POI – Ben Matulino

I’ve seen Matulino named in quite a few early season squads for this season, so thought I’d take a look at his chances.
2015 – 62
2016 – 52
2017 – 52

2015 – 58
2016 – 52
2017 – 50

2015 – 1.07
2016 – 1.00
2017 – 1.04

He has a pedigree with a 2015 62 average and with a relatively strong PPM throughout his career it’s really only restricted minutes that has prevented him from reaching these levels again. Since 2015 he has dropped 10 minutes a game on average. In 2017 after missing the first seven rounds of the season, he returned to becoming a regular member of the Warriors side, missing only one more game for the season.

With a move to the Tigers in 2018 he will be eager for a fresh start and  at 29 years of age he is firmly in the peak of his career.

The 58 minutes per game that Aaron Woods was afforded in the prior is up from grabs and Matulino appears to have been recruited to largely cover this hole.

So I’m wondering why he’s so popular in SuperCoach for 2018.
He has lost his important dual status, and is priced at a 51.8 PPG average (mid price trap territory!). He also misses the first bye in rd13, which means that he is an early trade out option and is very much a base stat prop with 46 points of his 2017 52 PPG average through base points.

The only upside I see is that he won’t lose you any money if he receives a similar time on the ground from last year. However, that’s not good enough for me. There’s much better value in prop’s starting at a cheaper price, and the money saved there could give you a gun in another position.

So let’s hear from you, the faithful, what are your reasons for picking right now? Maybe I’m missing something here.

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52 year old footy tragic. dragon supporter for 36 years i work pretty much seven days a week so supercoach is my hobby

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Great stuff DH. But, no to mid-pricers = success


Good write up Bob and also TubSpeedman. Both have interesting points to consider. I’m also getting off the Matulino train. Too much guessing with his minutes but I do see the upside if he can get them and produce his offload again.
However no one is mentioning Alex Twal who played anything from 30 to 50 mins since joining the Tigers. He has a ppm 1.12 and is only 21 and has a huge future.
Throw Sue, Grant and Packer in the mix it is just too risky to guage Matulino’s this early.


Twal looks like an awesome forward but i still fear his minutes will be low for this season. He was great for lebanon too. played well above his weight.


Why the Tigers don’t put ET at hooker and Huth at 13 I’ll never know. Mcill on the bench would mean big minutes for all starting forwards.