Bryce Cartwright to the Titans, the Implications of the move

Bryce Cartwright has been released by the Panthers to join the Gold Coast Titans on a 4 year deal, effective immediately. Thus he will lace up the boots for the Titans in 2018, and not the Panthers. Here are the winners and losers of the move:


Bryce Cartwright – was looking like an OK SC option this year likely coming off the bench for Penrith, but with the news now that he is going to be starting at Lock (as reported by the Courier Mail) for the Titans come Round 1, he has to be a “lock” in all of our teams now.  More minutes and hopefully he can get to a 50-ish average which would increase his price up to around the $450k mark. Beautiful

Ryan James – hard to tell here, as James had been pencilled to play more on the edge this year, and this may still end up being the case. But there is a chance he could spend a bit more time in the middle where he has excelled in years gone by. So maybe a slight bump but not huge

Panthers bench forwards – this move should see increased minutes for the likes of Fisher-Harris, Kikau, Leota and to a lesser extent Katoa, as it should re-enforce his spot in the 17. Would be hard to choose any of these guys but they should see a slight bump. None of them are for me though, with Yeo, CHN and Merrin likely to command big minutes in the starting side.


Jai Arrow – we all have him in our teams after he was slated to start at #13 for the Titans this year, but with Cartwright

Leilani Latu – hard to say if he will be a huge loser or not as he still should get decent minutes and be an option for inclusion on your bench, but he may be slightly impacted by Arrow being pushed back to the bench, but it is more likely that one of the younger forwards will lose those minutes. So still worth a look

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Jimmy 1 shoe

There could be implications for Pond scum (Elgey) too if Carty moves out to the halves which is where he played his best spell of footy in 2016.I’m plenty concerned about picking him, as apparently he’s a mental mess currently.


why? oh yeah….i remember
Life is stranger than fiction sometimes….


Adam Elliott now becomes the alternate to Arrow for me.


Is he a certain 13 lock in but?


he will 100% start. so it just comes down to lock vs second row.


How many minutes will Elliot get though? I assume Woods & Klemmer are starting props with Tolman on the bench.
Klemmer could always go back to lock when Tolman comes on?


Cheers Nick. Interestingly Fox have Carty on the bench with Arrow and Latu both in the starting 13, in their latest predicted rnd 1 lineups. Seems strange, but I guess we can’t really be certain until team lists are out.


Going to be an interesting TLT…

Brennan has pretty much come out and said that Carty will play lock, which means Arrow either plays FRF or goes into the bench rotation. Of course that could all change once Wallace comes back in. Latu and Arrow could potentially take minute off each other which doesn’t help anyone.


My biggest query not that Carty will play 13 but WHEN will all this take place. If he is currently an emotional wreck as per ‘Jimmy1shoe’ post, Carty may not be ready R1? or R2, or R3….. They won’t rush him, he’s there for 4 years. Is anyone fearful of this? I have a few doubts creeping in. I guess if he plays trials, that would be encouraging.

Unkie Moe

I thought Brennan said he sees him as a ball playing lock… not necessarily that he will be his starting lock.

I’d say arrow starts but definitely wont be getting 60+mins anymore unfortunately. Can see Cartwright getting 30mins off the bench to begin with.

Starting Cartwright at 13 seems suicidal given his defensive deficiencies


Agreed that was exactly what he said.
Also agreed – Carty is too poor defensively to play lock. Why would you play him there when you have a tackling machine like Arrow available?


Id say defending on the edges would be more difficult as he often missed tackles due to poor reads and the fact he would defend next to a smaller half. Defending at lock he would be in amongst the front rowers, more work but less crucial tackles


Not the right spot for this, I know, but just wondering if/when the nrlsctalk team are going to release their 2018 pre season guide?

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