Buy Sell Hold – Round 12

It feels like there is finally some calm in the Supercoach world. For the first time since the season resumed, I don’t feel like there is a forced trade I need to make. I’d love to be trading in Ryan Matterson now who I have had pencilled in every week since Round 3 but have had more pressing issues. But there must be some concern after another knock to the head, and hopefully a 10-day turnaround aides his return.

All this means this is a great week for adding some guns, or nuffing out a few players to set up a large bank account for next week.

Best call – BUY Cameron Smith (110). Not a tough call.

Worst call – SELL Eliesa Katoa (82). Managed to score a try and


Cameron Murray ($575,200 2RF – 80, Avg: 66.5, BE 51)

Whilst Murray hasn’t been as spectacular this season with his move to the edge (and back again), he has been reasonably consistent. He has a five-round average of 69.2 and hasn’t scored fewer than 49 points since the season resumed. His minutes have started to creep up as well, from the mid-50s to low 60s to 67, 65 and 67 in his past three. Souths have a strong run of games that could see him go large, with the Dragons, Broncos and Cowboys over their next three.

David Nofoaluma ($612,900 CTW – 70, Avg: 77.8, BE 60)

Those of you who own Brett Morris will have a wide choice of players to replace him with. The best one is probably Nofoaluma, who has bounced back from an average 2019 to be one of the best outside backs in the competition this season. The reason he’s so appealing, at least in the short term is that Wests play New Zealand, an injury depleted Newcastle and Canterbury in the coming weeks. The last time Nofoaluma faced the Dogs in Round 7, he smashed out 116.

As nice as the next few rounds of his draw are, looking long term the Tigers have an incredibly difficult stretch home, however. From Round 15 they play the Roosters, Panthers, Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Storm and Eels to finish the season. That is a tough run of games to hold him for. Nofo’s lowest score this season was 40 in Round 8 against Penrith, but he did notch 70 last week against the Eels. With Brett Morris on the sidelines, Nofoaluma  one of the top CTW choices this season and I’d rather play the Tigers winger him than bet against him.

Josh Mansour ($467,400 CTW – 63, Avg: 63.7, BE 39)

Oh, look it’s Carlos recommending yet another Panthers player. I’m Mansour is likely to be as cheap as he will be for the rest of the season, priced at $467,400 with a 39 BE. He could average very similar numbers to Nofoaluma for the rest of the season and he’s almost two thirds of the price.

Mansour has had one score all year under 57, which was 29 against the Sharks in Round 9. That’s the sort of high floor you’d expect from a CTW eligible player who actually lines up in the back row, not on the wing. With the Panthers juicy draw, he needs to be strongly considered this week.

Andrew Davey ($171,900 2RF – 40, Avg: 48.0, BE -35)

The pain of Beau Fermor still stings, and most coaches will look for a nuff, but with so few options in the forwards to make any money Davey isn’t a terrible option if you’re still struggling to find the money for a strong seventeen. Plus who doesn’t like the feel-good story of a 28-year-old making his first grade debut?

Chris Randall ($171,900 HOK – 0, Avg: 80.0, BE -37)

Another case of breaking the “don’t buy a rookie until his third game” rule this season. Randall has excellent job security due to the shocking run of injuries in Newcastle taking Andrew McCullough and Connor Watson out for extended periods. He’ll likely share duties with one of the knights utilities but should play 50-60 minutes, although he did play 77 minutes of a 90-minute draw in his only game this season. That score was all base as well, with 68 in tackles alone.

He’s not someone you’d bring in if you already had your hooking options set with any combination of Harry Grant, Cameron Smith, and Damien Cook. But if you still have Api Koroisau and don’t have the cash to grab a gun, Randall is a safe option for the next few weeks.

Tom Starling is another option, but his minute ceiling is around 50 at the moment as the hooking position for the Raiders is a job share between himself and Siliva Havili. If Randall plays big minutes, he could shoot past Starling in price very quickly.  

A dual nuff

If you really need to cash someone out do you want to take a risk no Jaxson Paulo or Semi Valemei, who have two scores greater than 36 between them? Those scores were only 46 and 51 as well. All three have the makings of an auto emergency nightmare and would need to be traded out again. Just bring in someone who won’t play and save yourself the worry.


Api Koroisau ($550,300 HOK – 0, Avg: 70.3, BE 72)

If you held him for a week on the hopes of a quick return, that is out of the window with Koroisau likely to miss 3-4 weeks with an elbow injury. The options are up to a gun or down to a cheapie like Randall or Starling before upgrading them for the last 5-6 rounds.

George Williams ($444,400 HFB|5/8  – 29, Avg: 54.2, BE 65)

The English half has been very dependable this season and has been a nice dual position compliment to Shaun Johnson and Jarome Luai. His three round average has dipped below 50 after just 29 on the weekend, and with Cameron Munster sitting right there Williams is no longer needed.

