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  1. there was a twitter thing today:

    NRLSCTalk @NRLSCTalk 8h
    We are having some issues with comments and moderation. We are working on this as we speak.

  2. New to supercoach, just wondering how many keepers vs cheapies for the start of the season. How much money will you leave in the bank? Cheers

    1. Mate I would recommend reading through all the pre season articles and Pimp My Team threads. A mountain of quality opinions and information. Also buy the pre season guide. U will not regret it

  3. Thou all powerful and heavenly Gods of SC …

    Have pity upon me, and take away the stain of my SC transgressions …
    Oh, wash me, cleanse me from the guilt I still bear, choosing Simon Mannering over thy Holy son Corey Parker last year …
    Let me be pure again. For I admit my shameful deed, it haunts me day and night …
    It is against thou, and thou alone I sinned and did this terrible deed!
    You saw it all, thou sentence against me was just and fair …
    Create in me a new, clean heart, greatest lords of SC, fill me with enlightened trade wisdom …
    I am humbled before the 10 commandments thou have bestowed on us, thou greatest of wisdoms. I promise to consult daily its pure and holy pages …
    I beg thee not to toss me aside, for the number of sleepers/break out candidates in my team are many, banished forever from your heavenly presence …
    I throw myself before thee … imbue me with thy Holy Spirit, restore to me again thou blessing and salvation …
    My season is before thou greatest majesty. I weep in my ignorance … I am nothing, irrelevant and pathetic before thee …

    Doust as thy will, for I am forever thou humble and loyal servant …

    Amen …

  4. Need one more player for the 6th year of Champs or Chumps SC League (to make 20/20).

    $100 buy in … Established league, good fellas!

    Prize money will be as follows if we get 20 in.

    1st place in H2H league 1st division -$1k big boys

    2nd place in H2H league 1st division- $500

    1st overall in points – $250

    1st Position on the H2H league ladder at the end of the regular season (i.e. before the semis) – $50
    Highest round score over the entire season – $50
    1st place in H2H league 2nd division – $150

    With 6 prizes on offer it gives plenty of chances for the cash to be spread around but also if someone dominates and takes out prizes 1, 3, 4 and 5 there’s $1350 big boys on offer which if achieved would be thoroughly deserved!

    Interested? Contact ploppyDx TODAY/TONIGHT ONLY!

    I’ll be on chat all arvo/night …

  5. Hey guys

    This is my team, any suggestions?

    Farah, Luke
    Graham, Myles, Gavet, O’brien
    Parker, Soliola, Taumololo, James, Stewart, Grevs
    Cronk, Sezer, Cornish, Nikorima
    Kata, Hodges, Gennings, J Bird
    Tedesco, Coote, Slater, Nabuli, Taukelaho

    What do you guys think the ideal trades this week will be? First year doing fantasy NRL and any tips would be appreciated. Thinking of dropping Cronk, Myles for someone or maybe even dropping old m8 farah before a potential price drop..What are peoples thoughts also on Aitken? Regards

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