Buy, Sell, Hold – Round 9

A week of ups and downs, heartache and the odd moment of happiness. A 2021 legend returns this round and some cheapies find their way in the pack. Let’s have a look at the best buys, holds, and sells of round 9. 


CODY WALKER – BUY (99 points and $50.9k gain)

WILL PENISINI – HOLD (54 points and $34.3k gain)


DYLAN BROWN – SELL (63 points and $10.4k loss)


ISAIAH TASS – CTW – $175,400 – BE -69

A bottom dollar cheapie finally emerges and looks to have gained a lucrative spot on the Rabbitohs left edge that racks up points. With 2 tries and a try assist in 96 minutes, I’m expecting a lot more to come from Tass as well as plenty of cash. 

SCOTT DRINKWATER – FLB/5/8 – $598,400 – BE -20

Drinky is back with some vengeance it seems. After initially not making Todd Payton’s best 17, he’s got the start at fullback due to a Hammer injury and has excelled along with North Queenslands incredible form that sees them into the top 4. 3 tries and 7 try assists in four games days it all. He’s a high price currently but has two good match ups back to back and could hit $700k+ after round 10. 


With injury woes decimating the Manly backs, Tuipulotu has been picked to fill the Saab void for the next 3-4 weeks at least. With Trbojevic back in the lineup, tries will likely come a lot easier for Manly and he could be on the back end of a lot of backline plays racking up some points. 

TE MAIRE MARTIN – FLB/5/8 – $205,100 – BE -22

XAVIER COATES – CTW – $521,000 – BE -69


PAYNE HAAS – FRF – $648,800 – BE 90

Currently the 3rd most sold player this round, I strongly believe Haas is a hold because he’s a season long keeper out for only one game. HOLD HOLD HOLD

CHRIS RANDALL – HOK – $408,900 – BE 50

I understand what Randall may look like, a cheapie who’s topped out in cash and now to flick on for a gun/bottom dollar player. This isn’t the case to me, Crossland had been eating into his minutes off the bench but now Crossland is starting and Randall should continue to play 80 minutes. Randall averages 57 when playing 80 minutes which has happened 4 times this season, with 3 of those games against Panthers, Sharks and Manly. I believe there’s still cash to be made here, or even a viable play option in your 17 if needs be. 


DAVID FIFITA – 2RF – $709,700 – BE 164

This one’s fairly straightforward, he’s out until after the first bye round and he’s far too expensive to hold on the pine for that amount of time. Sell him to a gun and bank the points. 

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Jason Taumalolo, Isaiah Papali’i, Keaon Koloamatangi

MITCHELL MOSES – HFB – $673,300 – BE 130

Cash him in, flick him to another season long hold and say thank you for the points and money he’s made. Simple as that. 

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Nathan Cleary, Tom Trbojevic, Scott Drinkwater

BRAD SCHNEIDER – HFB – $390,700 – BE 54


Born and raised in Brisbane so a proud Queenslander but a lifelong Dragons fan (thank my dad for that). SuperCoach fanatic and one-time comp leader and will tell everyone and anyone about it.

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I missed Walker last week and am nw stuck in a quandry….Walker or Drinlkwater to go with Munster????? HELP!!!


Follow your gut!!


Thanks guys. The gut just could not make its mind.

Walker wins out….saves a trade later.

Good luck!!!


Great read! What are your thoughts on the prospect of Adam Elliot as a buy this week for Brodie Jones? Bye coverage and will make a bit of coin? Only thing stopping me is the raiders endless changes which could limit the $$ made


What makes you think Haas is only a week?


Hey guys n gals TIA!

I have Fifita, arrow and ilias… can go taumololo/pangai Drinkwater/CWalker tuipulotu/Tass/Elliot

Alternative can also chop AFB/Fifita/Ilias instead of arrow and have same pangai/taumololo Walker/drinkwater and tuipulotu/Tass/Elliot

Any thoughts would be nice I’m actually really unsure on which combo



Hi Andy , I would hold onto AFB . I like your first option. Gives you better numbers for bye round and a bit of cash generation to boot.


Hey actually I can do Fifita Brodie Jones and ilias to Tass Drinkwater and Taumololo? Better again? Or ditch arrow and get tuipulotu

Last edited 1 month ago by RoadKilL



Hey that’s sound advice ay.. I have burned through a few.. feel like I need Cody or Drinkwater though is that right?

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