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Milne appears one of the more definite cheapies for a round one start at this stage and should be in most teams if selected. Now a Fijian international being capped in 5 tests last year, he’ll look to build on his promising start of career at the Tigers after promising stints for the Dragons and playing his 20’s career with the Roosters.

While a measly average of 18.3 is uninviting it comes from an average of 29 minutes per game. Last year Milne only got an 80 minute gig in 2 games where he produced scores of 40 and 84- though promising, hardly anything to reliably judge off.

However looking back at 2016 form it shows five 80 minute games for an average of 65. In that was a high score of 97 and low score of 53 [only 76 minutes] showing a good string of consistency.

His form for Fiji at the 2017 world cup shows he’s a class above. His stats are some pretty impressive reading. In 4 games he came up with-

  • 4- tries
  • 8- goals [backup kicker for Koroisau]
  • 7- try assists
  • 5- line breaks
  • 21.5 average tackles
  • 141 average metres
  • 13.5 average runs
  • 10.4 metres per run

Overall Milne has undoubted potential and makings of an SC gun with his career average of seven 80 minute games 64.14. Coming off career best form in the RLWC for Fiji striking a strong combination with Suli Vunivalu, Milne will be hoping to do simlar with David Nofoaluma. Another potential upside could be his potential to bag goalkicking duties from an indifferent Tui Lolohea. Coupled with DPP status Milne will forge as a must pick should he stave of competition and get a CTW start.

With Lolohea near certain for fullback, Nofo locked on right wing and Naiqama having another CTW spot it leaves 2 spots up for grabs. Milne is a front runner along with Mahe Fonua while Moses Suli and Corey Thompson will provide completion. While Esan Marsters and Chee Kam are favoured to move into the 2nd row.

Apart from competition for spots another negative for all Tigers players is the tough start of Roosters, Storm, Broncos, Eels and Storm.

All up at 192k and dual CTW/2RF I find it hard to go wrong with a guy with so much upside coming of career best form in the World Cup and looking to cement a first grade jumper. Interested to know thoughts

Cheers, Sidrwayne

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The Pool Man

Great write up Sidrwayne, I had my eye on him when he was at the Dragons but he just wasn’t getting the game time to warrant selection in my team. Things should be different this year and I’ll be looking to have him as back up for the dual positions. Hopefully he does become a gun and makes his way into my 17.


Was my first picked from as far back as tge moment he signed with the Tigers. Tge fact he has dual status makes him even better. Should be good for a 45+ average with ease


This bloke and CROKER are the only 2 centre’s I have locked in as definites at this stage. Should make some decent cash.
Thanks Sidrwayne. Those World Cup stats are impressive.


Should definitely get a starting center spot after World Cup showing. Should make a leathal attacking combination with nofo. Will lock in both if this is the case, can see a lot of points coming for both of them imo.


I agree with most of the above and I have Milne in my team. However, I would be cautious reading too much into his World Cup form as he was up against some fairly ordinary opposition for a significant portion of that competition. it would be interesting to look at his stats against specific opposition.


Milne will be 1st player picked in all teams , under $200k , duel , job security , should easily avg 45+ as Should make 20 tackles and 8+ hitups and an offload couple of tackle busts . I’m expecting him to be around the 55-65 avg he will either Setup or score on our right side . Marsters did well there and this guy has a better attacking game . My 2 cents worth


The only person who can keep him out of my team – and every serious team – is Ivan Cleary. Mary did it last year, so there is a precedent.
It would be a luxury to have a player at just over rookie pricing who we know we can lock into our starting 17 if Cleary gives him the gig as a centre.
The real skill in that case won’t come from picking him, it will be timing when to cash him out, or whether to hold him for the season.


Again I agree with most here, he is a must at his cheap price. Even if he isn’t in the round 1 team, an injury would eventually come up and he would get a shot.
He is still only 22 and has a great future with some good maturity learnt at the Roosters and Dragon.


Haven’t logged into the game yet but Milne if he gets the start, I presume he will, he’ll be one of two tigers at min that make my squad. The other will be Big Ben.

Yeah nice write up mate. Spent all last year cursing Mary. He was going to be the POD of gold. Shame he’s so cheap as everyone will have him now but anyway, here’s the write up I did last year. Might find some extra numbers in there just as an FYI but you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head already. Just start the guy. He ain’t no cashie. Will be a top 4 ctw even at the tigers I reckon PLAYER PROFILE Tanne Milne Just looking at this dragons bloke again Season AVG = 54 BPPM = 0.47… Read more »

I’ve been subtly told this was still a year too late by the ex champ biteme@catfish


Haha the real sharp SCs already had him in their team in 2016 😀


Only selection worry for me is his defence. The Tigers struggled so much with their edge defence last season, and Milne hardly set the world on fire at the Dragons with a number of defensive lapses throughout the season. If Suli’s fit, Cleary may opt for a backline of Lolohea, Nofa, Suli, Naiqama, Fonua

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