2020 NRL SuperCoach Talk League Codes

The official game opened on Tuesday and with that we bring you all this years league codes and our group code for everyone to get involved with.

All league codes below are for 20 man leagues. First in, first served. But be quick. If previous years are anything to go by, spots won’t last long.

Our group code was advertised on Twitter but for those who missed it: 453809

I’ve already taken the liberty of jumping in a few leagues (no prizes for guessing which). Feel free to join as many or as few as you like, or just to promote your own leagues in the comments section.

Also, let me know with a tag in the comments when a league is full so I can come back in and update the list. Enjoy.

Names that are struck-out below are full. But there’s plenty of spots left.

Section A – avg over 55 in 2019
League NameLeague Code
SC Talk Tedesco198956
SC Talk Haas138721
SC Talk Taumalolo296738
SC Talk TTrbojevic894407
SC Talk Cook200447
SC Talk Smith247154
SC Talk Bateman128531
SC Talk RTS879286
SC Talk Mitchell289662
SC Talk Murray778213
SC Talk Munster399696
SC Talk Ponga446159
SC Talk McInnes466116
SC Talk Cleary311840
SC Talk Matterson854686
SC Talk Klemmer388317
SC Talk JFH468692
SC Talk AFB169695
SC Talk Papalii805360
SC Talk Nofoaluma747122
SC Talk Walker906186
SC Talk KBrom738310
SC Talk Johnson941059
SC Talk JTrbojevic623026
SC Talk Lodge114782
SC Talk Moses326585
SC Talk Barnett514999
SC Talk DCE697499
SC Talk Arrow462462
SC Talk Taupau598721
SC Talk Keary776625
SC Talk Momirovski109970
SC Talk CHN629675
SC Talk Nikora329418
SC Talk Tolman271029
SC Talk Maumalo886617
SC Talk Vaughn365179
SC Talk AFifita310689
SC Talk Hunt332683
SC Talk Brown498935
SC Talk Tamou303598
SC Talk Sivo605784
SC Talk Harris747106
SC Talk Kikau231968
SC Talk Pangai894466
SC Talk Brooks582015
SC Talk Jackson202543
SC Talk TKO910121
SC Talk Garner615611
SC Talk Gutherson626018
SC Talk Hopoate181539
SC Talk WGraham767484
SC Talk Tevaga522165
SC Talk Crichton706063
SC Talk CNK695988
SC Talk JWH274660
SC Talk Okunbor890328
SC Talk Hughes207976
SC Talk Xerri731968
SC Talk Sironen351274
SC Talk Butcher157310
SC Talk Finucane621445
SC Talk Tupou278163
SC Talk Lane348434
SC Talk Friend905907
SC Talk Wallace485962
SC Talk Cordner335606
SC Talk Holmes327438
Section B – NRL teams
League NameLeague Code
SC Talk Broncos 1596840
SC Talk Bulldogs 1527218
SC Talk Raiders 1144307
SC Talk Sharks 1258776
SC Talk Titans 1630883
SC Talk SeaEagles 1465860
SC Talk Storm 1102037
SC Talk Knights 1544537
SC Talk Warriors 1893139
SC Talk Cowboys 1934753
SC Talk Eels 1381152
SC Talk Panthers 1832244
SC Talk Rabbitohs 1614201
SC Talk Dragons 1478691
SC Talk Roosters 1413069
SC Talk Tigers 1861365
SC Talk Broncos 2195040
SC Talk Bulldogs 2180429
SC Talk Raiders 2632276
SC Talk Sharks 2490764
SC Talk Titans 2609107
SC Talk SeaEagles 2421838
SC Talk Storm 2101473
SC Talk Knights 2958404
SC Talk Warriors 2635521
SC Talk Cowboys 2343755
SC Talk Eels 2797761
SC Talk Panthers 2964891
SC Talk Rabbitohs 2394535
SC Talk Dragons 2520831
SC Talk Roosters 2554184
SC Talk Tigers 2610018
Section C – States and Countries
League NameLeague Code
SCTalk QLD 1457385
SCTalk QLD 2285001
SCTalk QLD 3 – 398580
SCTalk NSW 1188886
SCTalk NSW 2321675
SCTalk NSW 3 – 856507
SC Talk NZ 1677805
SC Talk NZ 2539746
SC Talk UK 1201712
SC Talk UK 2490382
Section D – Legends of SuperCoach
League NameLeague Code
SC Talk Parker382634
SC Talk Thurston470210
SC Talk Campese697819
SC Talk Gallen657603
SC Talk Hindmarsh307746
SC Talk Hayne435989
SC Talk Laffranchi101859
SC Talk Lockyer667603
SC Talk Cronk290613
SC Talk Menzies276484
SC Talk Slater342054
SC Talk Surgess671019
SC Talk Watmough240150
SC Talk Mannering894217
SC Talk Fittler858465
SC Talk Lyons273645
SC Talk Ma’u789676
SC Talk Farah687441
SC Talk Widdop654948
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The Green Monsters
The Green Monsters (@charlief1995)
8 months ago

Running a $155 entry comp. Can be found on NRL Fanatics Cash Comp group – needed a few more players. Recommend experienced players only as quite competitive

Mr Perfect
Mr Perfect (@mr-perfect)
8 months ago

@Semisonic following leagues are full

Taupau Keary Afifita Kikau Pangai Xerri Cordner Finucane Lane CNK Crichton Tevaga

magee (@magee)
8 months ago

Thanks for putting the league codes together Semi – great job!

An update for all:
– Nofo is full
– KWH is full
– Harris is full

Spaces left in:
– Tupou
– Tolman
– Harris


Mr.Smith (@travis2036)
8 months ago

Hey everyone,

Still got spots available in a few semi competitive leagues if ur looking:

Game Of Throws 489546

Teddy Bear Friends 582369

Good luck for the season 🙂

Mr.Smith (@travis2036)
Reply to  Mr.Smith
8 months ago

Both filled great stuff from the community thank u 🙂

MartyToopoo (@martytoopoo)
8 months ago

Seems i’m too late :/
Any leagues free? Or anyone who is in more than a handful want to give me a spot :beg:

SADragon (@sadragon)
Reply to  MartyToopoo
8 months ago

Two you can join. 138721 SCT Haas, and 478691 SCT St G 1. Cheers.

MartyToopoo (@martytoopoo)
Reply to  SADragon
8 months ago

legend thanks chief

Black Magic
Black Magic (@black-magic)
8 months ago

Back from a long off season – any leagues still open?

Krusty180 (@krusty180)
Reply to  Black Magic
8 months ago

Iv had a look at a few with no luck

Sivo , kikau , Gutho , Lane , Moses , Eels2 , Fittler and Hayne are all full

Krusty180 (@krusty180)
8 months ago

@ Semi…

Moses , Eels 2 , Fittler , Hayne , Sivo , Gutho , Camp , Wattmo , Okun , Cronk are full

2bax (@2bax)
8 months ago

anyone got a league i can join?

jfish (@jfish)
Reply to  2bax
8 months ago

Yeah mate, 478603

Mr.Smith (@travis2036)
8 months ago

hey every1 got 1 spot left in a DT draft if n e 1s keen jus reply n I’ll get the code 2 u? draft starts at 4pm

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