Buy, Sell, Hold – Round 24

It’s grand final time baby! All H2H players who have made it this far, well done. For overall players, the last two rounds are absolutely crucial and there are still a ton of places up for battle. Not many teams have trades left including myself but that doesn’t mean I won’t be offering out my advice on who I’d bring in and who I’d give the flick. 

Round 23 score: 1576 (with a Captain Manu)

Overall Rank: 276 (up 130)


David Fifita – BUY (90 points & $28.4k gain)

Jacob Kiraz – SELL (31 points & $73.7k loss)


Izack Tago – HOLD (39 points & $45k loss)


BEAU FERMOR – 2RF/CTW – $593,700 – BE 11
RATING: 8.5/10

While all the attention has been on a Titans 2RF, could it have been on the wrong one? Since Rd 13, Beau Fermor has only had 1 game under 50 points and in his last 4 games he has averaged 83.3 points with 4 tries in that period. His next two matchups are against the woeful Newcastle Knights and the Warriors who concede points for fun. A little bit pricier than Fifita but the dual flexibility could come in handy if anyone is rested next round.

MATT IKAVALU – CTW – $588,300 – BE 46

The Sharks struck absolute gold with the Ikavalu signing, debatably the best backup CTW in the game. An outstanding try scoring record 4 tries in 4 games including 3 in the last two rounds. The sharks need to win the next two games with big margins in both if they are any chance of getting a top 2 spot on the ladder over the cowboys. I’m expecting a lot of points from them and Ikavalu should be on the receiving end of it.


TAYLAN MAY – CTW – $418,200 – BE 59
RATING: 8/10

These two guys are in the exact same boat. Massively underperforming and in a great side means very disappointing results for owners. This week he has his half back and at home he averages over 70 points per game with no games under 50. He’s a play this week and a strong one at that, might mean some tough decisions are made for your final 17. 

RATING: 7/10

A 5 round average of 44.6, completely underplaying to his ability and a lot of that can be attributed to Wade Graham. This week however, he comes up against the Bulldogs right edge. In the last 5 rounds they have conceded 52.6 points per game and 4 tries (3 in the last 2). I’m backing Ronaldo to outscore May this week and next against Newcastle.


JOSEPH SUAALII – FLB/CTW – $524,300 – BE 75
RATING: 8/10

Not in a million years would I have picked Suaalii to not score in a 72-6 win. However reality is that he didn’t and only finished with a short 36 points. His next two matchups are also unfavourable to right wingers against Melbourne and the Rabbitohs. In the last 5 games, those two teams have only conceded 1 try each to right wingers and 37.6 & 40.8 points per game. Suaalii isn’t the play and is still a decent price so should be easy to bring a gun in.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: David Fifita, Beau Fermor, Matt Ikavalu

SELWYN COBBO – FLB/CTW – $549,100 – BE 47
RATING: 9/10

As good as Cobbo has been this season, he’s still just a kid and needed a games rest this weekend. He’s a sell at that price and there’s no doubts.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: David Fifita, Beau Fermor, Matt Ikavalu

Injury Ward

TOM DEARDEN – 5/8/HFB – $524,800 – RD 25


Born and raised in Brisbane so a proud Queenslander but a lifelong Dragons fan (thank my dad for that). SuperCoach fanatic and one-time comp leader and will tell everyone and anyone about it.

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Thanks again Alex, much appreciated. Nice work with your ranking too.


Slight caveat on the Ikuvalu purchase, Tracey expected to be back next week which would push Ikuvalu out. Dykes return date TBD but if back next week would also do the same.

All out of trades for the year and bundled out of H2H finals last week but appreciate all your hard work this year, has been a great help.