Coen Hess ($458,100 2RF – 40, Avg: 54.9, BE 84)

Somehow, he is still in 12% of teams despite consistently underperforming. Maybe they’re all inactive? Anyway, nuff him out now, even if you think that Michael Morgan’s return in a fortnight might help him. It won’t.

Brett Morris ($679,900 CTW – 27, Avg: 73.3, BE 138)

The top scoring CTW for the season is out for the next 3-5 weeks with a back fracture. This means there’s absolutely no reason to hold him, and with his current price you have the pick of the field.

Josh Kerr ($382,500 2RF|FRF – 32, Avg: 42.5, BE 63)

If you were on of the lucky ones who grabbed Kerr at the right time or started with him early, you can pocket $150k by trading him out this week. His breakeven is over 60 now, which is a score he has only reached once this season thanks to a try in Round 9. Even if you want to

Esan Marsters ($358,500 CTW – 0, Avg: 45.6, BE 62)

If you’re one of the 4% of coaches who are still playing and holding him, he has to be sold as he cannot even make a horrific Cowboys line-up. It’s amazing to think how highly touted his signing prior to the season. Turns out half the game is defense and it actually matters.


James Tedesco

Cashing him out because of a 201 BE in the hopes of getting him back $150-200k cheaper is some galaxy brain stuff, especially the week the Roosters play the Titans. He’s worth holding no matter what the BE or price. The 46 of you who have traded him out for Ryan Papenhuyzen need a stern talking to.

Ryan Matterson ($643,100 2RF – 8, Avg: 75.9, BE 127)

As mentioned above, owners must be concerned about another HIA affected game and whether he will suit up this week. If you’re selling him, you’ll want to bring him back later and he has already shed $64k. Compounding that is that he will only lose another $35-40k each week with a scores in the 70s. It’s not really worth it to sell this week and buy back later as he won’t drop more than another $80-100k. As long as he stays on the field, he is a must have.

Jake Averillo ($331,500 CTW|HFB – , Avg; , BE 43

It may be tempting to nuff him out, but his three round average is 49.3. This would make him a  perfect 5th/6th CTW option as long as he’s kicking goals. If Nick Meaney gets the kicking duties back this week, that could change.

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The Duke
The Duke (@the-duke)
1 month ago

I was heading towards a week without trades and then McGuire got suspended. Straight swap to RFM though.

LOTE (@oscar-stgeorge)
Reply to  The Duke
1 month ago

Reverse trades. Mcguire is only out one week. Hold.

IANAGA (@ianaga)
1 month ago

no rcg?

Alfie Lewis
Alfie Lewis (@alfie-lewis)
Reply to  IANAGA
1 month ago

He’s never really had a consistent SC pedigree. Could prove us all wrong though. One to watch

My Team
My Team (@my-team)
Reply to  IANAGA
1 month ago

I was looking at RCG but his minutes have been inflated by 20 minutes a game due to injuries.
He was only playing about 48 mpg from round 1-6 but after round 7, Evans,Kaufusi & Terepo all got injured and there replacements were only getting about 10 minutes each. We also have had mid game injuries to Paulo, Brown and a few failed HIAs which has brought his average up to 68 mpg. With Evans and Kaufusi back and no utility on the bench I would be worried that his minutes will drop again .

the terminator
the terminator (@kareelabroncos)
1 month ago

My concern bringing Andrew Davey in is, will he get enough minutes to make cash.

My Team
My Team (@my-team)
Reply to  the terminator
1 month ago

Looking at the Eels bench I don’t see him getting more than 10 minutes.
Lane & Matto play close to 80, Brown will play decent minutes before getting rested by Niukore and Evans and Kaufusi will rotate with RCG and Paulo

IANAGA (@ianaga)
Reply to  My Team
1 month ago

I disagree. Matto wont play 80 due to concussion so i see a lot of rotation and davey getting 38 mins

TheCanadianEel (@bigd)
1 month ago

Where does SJ sit in this forum this week Fam Bam?

He would be coming in for Williams in an otherwise fairly structured SC Team of mine..

Krusty180 (@krusty180)
Reply to  TheCanadianEel
1 month ago

Same tho im keeping Williams and trading Luia , Hoping games against Broncos , Cows and Titans over the next 4 weeks he can come up with some good scores, and I think most will trade him out before Luia

Last edited 1 month ago by Krusty180
BT (@bt)
1 month ago

I know i’m going crap, but I’m not inactive, even though it may seem that way! haha
Happily getting rid of Hess this week. In comes Murray

Mr Perfect
Mr Perfect (@mr-perfect)
1 month ago

“E Katoa. Managed to score a try and”



I’m dying of suspense here

SkiddMarx (@skiddmarx)
1 month ago

TU Munster

I can’t split them

Krusty180 (@krusty180)
Reply to  SkiddMarx
1 month ago

Same…If I go Munster I can use Coates and Luia…If I go SJ it will be Flegler and Luia

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