Buy, Sell, Hold – Round 7

With guns coming and go from many SuperCoach teams it is essential that by now teams are taking shape for the bye/origin periods. This round I will go through the usual best options for buy, hold and sells however I will also include some targets for Rd 13. I’d like to also apologise because this round’s article isn’t as long or in depth as previous ones but will be back to normal next week!

This week I’ll again go through my top BUYS, SELLS, and HOLDS for the round along with the hits and misses of last week’s article.


DAMIEN COOK – BUY (121 points and $57.8k gain)
LUKE KEARY – SELL (29 points and $32.1k loss)


JAMES TEDESCO – HOLD (57 points and $35k loss)


NATHAN CLEARY – HFB – $902,200 – BE 83

The king is back. After a rocky two games to start the season, King Cleary has yet again shown his dominance over not just the NRL but also the SuperCoach world. A whopping 151 points without a try seems to be a usual occurrence for Cleary after last year. I was in the same boat as many of you, waiting until he’s had a few price drops and then get him in. However, an 83 breakeven means he most likely won’t drop below $800k anytime soon.

BLAKE TAAFFE – HFB/FLB – $210,400 – BE -33

This one is obvious, the top trade in this round for a reason. Very cheap and versatile positions with quite a few weeks locked in as the goalkicking fullback on an attacking side. One thing I’m not completely sold on is flicking Schneider for him but every would have their own opinion on that.

HEILUM LUKI – 2RF – $347,600 – BE -12
KOTONI STAGGS – CTW – $509,100 – BE -46


BRAD SCHNEIDER – HFB – $372,200 – BE 2

One thing people seem to be forgetting is Brad Schneider’s floor is ridiculously high for his position as he leads all halfbacks in pure base. He plays round 13 and still has money to make. I believe he’s a strong hold!

NICHO HYNES – HFB/FLB – $752,900 – BE 91

Do not sell Heath Ledger to the Crimson Chin, I repeat, do not sell Heath Ledger to the Crimson Chin! That is all.

JOSH KING – 2RF/FRF – $462,400 – BE 49
VILIAME KIKAU – 2RF – $534,400 – BE 95


JAMES TEDESCO – FLB – $648,700 – BE 124

2-3 years ago, if I had Teddy as a sell at any point, I feel like I would’ve been shot. Now with a season high of 88 and 3 scores under 60, he has not hit his straps as we all thought he would. Tedesco doesn’t seem to be the issue directly; it seems to be more of a result of extra hands needing touches compared to previous years. I do believe that the roosters will eventually click and still finish top 4 but for now it’s better without Teddy in your SuperCoach squad.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Blake Taaffe, Nathan Cleary, Kotoni Staggs

BEAU FERMOR – 2RF/CTW – $499,000 – BE 80

This one I’m not completely confident is a sell, it’s more of a situational sell. If you need to fund a Nathan Cleary trade, then Fermor is probably one of the bigger priorities to trade out to make up the cash.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Joseph Suaalii, Blake Taaffe, Christian Tuipulotu

LACHLAN ILIAS – 5/8/HFB – $298,000 – BE 32
THOMAS DEARDEN – HFB/5/8 – $550,300 – BE 81


Born and raised in Brisbane so a proud Queenslander but a lifelong Dragons fan (thank my dad for that). SuperCoach fanatic and one-time comp leader and will tell everyone and anyone about it.

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Interesting you have Jing as a hold. Doesnt play 13, 3 of his last 4 weeks have including attacking stats which definitely cant be relied on, and his BE is now no longer an easy score to beat. Seems the perfect time to sell.


Why is dearden a sell?


my guess would be high BE, and hes not an end game option. munster, brown, cleary, hynes, moses would prob be best 5 players in HFB/5/8 by end of year, so its a good time to jump to one of them

The Pretender

Yeah, hes really only a good 3rd/4th half atm and some people cannot afford to hold him. Personally, if I did, I would hold given he plays rd 13.


Also I think his impact has been blunted by Drinkwater in the team, he plays as more of a playmaker and takes some attacking opportunities away from Deardon.


All good and well but if Hynes and Schneider are holds, and presuming most people have Pap too, its impossible to buy both Cleary and Taaffe! That’s the dilemma I’m in at the moment

The Pretender

Schneider isnt a must hold. It is out of him and Taaffe for that position and most people want to bank the cash into Taaffe.


