Buy Sell Hold – Round 19

Please someone end the madness. We’ve suffered enough so far in 2020 and I don’t just mean those in the northern states having to put up with more AFL games locally.

There are at least half a dozen highly owned players missing this round, and countless more injured or being rested. Good thing we had all those trades and were limited to making two every round, most of you should still have a handful left.

As usual, those playing head to head finals should wait until the absolute last minute to make their changes. Firstly, to ensure whoever you’re trading in is actually playing, and secondly to make sure you can counter any trades or line-up adjustments that your opponent may be making.

Best Call – BUY Daniel Tupou (138). You couldn’t really have gone wrong with any of the Roosters outside backs last week, but Tupou was outstanding.

Worst Call – SELL Kalyn Ponga (0). Probably could have used that trade this week…


Angus Crichton ($580,700 2RF – 84, Average: 78.9, Breakeven 74)

With Payne Haas a must trade, every Supercoach will be sitting on $650k in cash to use. With duals the best choice will be Crichton, who is in just 3% of teams and could be a fantastic point of difference this week. He only needed 69 minutes to score his 84 last round as well.

Tom Trbojevic ($715,400 FLB – 0, Avg: 76.2, BE 113)

If you’re feeling considerably risky and own both James Tedesco and Ryan Papenhuyzen, then Turbo could be a shrewd pick if he’s actually named. The only downside is that he’s not had a price drop and is still over $700k which is a lot for a player with hamstrings that even Matt Moylan would be worried about. The Sea Eagles finish the season against the Gold Coast and New Zealand which is better than most other teams final two rounds. Why not live a little and risk it all?$

Joseph Manu ($454,800 CTW – 94, Avg: 53.4, BE 28)

With Teddy out, why not bring in his replacement? At only $454k he’s not expensive and like the other Roosters outside backs he’s only owned by a low percentage of teams – 9% currently. Not a huge POD but one that could put up a big score against the Sharks this weekend.

Morgan Harper ($305,600 CTW – 75, Avg; 62.7, BE -63)

Yes, it’s too late to be bringing in cash cows, but Harper has been playing liked a seasoned first grader and making the Bulldogs look like fools for letting him go. He has a three-round average of 62.7 and Manly has favourable matchups against the Titans and Warriors as mentioned above. He’s owned by less than 3,000 coaches, which is about 2% and should be a great unique player to play this weekend.


Payne Haas ($658,300 FRF – 76, Avg: 76.8, BE 77)

In a never-ending string if outs, Haas has been granted leave from the Broncos bubble and he’s unlikely to play again this season according to Wacko’s Whispers. That’s a lot of cash to be leaving on the table for two rounds.

Kurt Mann ($532,600 CTW|FLB – 35, Avg: 64.1, BE 72)

Mann has been one of the most under-rated players in Supercoach this season, adding $250k to his starting price and averaging 64 after never being relevant. He’s missing this round through suspension and could easily be replaced this week.

Ryan Papenhuyzen ($671,400 FLB – 0, Avg: 71.3, BE 18)

If you’re an unlucky owner of James Tedesco and Papenhuyzen, then it’s an easy choice for the Storm number one to be shown the door. Coach Craig Bellamy said he could have played if necessary, this week but with an Achilles issue it’s better to be safe than sorry. A frustrating time for this to happen as he’d just hit the form most of us expected in the preseason, sporting a three-round average of 100.3. At least you’ll have plenty of cash to use.

Api Koroisau ($497,800 HOK – 39, Avg: 67.6, BE 86)

The Panthers hooker has been rested this week, which spells doom for the 27% of owners who still have him. Although I think a lot of them would be zombie teams. Regardless there’s $500k that needs to be used elsewhere and Harry Grant is sitting right there at $530k waiting to play his contracted team in the Storm.

Beau Fermor ($367,700 2RF – 39, Avg: 48.3, BE 39)

Fermor picked up his final significant price rise and now sits over $360k. He’s not a priority trade out since he is out injured and unlikely to be an auto emergency nightmare next week but given the volume of missing players trading him to a warm body wouldn’t be a bad idea.


James Tedesco ($838,400 FLB – 78, Avg: 96.6, BE 99)

I mean what else are you going to do? He could score 180 next week and if you don’t captain him, you’d be out nearly 250 points on whoever you’d usually captain.

Zac Lomax ($491,400 FLB|CTW – 10, Avg: 64.0, BE 104)

Surely, you’ve got bigger issues? The last time he posted a poor score (22 in Round 12 against Souths), he followed that up with 103 against the Roosters. Look for him to bounce back with a 50+ score against the Knights this week.

 Maika Sivo ($339,500 CTW – 29, Avg: 51.4, BE 53)

This is the sort of game you brought Sivo in for isn’t it? Yes, he has an abysmal three round average of 32.7 and the Eels looked out of sorts at best last week against Penrith. But against the hapless Broncos he’ll surely have plenty of chances to cross the line. Again, it’s hard to be trading out healthy players knowing there’s multiple starters being rested every week, not even accounting for injuries.

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Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
13 days ago

Always an interesting read Carlos. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf throughout the season.

The Duke
The Duke (@the-duke)
13 days ago

Thanks for the good works short statured one. I have both Haas and Teddy but Haas will pay for Ponga this week (goodbye Brayden Willame).

Last edited 13 days ago by The Duke
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