is a no go at his current price. He played the full 80 minutes and made 53 tackles which will be hard to replicate every week and he seems to be void of any attacking stats so from here on in he will be slowly make a little more cash but not enough to bring into your side.



5/8 / HFB – STARTING PRICE $205,200 – OWNERSHIP 55% – AVG 32.8 – RATING 4/10 – VALUE CHANGE $34,200 – BE -10

Ilias has struggled to be the SC cheapie we wanted however he did show a little something against the Panthers. He scored 55 and also had a try disallowed so he could have scored 80+ so despite his slow start to the season he may still have something to offer us. Hold him for now as he has a low breakeven and if you need to free up some cash, he is still worth trading in but we are yet to see whether he will be a true cash cow.


5/8 | HFB – STARTING PRICE $205,100 – OWNERSHIP 2% – AVG 47.5 – RATING 4/10 – PROJECTED INCREASE $50,000 – BE -30

Covering for the suspended Jackson Hastings, Madden has limited potential but who knows what is happening at the Tigers. At worst he gets one more game but he could just keep his spot and Brooks spends some time in reserve grade, who knows with Madge, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Phill Mansfield

A Chocolate Soldier through and through who has a son that supports Manly, Phill is still wondering where he went wrong

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The Duke

Taylan (May) may end up with 90% ownership. I’m bringing him in for Staggs.


Tolutau Koula out this week

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