Buy Sell Hold – Round 20

Just end it now. I can’t take another week of these team lists. This year has been a dumpster fire in so many ways, and that’s not even considering the non-Supercoach issues. Stay safe, be safe everyone, even you Broncos fans. Anyway, if you made it this far you probably don’t need any help from me.

No one has any trades anyway, so check the late mail tomorrow see who you’re unable to replace. If you do manage to have one or two trades left, then you’ll want to use them at the absolute last minute because there’s some players lurking in jersey numbers 18-21 that I’d be very cautious of. I’m looking at you Penrith.

For the final Buy Sell Hold of the year I like to do something a little different. This year I had planned to write the entire post in emoji. Sadly, that was scuttled by Wenin of “What’s a tiktok?” fame, who had to ask me what a sweating eggplant next to a foot meant, and what did it have to do with Kotoni Staggs anyway. Please come back Nick, this site needs someone who is well versed on current popular culture. I really miss the reality show recaps on the podcast.

Best Call – HOLD Zac Lomax (126). And I quote: “The last time he posted a poor score (22 in Round 12 against Souths), he followed that up with 103 against the Roosters.” Sometimes I can get it right. The other 87% of the time? Let’s not talk about that.

Worst Call – BUY Tom Trbojevic (12). Well I did say it was a risk, just didn’t think it would have been this big of a risk. At a 67 average for the season hopefully he’ll be sufficiently discounted next season.

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Harry Grant ($549,100 HOK – 70 last round, Avgerage: 72.1, Break even: 56)

After playing just 56 minutes in his return from a knee injury, Grant has played the full 80 in the past three and has a three-round average of 73. The presence of Jacob Liddle made no difference to his minutes and Liddle sits in the reserves this week so it should be another 80 for Grant. He’s a great replacement for Cameron Smith. Just imagine it’s a keeper league and you’re bringing him in for next season after Smith signs with the Titans.

AJ Brimson ($536,700 FLB|5/8 – 100, Avg: 70.8, BE 66)

With a number of high profile halves out (Cameron Munster, Shaun Johnson to name a few) and the uncertainty about team lists in general this week, Brimson shapes as a serious buy with his recent form. After scoring 12 in his return against the Roosters he only has one score under 60 in seven games, and has scored 88 or more in four of those seven. Given he’s available at fullback and five eight, you should be able to squeeze him in somehow with dual position players. The Knights aren’t the toughest defense in the competition either so there should be plenty of opportunities.

Daly Cherry-Evans ($634,900 HLF – 86, Avg: 64.6, 34)

If you can’t swing a dual position trade to bring in Brimson then Cherry-Evans is a fantastic replacement for Shaun Johnson. DCE has a three-round average of 104 and the Sea Eagles are playing the Warriors this week. He could be a sneaky shout for captain as well, and they play on Sunday giving you a chance to use the vice captains loophole before.

Hudson Young ($502,500 2RF – 78, Avg: 53.8, BE -21)

The Raiders are trotting out a NSW Cup side against their likely first week finals matchup, which means that Young could be playing big minutes. He’s only owned by just over 1,000 coaches as well so if you do need a point of difference for a head to head final he could be the one.

James Tedesco  ($838,400 FLB – 0, Avg: 96.6, BE 96)

There are so many guns not playing this week that it’s worth breaking your team to get him. Somehow only 40% own him, although if you don’t already own him, why are you reading this post?


Everyone. Space for this article is limited, so just assume if they’re not playing they should be sold. It’s not like you’re holding them for next week. Although wasn’t there a finals version of Supercoach once? Maybe my memory is failing me. Anyway, if you’ve got enough players that you can sell someone who is available then why are you listening to me, who has 15 players this week including Andrew Davey and Isaac Lumelume.

Anthony Milford ($243,200 5/8/FLB – 0, Avg: 34.4, BE 35)

Pretty sure Wilfred still owns him. I wouldn’t want the indignity of still having him in the final round of the season given this year, especially if you started the season with him.


Everyone else, don’t assume because they’ve been named, they’ll be on the field. I’m glad I’m not in the running for the cash or a serious head to head final, because I don’t think my nerves could take it.

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Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
1 month ago

Very entertaining read Carlos. A big thanks for your efforts throughout a very different season which are much appreciated by everyone on here.

juggler (@juggler)
Reply to  Trade-a-holic
1 month ago

What the Tradie said!

IANAGA (@ianaga)
1 month ago

no payne haas as a buy?

zachwhich (@zachwhich)
1 month ago

Someone talk me out of Lolo as a POD

Magpies4Eva007 (@magpies4eva007)
1 month ago

Cheers Carlos. Your work throughout the year is a must read. Thanks very much for your efforts. It is always well received!

Cali (@bluemountainranger)
1 month ago

Thanks for all the hard work mate, made most of my trades after carefully reading your work. I didn’t always follow your advice, and when I strayed it rarely went well for me! I hope you enjoy the off-season and hope you’ll be back next year.

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