I agree – just commenting on the article! Cash generation is a must at this point.


I’ll miss taafe. I don’t think it’s that big a deal. With halves of Hynes/Cleary and FB of paps/Walsh. That works for me.


I am trading Walsh to Taafe, using the cash to get Cleary ad not looking back.


A very acceptable approach. Q Walsh ton


I had a choice between Taafe and Luki this week and took Luki. I think they’ll both have the same increase in price (more or less) and Luki plays Rd13.


I reckon Hastings is a buy too. Not only did he kick that field goal. But nailed that sideline conversion and the kick on the chest of the winger for the try. A seriously impressive game from a vastly matured player.


I think Hastings is a good buy for his price, especially Ilias up to him. However I worry how much he will score when the tigers go back to getting smashed.

langers legends

Wow Jing a hold, are you SERIOUS!! Jing is a chump. 31 from 66 mins last week and about to start quickly dropping the money he made. What is with you guys writing articles on this site??? You either have zero footy knowledge or you’re trying to give people bad advice for the benefits of your own teams!!

It’s Outrageous


Mate last warning. By all means have your say, but to accuse the writers of intentionally giving out bad advice is uncalled for.

If you don’t agree with what’s being said, either structure your feedback in a more constructive way or simply move on. The slander will no longer be tolerated


Just flick these kinda ppl – Imagine a life where you had nothing better to do than go onto a free online forum and direct negative feedback to people who give up their own time to help others. Give me a break

Temple Guard

I can TU you bulldogs as You didn’t reply to the other person in question


Just “flick the prick” Semi. I think we are all growing tired of his childish antics.The writers on this site do a wonderful job for which they are not paid and to attack their integrity is way out of line. Most of the contributors to this site are fine but unfortunately the same can’t be said for LL. Time for him to “leave the island”.

langers legends

Mr semisonic.
No one in admin wanted to step in when temple guard was harassing me and now the shoes on the other foot you’re crying like you’ve spilt your mummy’s milk. I’m entitled to my opinion and my opinion is that the people writing the article’s either know nothing about footy or if they do know about footy the only other option with the rubbish that’s been written is there deliberately trying to push people into bad decisions.
It’s clearly one or the other.
So which is it Semisonic????


Adios langers…. don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


I try to avoid posting negative posts but you should get rid of him, semi. It is precisely this sort of trash that caused so many worthy contributors to leave the site this year and go elsewhere.
Delusions of grandeur +/-little man syndrome…


this forum is always going get trolls like this.
happens once a year at least.
they are pretty obvious in their comments.

ultimately they get booted, but i guess as previously done they want to get a full understanding of the situation from all involved


‘Entitled to your opinion’ – yes. Accountable for the abuse of others in the way you express it – absolutely.
With all respect, Semi, it’s time for him to pay that account.


I don’t think anyone is questioning the right to your own opinion. Maybe just look at toning down your delivery. You come across as rather rude and aggressive.
Just my opinion.


clearly seems ur lashing out for admin attention in retaliation to the difference of opinion between urself & temple guard.
fortunately we become accustomed to ur type over the years.
u seriously attack the integrity of admin & then think addressing semisonic as ‘Mr’ can buy back some respect?

get urself a head check u egg head

Last edited 2 months ago by tanous

JKing is not an urgent sell. BE 49 so will likely make some money if he beats it or loses around 9k if he puts up another 31.

If teams have players with really high BEs like Coates BE 103, Fermor BE 80 etc these may be priority sells. You could sell JKing next week.


I won’t be selling this week as I would need to then move my duals up to 2RF to buy Taafe… I’ll be looking to sell next week. Every chance J.King gets an attacking stat this week and if he doesn’t he’ll only drop 5-10k at most.

Brett Sterling

I read the hold/sell suggestions this week in the context of who to prioritise to find a way to get Cleary, and maximise cash generation given we only get 2 trades per round (and avoid boosting). In that sense, this week and every week has been excellent guidance and food for thought, and the hits far outweigh the misses


Taken over from Des as the hardest work man in rugby league.

Thanks for the awesome
Content you Keep pumping out mate.

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