Buy, Sell, Hold – Round 11

I’m gonna be quite blunt to start this BSH article, this is not a good round to trade. There are no clear trade in targets (besides guns you are missing that most people have i.e. Isaiah Papali’i) and for the players who you could consider, most of them aren’t playing in 2 weeks as well as games around Origin if they make the representative team. I will list some Round 13 targets as well as some Round 17 targets for people like myself whose team is being built around the second bye period.


JAI ARROW – HOLD (63 points and $8.6k loss)


TOM TRBOJEVIC – BUY (23 points and $76.7k loss)

REUBEN GARRICK – BUY (20 points and $20.4k loss)


VILIAME KIKAU – 2RF – $600,400 – BE 29

RATING: 9/10

Last season, Kikau played a grand total of two 80-minute matches, and both were over the Origin period. This year, Kikau has played 10 games and has five 80-minute matches. He has been asked by Ivan Cleary to step into a bigger role this year and he has well and truly delivered on that request. Kikau owners know that he is a rollercoaster type player with many ups and downs but this year it appears to be more ups than usual. A season average of 67 points per game and a 3-round average of 76.7 points per game. Penrith also has a handy run and is an obvious elite attacking team so he could even turn out to be a season hold.

EUAN AITKEN – CTW/2RF – $574,000 – BE 32

RATING: 7.5/10

After missing round 10, many teams felt the hit but now the main man is back in the line-up and has several good games plus round 13. Not a ton to say for Aitken’s case but is a decent buy and an extremely strong number for the first bye round.


RD 13 Targets:

TOHU HARRIS – 2RF – $601,500 – BE 87 (Aim to get the returning gun at round 13 rather than earlier because he will drop cash and not currently playing full minutes.)

BEAU FERMOR – 2RF/CTW – $509,800 – BE 14 (A cheaper alternative to Aitken, has scored decently the last few weeks and Titans have a decent run from now until after the bye period. No fault in picking up earlier than round 13.)

REECE WALSH – FLB – $469,700 – BE 18 (Potential Origin player but can’t see him getting picked ahead of Ponga at this stage so hopefully is available for round 13, with the Warriors very good draw between now and round 15 he is a decent POD buy at 2.1% ownership.)

NAT BUTCHER – 2RF – $369,900 – BE 22 (Yes, the Roosters have been playing much better footy in the last two weeks but I’m very off them SuperCoach wise due to their draw. Round 13 is all good and well but when you are coming up against Panthers x2, Sharks, Storm, and the Eels in the next 6 weeks you can’t be expecting much from the likes of Manu, Tupou and Tupouniua. Butcher is the exception to this because of his cheap price and Victor Radley’s extended absence due to injury. He might not be the most playable player and his position could easily change if he performs badly but he is okay PPM wise and could be a way out of holding Tuilagi).

RD 17 Targets:

RYAN MATTERSON – 2RF – $660,100 – BE 14 (There is no wrong time to get him in at this point. The SuperCoach gun Ryan Matterson appears to have returned and is killing it, off the bench even! Averaging 78.5 points in his last 6 games with 3 tries and a huge 65 points per game in BBA. The Eels also don’t have a very tough matchup until round 20 against Penrith, who they beat last time, and Matterson got a whopping 91 points against them.)

MITCHELL MOSES – HFB – $568,900 – BE 43 (The flashy halfback seems to have bottomed out in price and like I’ve said when talking about Matterson, the Eels have a good-looking draw for the remainder of the season. The 8-point game will drop out of his rolling average after this round so his price should rise. Expect big points if the Magic Roundesque Manly turns up to play this weekend too.)

CAMERON MCINNES – HOK/2RF – $511,400 – BE 44 (Dale Finucane is out and Cam McInnes has been returning to his ever-consistent old self. His season average isn’t flattering but he has a PPM of almost 0.9 and his minutes should consistently hit above 65 now. He has a 3-round average of 61.7 and his pure base in the last 3 rounds has been 57.6 points per game. This is probably the lowest price he will be this season unless an injury occurs and will never let you down. Plus, how handy is that dual position.)


JASON TAUMALOLO – 2RF/FRF – $558,800 – BE 105

RATING: 8/10

I’m not an owner, but I’ve been jealous of Lolo owners this year up until the last round. Viewing this as if I owned him, I’m not concerned by the last game because there doesn’t appear to be any injury whispers but more so a lack of minutes due to them winning the game decently. If you own round 13 players, especially players of his calibre then you shouldn’t be flicking them from your squad.


KELMA TUILAGI – 2RF – $348,100 – BE 35

RATING: 9/10

Tuilagi never had a great run of luck, consistently not finishing games due to injury and now being dropped from the starting line-up to the bench. If you have the cash I would look to trade up to a gun, if you don’t then there are some options to go across/down to get rid of him from your team.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Nat Butcher, Viliame Kikau, Trent Peoples

CHRIS RANDALL – HOK – $449,200 – BE 33

RATING: 5.5/10

This is not a huge sell yet, however, Jayden Brailey is due back mid-season and Randall will drop out of the squad when that time comes. I don’t see him making much more money than he already is and with Phoenix Crossland on the bench eating into his minutes then he isn’t playable in your 17. I would look to move him up before the best options get out of reach.

SUITABLE REPLACEMENTS: Cam McInnes, Tyron Wishart, Viliame Kikau


Born and raised in Brisbane so a proud Queenslander but a lifelong Dragons fan (thank my dad for that). SuperCoach fanatic and one-time comp leader and will tell everyone and anyone about it.

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Rare panther

love the articles, however a bit confusing where you have Wishart as a cheapie to avoid and now have him as a replacement for Randall. Also, Kikau as a replacement. I’m no expert but I believe they play different positions.

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