2014 NRL Draw Released

Today the NRL has released the draw for 2014, and from a Supercoach perspective, the thing that we always look at is the bye schedule. In 2014 the byes are looking like this:

Red = BYE

Green & Origin = Playing (Green = good run for bye coverage, Orange = mediocre run for bye coverage)

NRL BYEs 2014


You can also download the full draw, in Word, HERE

Great Byes Analysis from Tommy Sangster this year as well, check it out HERE


As you can see, Souths and the Roosters have the pick of the draws from an SC perspective, as they play all 3 of the “big bye” weeks (R11, R14 and R17). The Bulldogs, Titans and Tigers play all 3 of these weeks as well. This is great news for non-origin representatives from these teams, however it is shocking news for origin reps (e.g. Myles, Bird, Farah, Maloney, Pearce, McQueen etc…), as it means that these guys will miss 5 games out of an 8 week period, with the likelihood of missing more games as well, if they are unable to back-up after Origin.

On the flipside of that, Manly misses both R11 and R14, and the Sharks also miss 2 of the first 4 bye weeks (R12 and R14). A number of teams miss both R14 and R17 (Broncos, Warriors, Raiders) also.

Teams that miss R11, but play R14, and then miss R17 are Melbourne, the Knights, and the Eels, so players from these teams could be good purchases in R12, and they will then give you a solid 5 week stretch of continuous games.

The Dragons miss R11, but then don’t have their 2nd bye until R18, so they could be good purchases in R12 also. The Cowboys miss R14 and R18, which really rules them out as an option, as they don’t provide either early season or late season coverage, as with the Panthers, who miss R11 and R15.


Our Draft Expert, Simon Kurtz (follow Simon on Twitter) has also put together the below, which looks at a sample of players and how they fare over the bye period in 2014:

Bye players 14.1


bye players 14.2


So there you have it, the 2014 draw is now available!! Given that there are 10 rounds of footy before the byes even hit, there are differing views on just how important bye coverage is in selecting your initial team. There is no doubt though that it comes into play from around R8 onwards.

What do you think of your teams draw in 2014? Who’s your (very) early premiership favourite?


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45 thoughts on “2014 NRL Draw Released”

  1. With my specific player bye coverage table you will notice I have Adam Reynolds missing origin weeks. This is because I don’t see how it’s possible he doesn’t get selected behind Mitchell Pearce this year. I’ve made the assumption he will be playing origin all 3 games this year with James Maloney. Should Sutton get picked to pair with him instead then it certainly lessens Sutton’s appeal but I think it would be harsh on Maloney to do so.. and as such, I have done this with that in mind.

    1. If NSW go with reynolds it won’t change anything, he has gone missing in every big game he has played so far and plays well on the back of the Burgess brothers and Inglis, Pearce showed how well he can play on the back of a decent go forward in Game 1 but NSW forced changes and subsequent performances made it near impossible for any half to perform, Pearce showed he’s a good player this season for the Roosters and tbh I am slightly hoping Reynolds gets picked to prove that he isn’t all that.

      But I don’t think he will – http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/nsw-state-of-origin-coach-laurie-daley-to-stick-with-mitchell-pearce-and-james-maloney/story-fni3fqyo-1226755973361

      1. I guess the question is if NSW loses ANOTHER game 1, what does Daley do? He just cannot keep Pearce in place and lose series after series after series cause he is a good kid. This is about State pride, not the hurt feelings of one guy – as it seems to be right now.

        1. This is a great point Criswell. NSW can now match QLD in the forward pack and in the backline. The only question is the halves – and when NSW have performed badly in recent times it has always been the Halves that have been scrutinised – and justifiably so.

          If NSW lose game 1 in 2014 and Pearce & Maloney are the halves – expect changes in a heartbeat. I don’t rate Mitchell Pearce at all and he will be the first player dropped if NSW lose game 1 in QLD.

          Even though the Roosters won the premiership, there were zero questions asked when Cheery-Evans was selected ahead of Pearce to play for Aus in the world cup.

  2. Can’t sleep so just thought I’d jump on the page to see if there was any racing tips only to find 300 odd posts and some new articles….. I guess my addiction starts early this season! However whilst I am here, I have to have a whinge, only 4 games this season at Wollongong, bloody ridiculous, as a steelers fan I am filthy, that is all

  3. Trying to find a good bet to put $100 on a team at the start of the season. Was going to look at the Roosters going back to back. You beauty they play the Eels and Dragons twice. Then looked at the rest of the other teams they play twice. Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Storm, Sharks, Bulldogs and Knights. Thats 6 of the other top 8 teams. So too risky for me at such short odds.

