Buy, Sell, Hold Round 22

Head to head finals are starting, and everyone has been given the gift of more forced outs and few if any trades left to do anything about them. This is a great week to use one of your final trades on a point of difference, especially with H2H finals starting. Just make sure to use them as late as possible given the number of late outs and changes we’ve been seeing.

Best call – BUY Cameron Murray (92). Still a great option for this week with the way Souths are playing, but is less of a pod now as he’s approaching 12% ownership.

Worst call – BUY Bradman Best (27). The run of picking CTW has come to an end, but thankfully he’s not missing more time after a post game scare with his shoulder. Still worth playing given the Knights run home.


Victory Radley ($485,300 2RF|HOK – 95 last round, Average: 51.1, Break even 51)

Radley has been an excellent buy over the last month with a three round average of 71 and two 80 minute games during that span. With Angus Crichton out for three weeks and Jared Warea-Hargreaves also missing, Radley should see continued big minutes for the remainder of the season (if he doesn’t get put on report). The Roosters are facing the Broncos this week and the Dragons in Round 23 which should give him plenty of opportunities to continue his good run. This is a great week to use one of your final trades on a point of difference, especially with H2H finals starting, and Radley is only owned by 7% of coaches, giving you a good chance at putting some distance between your opponent.

Harry Grant ($586,500 HOK – 61, Avg: 72.2, BE 69)

Much like a weekend with Wenin and JT, it’s last hooker standing. So I’ve been told. And Grant is one of the few remaining hookers worth looking at. There’s no concerns with minutes despite Brandon Smith continuing to start, as Grant has been right back at the 57-58 minute range he was regularly playing before his injury. With the Storm’s favourable draw and ability to keep the scoreboard ticking there will be plenty of chances for attacking stats. He’s another POD at just 8% ownership at the time of writing.

Euan Aitken ($481,100 CTW – 89, Avg: 57.7, BE -38)

As mentioned last week, there are few things that get Supercoaches going like a second rower available in the centres. Another 80-minute game, another 44 points in base stats. Add in 8 more for power stats for a lovely flor of 52, after 74 the week prior. Owned by just 1,300 coaches right now, the ultimate POD for the run home. Could easily outscore Nicho Hynes again this week.

Luciano Leilua ($525,700 2RF – 105, Avg: 64.7, BE 7)

There’s plenty of second row choices available this week, with Luciano also looking very appealing. As an edge forward he’s not usually a big base stats player, but he’s had two of his highest base stat scoring games of the season in his last three outings with 55, 53 and 43. The Tigers draw for the final month is a positive as well, with games against North Queensland, Cronulla, Penrith and Canterbury. The Penrith game looks worrying, but he did manage 68 against them last time in Round 13, albeit against a quarter strength Panthers lineup. 7% ownership is still firmly in POD territory, and he’s one of the most enjoyable players to watch in the NRL when he has the ball.

Josh Curran ($460,700 2RF – 111, Avg: 63.8, BE -7)

Curran is less of a POD than Aitken at 9% ownership, but has posted two big scores in the last two rounds and has been huge minutes as well (80 and 79). He doesn’t have the allure of Aitken, being only available in 2RF but his base stats are through the roof – 58 and 59 in the last two appearances. With the Warriors run home – Bulldogs, Broncos, Raiders, Titans – Curran is a low risk/high reward point of difference.


Angus Crichton ($593,900 2RF – 80, Avg: 74.3, BE 92)

Whilst the crackdown is long forgotten the suspensions keep on coming, and three weeks for Crichton at this stage of the season makes him an easy sell. He will be back for the Roosters final game of the season against the Raiders but misses very favourable matchups against the Broncos and Dragons.

Reed Mahoney ($476,100 HOK – 36, Avg: 67.8, BE 99)

Out for the season with a shoulder injury, which will disappoint Eels fans and owners who had just seen him play 80 and 77 minutes in his last two outings. He’s dropped a ton of cash too which makes a trade to Grant challenging.

Jason Taumalolo ($471,000 2RF – 39, Avg: 56.2, BE 72)

Another broken hand for Lolo has probably made a tough choice easier for owners. He hadn’t been relevant for most of the season and a move to the edge didn’t help, scoring just 39 in 80 minutes in a very un-Lolo like display. Could be straight swapped for Aitken or Curran, which is pretty telling of his season.

Clint Gutherson ($558,600 FLB – 32, Avg: 78.3, BE 116)

Another Eel who can be shown the door, but this time it’s all form based. Gutherson had been consistent and durable all season, but the Eels current form makes it challenging to see where their points are going to come from. And if the Eels aren’t scoring, Gutherson won’t be either.

Corey Harawira-Naera ($551,900 2RF – 64.4, BE 138)

If you played the cautious game to see if moving Harawira-Naera to the bench had a significant effect on his scoring output, then sadly you were burned. CHN posted just 28 points in just 23 minutes, which now makes him unplayable and a strong trade candidate if you have any trades left.


Nicho Hynes ($698,100 CTW|FLB – 41, Avg: 83.1, BE 174)

If the Storm can clinch top spot then Jahrome Hughes or Cameron Munster might get a week’s rest, which would make Hynes a nice POD. Plus, who has enough players to sell someone fit, even if he is only playing 50 minutes? Given the way Melbourne accumulates points during a game he could put up big numbers in a just a half of football.

Brandon Smith ($551,900 2RF|HOK – 57, Avg: 67.9, BE 113)

Smith has shown that he can co-exist alongside Grant, and he still played 68 minutes against Melbourne. His triple figure scores this season have come in games when he played just 60 and 52 minutes, and he also smashed out 79 in 36 minutes against the Tigers.

Connor Watson ($442,200 HOK|5/8 – 36, Avg: 58.3, BE 104)

Watson has seen his minutes and scores dwindle in the past two rounds, with scores of 24 and 36 in 45 and 51 minutes. However, he’s been named to start (for now) at lock and with a favourable bench he could be up for a handy score. Now watch Adam O’Brien swap him with Sauaso Sue one hour before kick-off. Make sure you check out Stillsey’s late mail as always.

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Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
7 days ago

Nailed it yet again Carlos.

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