Buy, Sell, Hold – Round 14

The excitement and nerves of Origin 1 and the first bye round are over and now we are set to prepare for the next one coming round 17. Today we go through the best options to make sure your squad remains strong during this crazy period.


Joseph Manu – BUY (130 points and $27.6k gain)

Reuben Garrick – BUY (99 points and $33.9k gain)

Xavier Coates – SELL (0 points and 0k loss/gain due to the bye and now a long term injury)


Tohu Harris – BUY (47 points and $30.4k loss)


EZRA MAM – 5/8/HFB – $175,400 – BE -109
RATING: 9/10

Easy as, hugely negative BE and is in great form. With gamble out for a month he is a potential round 17 number if he can keep the job but even if he isn’t he’s still the top buy of this round. Papi fund?

RONALDO MULITALO – CTW – $607,200 – BE 70
RATING 7.5/10

Having a monster season and a great draw are two key components in being a top buy. Ronaldo fits both. Don’t be deceived by his rounds 17-19 as round 17 will be against a depleted Storm and round 18 against a depleted Cowboys. I expect huge scores from him over the next 5 rounds and will certainly be a big in for my team this round. 

ZAC LOMAX – CTW – $550,900 – BE 2
RATING: 7/10

Even as a dragons fan, I don’t believe I’ve had a single Dragons player as a buy this season. For a good reason, we aren’t that SuperCoach friendly as a team. However, despite the Dragons having debatably the toughest opening 10 rounds, Lomax still averaged 55 points a game having only 1 try in that period. Now as the draw opens up he’s hit back-to-back 90’s and should play every game from now to the seasons end. 

CAM MCINNES – HOK/2RF – $555,600 – BE 32
RATING: 7/10

JASON TAUMALOLO – 2RF/FRF – $451,700 – BE 62
RATING: 7/10


RATING: 7/10

Might be a bit of a POD call considering he’s been sold by 4.5k people already but he could very easily hit his BE this round. The last 12 games after a club has sacked their coach, they have won 3 times and the teams have an average losing margin of 17. Manly come into this game after having a red hot game against the Warriors so I expect points to be flying and Tuipulotu could be on the end of them.

MAX KING – FRF – $389,900 – BE 18
RATING: 6.5/10

After the first couple of games we all thought we hit the jackpot with Max King being the ideal 3rd FRF. Then for about 8 weeks we realised he was a very slow burn and almost unplayable, now he’s found a role that means he’s back to being an ideal 3rd FRF option and can step in confidently. No need to sell at this stage.


JOSEPH SUAALII – CTW/FLB – $400,600 – BE 75
RATING: 7.5/10

A blistering start to the season meant Suaalii was given a chance to be involved in the NSW camp for origin. Well deserved I say, however for SuperCoach purposes in my eyes he’s a flick. Games against Melbourne, Eels and Panthers = hard points for a winger. Not a safe play for the next few weeks and potential to lose money. 

LACHLAN ILIAS – HFB/5/8 – $326,200 – BE 43
RATING: 8/10

Finally a way out of Ilias for the 34,000 people that still own him. Ezra Mam is your saviour, take the $150k and Mam’s points.

SHAUN JOHNSON – HFB/5/8 – $436,500 – BE 82
RATING: 8/10


Born and raised in Brisbane so a proud Queenslander but a lifelong Dragons fan (thank my dad for that). SuperCoach fanatic and one-time comp leader and will tell everyone and anyone about it.

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Fermor a SELL?


What does anyone think about trading in Adam Elliott? Seems to be carving out a role in the Raiders.


Is Savage a buy?


The problem with Tuipulotu is Saab is back on the left.

Most of Manly’s attack runs down that side. Tui is a sell on the right.

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