Best 17 – Part 3 (of 4)


  1. Coote
  2. Feldt
  3. O’Neill
  4. Linnet
  5. Winterstien
  6. Morgan
  7. JT
  8. Scott
  9. Granville
  10. McLean
  11. Cooper
  12. Lowe
  13. Lolo
  1. Hess
  2. Bolton
  3. Fensom
  4. Asiata

Parramatta Eels

  1. Gutherson
  2. Hoffman
  3. Hayne
  4. Jennings
  5. French
  6. Moses
  7. Norman
  8. Alvaro
  9. Pritchard
  10. Mannah
  11. Mau
  12. Moeroa
  13. Brown
  1. Takarangi
  2. Evans
  3. Matagi
  4. Scott
  5. Edwards
  6. Vai vai

Penrith Panthers 

  1. Edwards
  2. Mansour
  3. Peachey
  4. Blake
  5. DWZ
  6. Maloney
  7. Cleary
  8. Tamou
  9. Wallace
  10. Campbell-Gillard
  11. Harawira-neara
  12. Cartwright
  13. Fisher-Harris
  1. Katoa
  2. Browne
  3. Yeo
  4. Merrin


  1. Inglis
  2. Campbell graham
  3. Gagai
  4. Jennings
  5. Johnston
  6. C Walker
  7. Reynolds
  8. Musgrove
  9. Cook
  10. S. Burgess
  11. Sutton
  12. Crichton
  13. Murray
  1. Farah
  2. G Burgess
  3. T Burgess
  4. Turner
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18 Comments on "Best 17 – Part 3 (of 4)"

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Great work @tigers4life only things I see that could change are

eels, Evans may start over Alvaro and smith may be on the bench.

Panthers, would be nice if JFH jagged that 13 can see mez moving to frf prob from the bench. But feel carty or CHN will be on the bench, hook loves yeo.

Rabbits, love this. Agree Sam moves to frf, Murray to lock, but Farah hopefully isn’t on the bench effecting cook.

I think Evans is so over rated but time will tell, Arthur wants size so he prob will get the starting role. Merrin has to play prop to get the best back row possible , for me that back row is premiership material but it won’t happen. Hook will do something else and mess it all up Same with burgess needs to play prop as bunnies Crichton and Murray need to start but might not happen, as for Farah he would be handy to have and not play him if not needed as the bunnies backrow all play 80 and… Read more »
The Pool Man
Great work tigers4life. I think you have the cowboys team spot on. At the Eels they wont be rushing Gutho back and he will miss the first couple of rounds. Both he and French are said to be given first crack at the fb spot ahead of Hayne. For this reason I think French will start there bringing Taka from your bench into the team and Smith is likely to be the utility on the bench. I also think Evans will start. At the Panthers it will be nice if Peachy does start in the centres. However, I think Yeo… Read more »

Maybe they can play yeo at centre and use peachey as utility , panthers have too many backrowers and need to fit them all in. I can’t go past Harawira-neara carty and Harris , would be the best backrow in the Comp IMO.

Bold prediction the penny’s to be premiers for 2018, I can’t see any weakness and have the most depth in the nrl. Should end up 16-8 scrape in top 4

The Pool Man

It could end up a battle of the west as Penrith and Parramatta are looking good all over the park and both have good depth. Either that or a case of East meets West…


Also broncos another team that have been building , not sure why they haven’t clicked but they are a premiership team on paper . Interesting year ahead

Cheers T4L, I’d be gobsmacked if Mez doesn’t start, probably in the 13 jersey. It still doesn’t make it any easier to pick a Panthers forward with any confidence. I started with Peach in the CTW last year and he went well until ‘Hook’ hooked him, not sure I can go their again. Rabbits line-up is interesting, if they run out like that Crichton is close to a must and it will be interesting to see if Farah comes on for Murray (breather) or direct for Cook. Probably makes Sammy B not essential. Eels, maybe Taka for Rennings. I can’t… Read more »
Interesting points, I just feel if hook doesn’t go with that backrow then 2-3 panthers will be out by June 30. JFH can walk into any team as can carty and harawira-neara. There were rumours neara signed with sharks but didn’t happen so maybe they have given him first crack , either way there will be a few unhappy players unless he shifts Merrin to prop and benches yeo. I agree cows are ageing and I can see them possibly as minor premiers with JT not playing origin but then out in straight sets . Can’t see any fairy tale… Read more »
I agree @tigersforlife if their back row doesn’t start with carty, JFH and CHN panthers will lose some of those guys. And we will be waiting for 2019 to put them in our teams at a different club. @sidrwayne saw the highlights of this kid from the World Cup and feel he makes a bench spot too. But like above can’t see him sticking around if he is behind the pecking order. I also see lolo regressing this year, may find the line more like 2016 but I think big min won’t be a thing. Cows have a very strong… Read more »

Yeah mate agree re. Lolo, will probably lose a couple minutes on average but shouldnt affect his output drastically imo.
Will also be interesting to see if PGreen goes for Hampton or TMM in a 14 role as well or 4 bodies. Granville could become an option then.


Yeah I agree Marms. I think the panthers line up is a bit off. I see Whare at centre inside Mansour. Carty, JWH bench. Yeo and certainly Mez to start.


Started with guth last year too and had a bet on him at 100-1 for the leading point scorer. Bloody ACL. Anyway, coming back from that is one thing but no guarantee playing FB either or kicking for that matter (he’s horrible and Moses although bad too did Ok for Eels at 85%). add the fact he’s not under his year and priced at a healthy peak when he had kicking duties previously, I cant touch him again. Excited for the eels this year but will see how it all unfolds. Been waiting long enough anyway


Don’t forget about Big Bill Kikau either. Tore it up on the left edge for Fiji last year. Over 5 games he tore it up. I’d have loved to have his tackle bust stats too
15 ave runs
165 ave metres
19 ave tpg
4 linebreaks
3 tries
1 assist

I think we’re seeing the rise of the Taumaloloesque forward gents. Kikau and Pangai Junior will be up there with him next year or so. Potentially Paayne Haas and David Fifita down the road also.


As a Penrith Panthers fan i believe this is our best 17.

1. Edwards
2. Mansour
3. Peachey
4. Whare
5. DWZ
6. Maloney
7. Cleary
8. Tamou
9. Wallace
10. Merrin
11. Harawira-neara
12. Yeo
13. Cartwright

14. May
15. Campbell-Gillard
16. Fisher-Harris
17. Kikau

Merrin moves to prop to accommodate the surplus of backrowers, CHN and Yeo start on the edges and Cartwright plays a roaming lock role and defends in the middle of the field where he is less vulnerable. May on the bench as utility and 3 monsterous impact players on the bench.


Nice problem to have if your a Panthers fan when your not sure which current/former Australian reps you want to start or leave on the bench.


Think hook would be insane to not start with Campbell-Gillard


Wouldn’t surprise me to see a Hampton/TMM on that bench. Also not sure if the Fence will be ready for rnd1


Yes most likely , but I would like to see Granville playing 80min

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