Buy Sell Hold – Round 10

Look just buy James Tedesco if you don’t already. If you do own him then you really don’t need to do anything. Bring in someone like Chad Townsend or Corey Allan to make things challenging. The rest of this article is meaningless.

Unfortunately, due to NRLSC Talk co-founder Nick sitting in sixth overall (that is not a misprint), Nick’s Pick has been shelved until he returns to his usual form and is no longer threatening the top spot. Please understand. If you really need a Nick’s Pick, let’s pretend his pick is Pauli Pauli.

Best Call – SELL Kalyn Ponga (38). Now only $557k and could be in the mid $400k range in a month.

Worst Call –  HOLD Tyrell Fuimaono (13). “…should hit his BE of 17”. Proceeds to score 13. Into the bin.


James Tedesco ($936,700 FLB – 178 last round, Average: 110.7, Breakeven 55)

He’s still only in 37% of teams, meaning there’s a bunch of you out there who don’t own him. If you don’t get him this week, he will be even more unaffordable, as his price will likely pass the million-dollar mark with an average of 110 for the next two games. It would likely stay there with upcoming games against the injury savaged Raiders, Warriors and Titans.

James Tedesco ($936,700 FLB – 178 last round, Average: 110.7, Breakeven 55)

58.9ppg in total base statistics (27th overall, slightly ahead of Harry Grant, Jake Trbojevic and Jai Arrow) , 52.9ppg in attacking stats (first among all players). You’re not trying this season if you don’t own him.

James Tedesco ($936,700 FLB – 178 last round, Average: 110.7, Breakeven 55)

Break your team and do it. You’ll sleep easier.

James Ted Roberts ($306,900 CTW – 73, Avg: 38.4, BE 7)

Thanks to a few games off the bench, including 20 minutes with a sin bin resulting in a -5, Roberts is now amazingly priced at just over $300k and very appealing. Souths have a very friendly draw coming up, probably only second to the Panthers this season.

It is a bit of a risk though, as Roberts hasn’t had a season above 46 points since 2016 when he averaged 60 points. If you’re chasing points this season the reward could be significant if he puts together a string of games. At this price you really can’t go wrong, and with an ownership of 4% you’ll be adding a nice point of difference. Dane Gagai is Souths another option (BE -51, +$100k with a 50 average) but more expensive and would only be a cash grab as you wouldn’t play him in your 17.

Dylan Edwards ($535,000 FLB – 126, Avg: 78.0, BE 14)

Here’s my weekly “it’s a bit of chasing last weeks points but it’s different this season” pick, mainly for those who can’t afford Tedesco under any circumstances. Although with the Panthers draw, he could be worth holding for at least the next month. Since returning from injury Edwards has scores of 63 (against Melbourne), 68, 55 and 126. He’s only owned by 729 coaches at time of writing, and with the upcoming opponents Penrith has he could be massive point of difference. Unlike the Panthers teammate I’ve listed next, Edwards won’t make as much cash but he’s someone you can safely put in your starting 17.

Stephen Crichton ($432,200 CTW – 52.0, Avg: 52.0, BE -33

It’s all Panthers all the time for Buy, Sell, Hold right now. Crichton has locked down his centre position and has a three-round average of 79.9. You may have missed out on his big price rise, but as you know from me banging on it, things are different this season and Penrith’s draw is unrivalled with the Cowboys, Titans and Sea Eagles in the next three weeks. He’ll pass $500k easily with a 50 average, which is probably on the lower end of the scale considering his opponents.

The biggest issue is his lack of base stats, which at 26.1 per game ranks him 85th among centre wings. However, he is 16th in average attacking stats, indicating when he does get them, he usually puts up a big score. Scoring a try in six of his nine games played this season backs that up.

He could be nearly straight swapped for Latrell Mitchell this week and you will make some cash before trading Latrell back in after his suspension is over.

Beau Fermor ($171,900 2RF – 41, Avg: 58.5, BE -54)

For those of us needing to generate some more cash to be able to pay through the nose for Tedesco, or those wanting to cash out a cow then Team List Tuesday couldn’t have been sweeter with Fermor named in the back row again after spending last week at centre. He scored 46 in base stats in his debut game and still managed 25 last round playing on the edge. If he stays in the back row, then he’s unlikely to be a significant AE nightmare with scores in the mid-30s/low 40s and there’s not many other 2RF cash outs on the horizon.


Latrell Mitchell ($457,800 CTW|FLB – 47, Avg: 50.0, BE 71)

I certainly put the hex on him after listing him as a buy before the Dogs game. Has to be sold now missing the next few rounds for the same thing that cost Joey Leilua four weeks. He’s bottomed out in price and will be interesting when he does return.

Valentine Holmes ($410,400 FLB – 7, Avg: 49.0, BE 110)

It was announced that Holmes will miss 8-10 weeks with an ankle injury, which virtually puts him out for the remainder of the season. Having lost another $74k last week wasn’t ideal, but with dual positions you may be able to switch him for one of the Souths or Penrith CTW’s who have some immediate upside.

Kalyn Ponga ($557,100 FLB – 38, Avg: 73.0, BE 146)

He was back running the ball and popped up on the left-hand side on a few occasions, but something still isn’t right with Ponga, playing more of a facilitator role than utilising his running game. It’s the latter which made him such a dangerous Supercoach option, and with the prospect of another week of lost cash he has to be sold. Even consecutive scores of 60 would see his price drop to $480k, with two 50s putting him down to $460k.

