Buy, Sell, Hold – Round 24

Given trades are pretty tight at the moment, it’s an abridged Buy, Sell, Hold this week as a couple of injury conundrums leaves coaches with big calls to make at a time when the whips are cracking!


Latrell Mitchell – FLB – $719.9k – BE 84

Latrell has come back steadily since his return but hasn’t set the world on fire as owners may have hoped. That said, his scores of 74 and 71 despite only chiming in occasionally (as is his style) should be enough to tip owners into buying given his reliability and looming potential for a big score. He will suit up against the Dragons and Knights before ripping into the Roosters in the final round after a bye freshen up. This may be the cheapest you’ll get him for the rest of the year.

Jamayne Isaako – CTW / FLB – $582.6k – BE 12

After a brief lull, Isaako came back with a bang with a hattrick over about a 10 minute period last week. He now has a pretty good run home with Roosters, Tigers, Cowboys and the Warriors (who may have an eye on the finals and look to rest up if their spot in the top 4 is sewn up). He could be a danger for anyone who has sold him over that poor run given his potential to go large and the confidence boost of the last round.

Tino Fa’asuamaleaui – $808.4k – 2RF / FRF – BE 104

Likely to be the last of the missing pieces for your forward rotation, coming in fresh off a big suspension that should mean a fired up Tino. Before his suspension game against Parra, he had a four game run where he was averaging 1.7PPM which is absolutely elite. A couple of tough games in his sight with the Panthers and Storm but the Titans have nothing to lose at the moment and could prove to be a big danger as they’ve shown against both the Cows and Warriors in recent weeks.


Reuben Garrick – $612.3k – CTW / FLB – BE 77

A couple of tougher games coming up with Penrith and the Warriors but you would have to think his final two games against the Dogs and Tigers could be good for about a combined 150 (actual NRL) points. Have to keep him going for those especially given he’s done nothing wrong recently.

AJ Brimson – $525.2k – FLB / 5/8 – BE 65

I can’t quite understate how bad a buy he has been for me this season, picking him up pre-Origin only to have him named in the side, then be ruled out on game day twice when I was too busy sinking beers to notice and copped Davvy Moale as a horrible AE (and in one case only had 16 playing as a result of it being the last game on a Sunday). So he owes me when he does make it back. And anyone else who has hung on. FML.

Everyone (if you don’t have trades)

Tough run ahead if you’re in this boat!


Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad – $658.5k – CTW / FLB – BE 125

Repeated concussions during a season never seems to result in a rushed return to play. Without much concrete information around what the plan is for CNK moving forward (if they can even make one given the sensitivity of the injury), it’s too vital a time to keep him on your bench in hope. Unfortunately was a rare knockout by the banner last week.

Mitchell Moses – $703,000 – HFB – BE 102

Looks to have done his dash this year and if you held onto him (as I did) last week, the gap between him and the rest of the leading pack was devastatingly large.

John Bateman – $535.3k – 2RF – BE 83

His last chance at being considered a hold to the run home was lost with another mediocre effort in a grudge match against his old side last week where he could only manage 43. Not going to cut it with those scores over the next crucial month.  


North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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So glad I have this week off in H2H match ups….with only 2 trades left….no decisions this week!! Thanks for the efforts for the year too.


DWZ a buy?


Great work as usual. Trading spectator this week but nice to see the options. 


This time of year we all learn how nice it would be to have trades left but we forget again by January. I would like to bring Isaako and Tino in if I could but intend to stick to my plan. My 4 trades are for R26 and R27 unless an emergency. In fact I intend to go 3 trades with a boost in R27 when players rested. I know this may come unstuck but it is my punt. How good would it be to be able to go a rested Harry to choice of Hooker (Api, Cook, JMK), rested… Read more »


I followed that path as well with Brimson. Nice coupling with Pong but meh – so meh!
Even when he got the Slater call up i reasoned the confidence he would get out of it would help his scores. Probably play’s centre now . fmsc
Hoping the Cows can lift to get some joy out of this season.
Thanks for your pods and all the work you put in.


I would have agreed with CNK until I read this, so now I think CNK is a hold. This from the coach to a reporter yesterday

“Charnze for example, he’s going to come back (next weekend) even if Taine is the best player on the field this week, Taine knows that.

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The Duke

One trade, second week of finals, hardly any PODs and SuperCoach going the way of all flesh. This week sucks the big one.


Hey Justin, thanks matie. Further to our wee convo in the other section, I’d just like to let you know that I’m really sad about the end of the site but as always, life goes on!
Tradewise I am using my 3rd last one on Drinky down to Latrell (+230k profit!). Then sitting on my hands! I hope to speak to you soon mate. Have a great weekend. Now gonna watch my boys wave bye bye for the season with a Penrith drubbing I fear! 🙂

The Beer Whisperer

Ha! Traded out Horsburgh for Tino and have precisely $0.00 left, with zero trades left. Sounds like the perfect trade!