    So now looking at the qld teams and the titans look good value in making the 8 for a bet. They play twice the Rabbitohs, Storm, Cowboys and Broncos as major battles and then they also play the Tigers, Raiders, Panthers, Warriors and the Dragons. This is a lot easier draw than most of the others. The interesting thing is they play the Broncos, Storm and Rabbitohs during the Origin periods so they will still have most of their squad minus Bird and Myles.

    I know there are a lot of what ifs but I find it also fun cheering for a team you don’t normally go for because of a side bet.

    1. I have a soft spot for the Titans myself, hoping they can improve on their good year in 2013 and make the 8 in 2014.

      My money would be on the Eels not to get the spoon again though!

  4. After going through the great work of Kurtzy I have put together a team with the players who have the best bye schedule for next year.

    I Luke A Woods J.W.Hargraves
    Res: G Burgess J Graham J Friend

    S.B.W. S.Burgess J Sutton
    Res: D Taylor A Guerra L Fulton

    A Kelly Res. J Reynolds (L Brooks)
    T Carney Res. A Sezer

    J Idris S.Kenny-Dowall RTS J Mansour Res: D Tupou, K Inu, D Nofodude/ T Simona

    M Gordon Res: J Tedesco/W Zillman

    Just remember this is just a rough team with the guys with the best byes and I will predict a lot of supercoachs will start with at least 3 or 4 of these guys at the start of next season. I also found it hard especially in the CTW’s so it could be interesting who other supercoachs will have.

    1. At this stage the players I like are:
      A Woods the enthusiasm of the young players could lift Woods up another level and has been a proven fast starter in big points over the last couple of seasons.
      I Luke – no competition for mins now that Peats has left.
      G Burgess – could even get better
      A Guerra – great world cup for Italy and with Cordiner out he could see bigger minutes.
      A Kelly – expecting big things from him in 2014.
      M Gordon – depending on goal kicking but could improve in scoring with a 2nd year at the sharks.

      In the not sure anymore dept. JWH and Sam Burgess. Sammy has been one of the first players picked in my team over the last couple of seasons. Each year he gets suspended and whilst he mantains a good average, the reserve I normally have to replace him with is no where near as good, so in hindsight this actually brings that positions average down a bit and then my team drops away from the leaders and I end up playing catch up or sinking futher behind. I lost Sammy Burgess, and Inu to suspension last season and Gallen to injury and that cruelled my whole year, so now I like to think I’m a bit smarter and am now staying away from the more agressive players.

      My first pick of this bunch will be SBW. A lot of people are saying that Trent Robinson will rest him a lot more and this will probably be the case against the easier teams but he should have racked up at least a safe 70pts by then. I’m actually thinking the opposite could happen and SBW gets a lot more minutes. As I mentioned earlier the Roosters have a lot harder draw next season playing 6 of the top 8 teams twice so I can’t see Robinson taking SBW off when the game is in the balance and with the injury to Boyd Cordiner the Roosters don’t quite have the same potency in the reserve dept. The second point is that this will probably be SBW’s last year in league before the 2015 Rugby Union world cup coming up, so the Roosters could be inclined to get every ounce of sweat and blood out of him they can.

      Only time will tell if I’m right or wrong but this will be a gamble I’m willing to take on SBW. Now how do I get all those players in my team under the cap?

  5. It will be interesting to see Suttons early numbers if he does move into the pack – he’s never really played there for any extended period.

    As such I’d be loath to buy him 1st up as it takes time for backs to adjust to the extended workload and physical punishment you get in the pigs.

    Plus I assume he will carry his old price tag, so he wont be cheap. Might be worth picking up once he drops in price and then gains his rhythm.

    1. I only threw Sutton into the pack because of all the other good halves. However it wouldn’t suprise if he ended up there to give young Luke Keary more games than the 10 he played last year. Also I didn’t want to get into the talk of NSW Origin above already but now I believe Suttons only future to make the NSW side is the possible vacant utility role of Luke Lewis which would require Sutton to play more minutes in the forwards. Sutton will probably be around the $270K but I personally will stay clear only because he is still a chance of playing Origin.

    1. Big Keithy only played 9 games this season. Woods and Keith only played together for 2 games, that was rounds 1 and 2 and funnily enough when Woods went out injured in round 19, big Keith returned back from injury in round 20.
      Woods scores for Round 1 and 2 were 37 and 128 whilst Keith scored 46 and 46.
      Peronally I don’t think Galloway will effect Woods minutes next season and they will probably both start together anyway.

        1. I think Qld moved away from the aggressive/mongrel player after Tallis retired. The game is that quick now that power, stamina and speed are more of a quality to have. In the end I don’t think it matters if you lose the fight as long as you win the game.
          Woods does need to offer another dimension to his game, not sure what to get him to that elite level.

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