Daniel Saifiti ($571,700 FRF – 51, Avg: 69.6, BE 85)

The Knights front rower was having a breakout season but will miss up to the next six weeks with a knee injury. The only positive is that his strong form has resulted in him adding nearly $200k to his price and you have the pick of the FRF crop to replace him with. Tevita Pangai is on a tear at the moment but can’t be trusted longer term, and Josh Papalii showed last week why he should be strongly considered with a score of 98.

Tyrell Fuimaono ($306,000 2RF|CTW – 13, Avg: 38.5, BE 46)

As mentioned above he has to go now. Had a nice points per minute rate on the weekend but with just 13 points in 14 minutes he’s now an active auto emergency nightmare. His price has peaked too, trade him out to Fermor if you need a 2RF or a straight swap to Roberts gives you a playable CTW. If you were feeling like a very dicey proposition Corey Oates is $246 with a break even of 3 and a starting edge spot. Even with my horrific ranking I’m not sure I’d even think of doing that.



Sione Katoa ($526,800 CTW – 10, Avg: 60.4, BE 127)

Not that one Joe. The Sharks winger didn’t have a fantastic game on the weekend but there wasn’t anyone for Cronulla who did. The 10 he did score now means he will face the prospect of losing significant cash. However, the Sharks do have games against the Warriors, Dragons and Broncos coming up. Given Katoa has posted scores of 67 (v Dragons), 107 (Bulldogs), 87 (Sea Eagles) and 55 (Titans) against similar opposition he could do the same in this stretch. A hold for now as he’s still only in 10% of teams unless you need to fund Tedesco, which would make him an easy sell.

Eliesa Katoa ($392,000 2RF – 0, Avg: 54.7, BE 36)

Those who held the Warriors Katoa have been rewarded with him slotting straight back into the starting edge role he had before his ankle injury. New Zealand sporting a four forward bench is a slight concern, but Karl Lawton may start on the bench or at least rotate at dummy half with Wade Egan. There’s not too much cash left to be made but with a breakeven of 36 he’s worth hanging on to for a little bit longer.

Billy Walters ($272,400 HFB|HOK – 0, Avg: 40.5, BE 35)

This one came out of left field, as Walters has been named in the Halves for the Tigers. Luke Brooks is lurking on the bench so clearly someone is not playing 80 minutes, but it could be his halves partner Benji Marshall. If Walters sees significant minutes, he could still reach $300k with a modest average in the mid to low 40s.

Bradman Best ($381,100 CTW|FLB – 63.0, BE 81)

There’s clearly an issue with the Knights attack lately and he’s suffering because of it. The biggest cause for concern is a 23 in base stats last week in a low scoring game. Still probably a hold because he can go large and at his current price there’s not much point selling. I couldn’t put him in my 17 again until I saw something change.

Villiame Kikau ($441,900 2RF – 30, Avg: 53.9, BE 78)

Played only 61 minutes for 30 points in a thrashing of the Sharks, which is very concerning. The Panthers just seem set on using him as a decoy this season, using the attention he attracts to free up their outside men. Still, with their upcoming draw he’s worth hanging onto because the drought is likely to be broken shortly.

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muddy (@muddy)
3 months ago

Nice work. I’ve had Teddy from the start. Life is good

The Duke
The Duke (@the-duke)
3 months ago

Brought Tedicorn in last week, finally. Captained him…won my H2H. Logic.

trenticus (@trenticus)
3 months ago

Thoughts of Kurt Mann as a CTW? he’s been consistent all season & has scored 60+ the past 5 weeks even with the Knights faltering attack considering there isn’t many other CTW’s that have been consistent i reckon he could be a reliable POD

Stokesy12 (@smartcarnt)
Reply to  trenticus
3 months ago

He’s in 18% of teams so not a POD… but on the plus side the scorers obviously have him as he stills gets 70 + points doing nothing

uncledami (@uncledami)
Reply to  trenticus
3 months ago

Too late

TurkeySnow (@turkeysnow)
Reply to  trenticus
3 months ago

Kills any attack for ponga!

central coast crab
central coast crab (@central-coast-crab)
Reply to  TurkeySnow
3 months ago

Ponga is killing it for himself, he is getting in the road of the halves. He needs to be an option for them.

Markus10 (@markus10)
3 months ago

Thanks for the write up!

Isn’t latrell suspended 2 games as he accepted the early guilty plea?

Hoffa (@michelhoffmanhotmail-com)
3 months ago

Thoughts on Munster if he plays. A buy or wait a week to be sure he’s right?

central coast crab
central coast crab (@central-coast-crab)
Reply to  Hoffa
3 months ago


Simmo (@simmo)
Reply to  Hoffa
3 months ago

Surely an option up against the mighty Titans. I brought him in for Dylan Brown this week.

Watson (@hastings)
3 months ago

Great work, Carlos. Very entertaining as well as informative.

Pool Man
Pool Man (@paulo)
3 months ago

Thanks for your work Carlos.

IANAGA (@ianaga)
3 months ago

cant believe you havent put munster as a buy vs titans

faiders (@faiders)
3 months ago

Thoughts on Best out for Crichton

Franco7 (@franco7)
3 months ago

Thoughts on getting in niu for best this week. I’m hearing niu has a lil bit of an injury worth the trade ?

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