Buy, Sell, Hold – Round 17

The second and final bye round is here and it’s already turning out to be tougher than originally thought. With Graham and Hynes being the start of the unexpected outs, who knows what is to come. For the players who are still playing this round (Papi please!) we will look at who the best ins and outs are. 

I was a guest on the podcast for this round so if you’d like to hear myself and the boys discuss players and teams further then feel free to give it a listen.


Euan Aitken – HOLD (72 points and $3.6k loss)

Izack Tago – HOLD (86 points and $13.7k gain)


Grant Anderson – BUY (12 points and $50k gain)


Ryan Papenhuyzen – FLB – $931,100 – BE 106
Rating: 9/10
The big (small) man is back and back firing. What seemed like the ideal first game back for non-owners like myself with the plan to pick him up 50-100k cheaper this round went out the window when Manly went to the sheds with 10 mins to go. A true Papi masterclass saw him gain 100 points in 7 minutes. There’s no one like him this season, he is a must for the run home and is worth breaking the bank for.

Latrell Mitchell – FLB – $610,300 – BE 87
Rating: 8/10
I truly believe Latrell or Teddy will be the second fullback everyone will need for the run home. I myself am picking up Latrell this round and plan to hold for the rest of the season because he has two advantages in my eyes of Tedesco: goalkicking and round 17. He will be a huge POD this round with under 6% of coaches owning him. Matching him up with Papenhuyzen now and then not needing to stress about my fullbacks unless an injury occurs will lower my heart rate dramatically.

Shaun Lane – 2RF – $613,400 – BE 39
Rating: 710
The obvious one here is Ryan Matterson who has been tearing it up this season, however big Laney isn’t far behind him and after this round they should be roughly the same price. Since Lane has played 80 minutes he has averaged 80.4 points and a 52 base average each game. He seems to be a very safe get and with Matto and Ipaps changing roles every game, some safety in that forward pack wouldn’t go amiss.

Jed Cartwright – 2RF/CTW – $205,100 – BE 23

Isaiah Tass – CTW – $314,500 – BE 12

Edrick Lee – CTW – $483,100 – BE -59


Angus Crichton – 2RF – $550,000 – BE 96
Rating: 7.5/10
After a very disappointing round 16, many coaches (2.8%) are already flicking Gus out of their lineup for the likes of Matterson, Lane and Ofahengaue but judging by most teams I’d say Siosifa Talakai is more of a trade out. Taking out that past performance, he averaged 67 over the last 2 months. That was during the Roosters hardest run for the season. He may lose a bit of a cash over the next two weeks but towards the back end of the season where trades are running low, he is a valuable asset.

Max King – FRF/2RF – $490,400 – BE 42
Rating: 7/10
At this stage of the season, the players who have been grinding every week and setting up their team properly should have Ming as their 3FRF with either I.Papali’i, Tapine, Ofahengaue or Taumalolo as their starting two FRF. There is no need to trade out Max King while he is in his current role, this may change come round 19 onwards when Luke Thompson is back but by then Haas should be back from injury and Ming will have hit his peak in price.

Ezra Mam – 5/8/HFB – $391,700 – BE 61
Rating: 10/10
I have no clue why over 1000 people have sold Mam already, he is playing in the halves for a top 8 team and scoring points. To think he had 36 against the Cowboys and the Storm when he was away from home both games is impressive in itself. Despite his 61 breakeven, I believe Mam still has money to be made. Plus the golden bye rule: NEVER TRADE OUT A PLAYING PLAYER

James Tedesco – FLB – $688,300 – BE 111

Tolutau Koula – CTW/FLB – $425,000 – BE 7


Jacob Kiraz – CTW – $461,600 – BE 39
Rating: 9/10
Kiraz has done wonders for SuperCoach’s as a late game cheapie who made a quick $300k. However his time has come to an end and he should be traded to a round 17 keeper.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Ryan Papenhuyzen, Latrell Mitchell, Isaiah Tass

Campbell Graham – CTW – $613,400 – BE 127
Rating: 10/10
One that hurt badly for Graham owners was the news of him being out for 6-8 weeks with a facial injury. Definitely needs to be cashed in.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Ryan Papenhuyzen, Latrell Mitchell, Isaiah Tass

Siosifa Talakai – 2RF/CTW – $534,200 – BE 89
Rating: 7.5/10
I talked about this on the podcast last night, a majority of teams are carrying Crichton/Talakai/Tago and are looking to get rid of 1 or 2 of them this round. Out of the 3, Talakai is the biggest sell in my eyes. Since that monstrous Manly game, he hasn’t scored above 80 and has only scored above 60 twice. With a very tough run ahead, I don’t see him staying above the $500k mark. He should be nice and cheap come SC Finals time and could be a pick up option then.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Ryan Matterson, Shaun Lane, Jed Cartwright


Born and raised in Brisbane so a proud Queenslander but a lifelong Dragons fan (thank my dad for that). SuperCoach fanatic and one-time comp leader and will tell everyone and anyone about it.

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Good write up Semi.

I agree 100% with everything except the Buy on Edrick Lee – whilst he was insane last week and actually being good the 3 weeks prior (lowest score of 49) the fact he has to score tries to get anything even semi worthy is scary – can’t back that one 🙂




Great write up once again mate! I was looking at Mitchell but that South’s run home is a horror show.


horror show? knights, dogs. then storm at home ok. high score of 117. then cronulla. average. then nz. then parra. awful. just went 99 on them doing nothing. penrith round 23. if you are stil alive. then cows in the gf if you make it. if you have a trade or two in round 23 can flog him off. but theres some good potential tonnes in there. only difficult fixtures are storm but its at home. and storm been battling and then penrith. cows round 24 sc gf is a long way away. pull the trigger. latrell is unstoppable. plus… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by tpayne78

I think the reason some ppl are selling Mam is so they can move Hynes to halfback (can’t sell Cleary) and bring in Pap and Trell.

The Duke

As always Semi, a great write up. With your suggestions I can wrangle Papi and Matterson into my side.