Best 17 – Part 1 (of 4)

Great work here by Sam (aka tigers4life) who has put together his view on the potential best 17’s for each club for season 2018. Remember these are meant to generate discussion so get invovled and let us know your thoughts. All will be up by early January

Brisbane Broncos 

1. Boyd
2. Oates
3. Bird
4. Roberts
5. Kahu
6. Milford
7. Nikorima
8. Ofahengue
9. McCullough
10. Thaiday
11. Glenn
12. Gillett
13. McGuire

14. Pangai jr
15. Mogo
16. Lodge
17. Savalio

I think Ofa deserves first crack at the 8 and if it doesn’t work out McGuire could take the spot. Strong form by Savalio & Pangai could force their way in. Bennett will play it safe early and shuffle team around origin period imo .

Canberra Raiders 

1. Wighton
2. Cotric
3. Croker
4. Leilua
5. Rapana
6. Sezer
7. Williams
8. Paulo
9. Austin
10. Boyd
11. Papali
12. Tapine
13. Whitehead

14. Bateman
15. Gubb
16. Garvey / Havili
17. Soliola

The hooker position is up for grabs and I’m a firm believer of fitting in your best 17 , which means Austin needs to start at hooker as Williams is a better player than Havili/Garvey . Austin played well for the tiges when used in that fashion and I believe Austin who loves to run can cause problems in the ruck and also would give the raiders backs BJ/Rapana more ball.

Canterbury Bulldogs

1. Mbye
2. B. Morris
3. J. Morris
4. Hopoate
5. Montoya
6. F brown
7. Foran
8. Tolman
9. Lichaa
10. Woods
11. Jackson
12. Elliott
13. Klemmer

14. Priest
15. Frawley
16. Tualau
17. Faitala- mariner

Mbeye at fullback would allow brown and Foran to combine and gives them more flexibility .

Cronulla Sharks

1. Holmes
2. Feki
3. Dugan
4. Luetele
5. Grey
6. Moylan
7. Townsend
8. Fifita
9. Segeyaro
10. Prior
11. Lewis
12. Graham
13. Gallen

14. Bukuya
15. Capewell
16. Ava Seumanafagi
17. Brailey

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Only criticisms:

Broncos – no sims? Thaiday starting? And I believe lodge will start ahead of joe. Hopefully tpj plays big min of the bench.

Raiders – Whitehead to lock when sociopaths always starts there?

Sharks – segy ahead of Brailey?


Broncs – Surely Tagatese fits in somehwere also Not much experience on that bench
Raiders- I dont think Austin can defend in the middle as a starter and Williams an even worse defender Drop williams from starting 13 ,might fight it out between him , Garvey and others for bench utility Havili for start . …imo


Bench I think would be Thaiday, jo, tpj and either pommie or tagatesse.

Think Havili gets the nod after World Cup.


Just my best 17 and not what the likely teams would be guys but most likely Sims and Taga will be in the line up for lodge and mogo but for me I think the juniors coming through are weapons and need to be in the nrl not qld cup. Also I believe if tapine shines this year then he will need to play the big minutes and whitehead will play more minutes and is better suited to lock with his ball skills could be like a G stewart especially now that they don’t have an 80 min hooker. Raiders… Read more »


Yeah no offence intended great work, I would love tpj to get a starting role I say move over glen. Would be good for Tapine to even to get lock would be decent.


Nice write up mate Thaiday no longer a starting player and will be used for impact off the bench in short stints. Sims is locked in for a starting prop spot and don’t think Bennett likes Ofa enough to have him at starting prop. Interesting choice with Austin at hooker. Not sure Sticky would do it but he needs to do something with his halves as Austin and Sezer haven’t been good enough recently. Will be interesting to see who gets the other half spot next to Foran. Would like to think Lichaa can get 80 mins but sadly I… Read more »


Thanks SCGBN , I think that injury is a blessing and playing Austin there for 60-65 isn’t a bad thing . Most likely scenario will be Garvey and havili but if I were Coach that’s how I would be starting . They need a catch and pass type half and that’s Williams , the strength is clearly the back 5 .


The Sharks bench is interesting with regard to minutes for starting team, in 2017 it was Gallen = 64 min, Lewis = 72 min, Graham = 80 min (not allowing for injured games), Fifita = 56 min, Prior = 45 min. Bench of Heighington = 30 min, Tagatese = 21 min, Bukuya = 48 min, Capewell = 69 min (16 games), Paulo = 18 min (10 games). With Heighington and Tagatese moving on and only Seumanafagai (40 min avg) coming in, who takes up the slack in middle forward rotation? Assume team will have two hookers as well.


I’m thinking uele the monster junior kiwi from the cows , had a decent 19 mins in first grade , but who knows . Which is why I’m on him over lodge but will wait and see come Trial’s


dogs squad has wooden spoon written all over it.


Re the Sharks, I don’t think that Capewell makes the bench.

Flanno will want to run 2 middles in addition to Bukuya who tends to cover middle/edge. Opens up a spot for a Uele or one of the NYC (last year) forwards.

hoof hearted

If Segeyaro nails the hooker spot at the Sharks then he’s a must have at 265k


For the dogs I think Frawley may play 6, Foran 7 and Brown 14.

Also recent article from Adam Elliot suggesting he will play tight. As a dogs fan I hope its Klem and Woods up front as starters and leave Tolman out, no impact off the bench.

If so RFM would start on an edge